Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Eid

Hello everyone. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Eid with their families and friends.

I remember on the first Eid after Saddam one of my friends called me. He is not religious person and he eats during Ramadan but still he called and he said to me, "This is our first big holiday without Saddam in my life. You can think about it." I still remember it. It was a big thing but now I just wait to see when will be the first holiday for a free and peaceful Iraq. I hope it comes soon.

So for all of Iraqis and everyone else in the world have a happy Eid and if you are not Muslim then you can still have fun and celebration with your Muslim friends.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tawafuq MP in al-Qa'ida, and I am taking a rest

Hello to everyone. You know I have not been writing so much. I am having too many things to worry about with my life and I cannot make some time to be writing so please know that I will not be posting anything more until almost the end of Ramadan.

I am liking that people are coming to my home site to read and write comments and I always read them. One visitor Iraqi Mojo posted that a Tawafuq MP was arrested for being with al-Qa'ida and his article did not have the name, but I will say that the name is given in other Arabic articles and is Naif Mohammed Jasim. No, I am not surprised.

I will come back to writing when Eid is almost here. I wish everyone a good rest of the Ramadan month with their families and friends.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Allawi plan collapses on him

I always knew Allawi was a schemer and snake and now everyone knows after he tried to take power with the help of the USA and Arabs outside of Iraq. Many Iraqis do not like Allawi (we see the elections results) and when Allawi tried to form new coalition to replace the government with many terroristic parties, his own party list lost numbers! Now people from his list have quit and he has not been able to take power. Instead of getting all power for himself, he lost some of the little power he had before. I knew Allawi was a plotter but now everyone knows and this is why he will lose more and more support.

Allawi also said that Maliki makes his government like Saddam and the Ba'thist. This is stupid. I think Allawi thinks that all Iraqis have forgotten what Saddam did. Allawi thinks Iraqis are stupid but no. Allawi knows how bad Ba'thist were because he was a Ba'thist agent, we also cannot forget that.

I think that Allawi made a big gamble. For over one year people said that maybe Allawi would try to take power. But when he did it very openly we all saw him do this and now he is hopefully weakened as a political person, or finished finally.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan, Abu Risha killed

Al-Qa’ida has told everyone that they can still kill people when they want. Abu Risha who was the leader of the anti-Qa’ida force in Anbar was killed today. This is not good for people in Anbar. It is true that every place in Iraq there are innocent people who want to live with peace and work and see their families. And these people want an end to trouble and killing which is from al-Qa’ida.

I did not know a lot about Abu Risha. I like if he is fighting al-Qa’ida and I also heard that it is safer to drive through Anbar after his group got more success in fighting them. I am not ready to trust a tribal leader from Anbar and I hear he did criticize Iran, which is a good thing but many times when Sunnis say Iran they are talking about all the Shi’a, including the Iraqis. So I did not have a full opinion about Abu Risha but I know that his killing is bad because he was driving away al-Qa’ida.

So this killing shows that al-Qa’ida can still kill people when they want and that this bastards do not care with Islam because they will kill on Ramadan month. Ramadan month is supposed to be for praying and thinking and seeing your family and friends at night and also being happy with them. Al-Qa’ida will want to show people that Islam is for killing but they are trying to ruin Islam, that is the fact. I hope all Iraqis and people will have a good Ramadan month and also to my website visitors. And soon I hope Iraq will have a good Ramadan month without worrying about the violence from al-Qa’ida or other criminals.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is Allawi doing

Who is Allawi? He is a snake and scheming bastard who always wants power. Nothing else can be said, because he will change everything else to get power. He does not have principles.

He first leave the government and then tells everyone in the world that the government is falling apart and he should be in control. Well, so he caused part of the problem by having his group leave the government and now says he can fix the problem. Maybe he should not have made the problem in the beginning, what do you think?

Allawi is a loser and in both elections the Iraqi people said, “We don’t want you.” Does he think that now people want him? Before the elections he had so much American money and campaign posters but still no one wants this bastard to run the country.

Now he wrote an article that I see on the internet called “A Plan for Iraq”.

He will say that the fault is of the Iraqi government, and the Prime Minister Maliki. But Allawi is refusing to work with the government, so that makes it part his fault I think! Allawi was elected to the government but will not do work. He says that the fault is not the USA, but every person in Iraq and the entire world knows that the USA made many mistakes and has done so much wrong in Iraq. But Allawi will not say this because HE WANTS THE USA TO GIVE HIM POWER. Also he says that Iran and Syria make problems in Iraq, which is true. Now Allawi also is paying some groups in the USA to help him get power. But he will not talk about Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries (only Syria which works with Iran) because he wants all of the Arabs to help him against Maliki. So Allawi WANTS THE USA AND FOREIGN ARABS TO GIVE HIM POWER. It does not matter to him what Iraqis want.

Allawi should stop saying he will work against sectarianism because already I said many times that he works with the most sectarianist groups in Iraq. Allawi will work with anyone, JUST TO GET POWER.

Allawi said he will go back to Iraq to save “his country” but I have to ask everyone why did he leave Iraq? Allawi is an MP so if he wants to work for his country he should do his job. But he does not care about it, he goes to London and Amman. He only wants to come back to have the top job. He wants power, thats all. Any way he can get it he will. Now instead of doing his job in Baghdad he goes around the world to get people to help him steal Iraq.

No to Allawi!

Monday, August 27, 2007

A history of Jordan

After my last post I have decided to write a short history of Jordan and how it is with Iraq. It is my scholarship work and balance and without bias.

A family from Arabia was put in power in different places because they were lovers of the British, who occupied a lot of the Middle East. In Iraq it lasted for decades but in Jordan it lasted until today. So Jordan is ruled by the Hashemite King, who is son of a British woman. The first Hashemite king is the first time that Jordan worked with outside powers who were criminals (British imperialists), but not the last time.

Most people in Jordan are Palestinians but some are Jordanians. The king is Jordanian but actually from Arabia and half British… I think he is returning to his British origin. His family had power from British and so it is natural.

When I was a younger kid Jordan was the best friend of the bastard Saddam. Actually all of the stinking Arabs supported Saddam so he could make war with Iran. So when Saddam was being “Arab hero” and fighting the Persians and at the same time many Iraqis, all the Arabs loved him. And Iraqis died fighting Iran, and were killed by Saddam, and Iran would bomb Iraq in all different areas, neighborhoods, killing families. But later Saddam then attacked Kuwait and most Arab governments stopped supporting him, but Jordan still did. Because Saddam who stole from Iraqis still gave free oil to the Jordanians and Palestinians next to Iraq in Jordan. Jordan’s king and people all loved Saddam, even when other people did not.

But remember when I said before that the prostitution of the Jordanian Hashemites is their business and way of live. After the US and others kicked Saddam out of Kuwait, for a while the Jordanians were close to Saddam. A big war and US attacks and then sanctions made life bad for Iraqis. But still Jordan would get benefit from Saddam, even if Iraqis did not.

Later the men married to Saddam whore daughters went to Jordan to run from Saddam and Jordan protect them and their whore wives. This is when Jordan changed partners again (like a prostitute) to have these men (Hussein Kamal and Saddam Kamal) give information to the CIA.

So then Jordan was a lover of CIA, signed peace agreement with the Jews and became the site for the new group of a former Ba’thi who promoted his contact with army and Ba’thi officials to gain money from supporters, and this fat bastards name is Allawi, I think you have heard of him. In just a short time Jordan went from Saddam’s dog to then lover of CIA, USA, Jews, and Allawi (who was supported much by the CIA).

Still the Jordanian people loved Saddam so much that when everyone knew war was coming in 2003 (actually some people in Baghdad had family in the USA and other places and they said to the ones in Baghdad get out now just go!) and Jordan government had to tell its people “You are Jordanian” and that is when they started with signs that are still in Jordan which are saying “Jordan First”. I think because most of the people in Jordan are Palestinian and when war came against Saddam who especially is worshipped by Palestinians the Jordanian king wanted the trash, I mean people of Jordan, to think “Jordan First” instead of Saddam First. But they still love Saddam, even today when the bastard is buried in his village of whores.

One famous man from Jordan went to Iraq named Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi. Everyone in the world knew about him and mostly he was killing Shi’a, which was his big job. After he attacked some hotels in Jordan then the Jordan intelligence made a special group to find him and they did help the USA find and kill him. But remember before he made the attacks in Jordan the Jordanians did not care, he was only killing Iraqis (or maybe since he killed Shi’a these Jordanian bastards say “Iranians”)! When Zarqawi was killed and send to hell many Arabs were sad and some Jordan government people went to visit his family.

The other famous person from Jordan was a named Raed Banna who blew himself up and killed many Iraqis, of course Shi’a, in 2005. These are two famous Jordanians who came to Iraq. Banna family said their bastard son was a martyr and had events to celebrate his mass murder attack. After Banna mass murder attack is when Iraqis protested the Jordan embassy (whorehouse) in Baghdad and burned the ugly Jordan flag.

So now Jordan gets money from the USA and remember was built from money and free things from Iraq. But now when Iraqis need help Jordan will treat Iraqis like criminals. Shi’a usually were not let into Jordan even before many Iraqis were there, and Jordanians will curse the Shi’a. Saddam daughter is in Jordan as a special guest even though she is helping terrorists in Iraq, but then Jordan will help to train some small number of police so the USA will think Jordan helps Iraq, what a damn joke! Also, all businesses and other groups (aid groups or “thief groups” calling themselves aid groups) doing Iraq work now are in Jordan and Jordan makes lots of money from them. So you see always Jordan will make money from Iraq, especially in bad times. But they cannot treat Iraqis well. This Jordan is always taking from Iraq, its dirty king and its ignorant Saddam lover people.

That is a short history of Jordan and how it is with Iraq.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

About Jordan

Everyone is writing about Jordan. I think I have said before how I feel so you will not be surprised. These Jordanian bastards have had their country built by Iraqi money and oil. The Jordanian kings are changing lovers like prostitutes and were Saddam lovers and now American lovers and Jewish lovers but one thing has not changed, they hate the Iraqi people. So it is no surprise to see such bastards treating Iraqi people badly. I was very happy when the Iraqi people in Baghdad took over the Jordanian embassy years before and destroyed the Jordan flag and pictures of their whore king. Some day I hope Jordan will have trouble from always using Iraq and abusing Iraqis. Prostitution is not a good job, they have no honor and will find trouble sometime.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iran, Shi’a and Kurds

I am not sure what I will write. Maybe that it is hot or that I am not smoking much anymore. Politics is the same except now in the south of Iraq you see politicians are being killed, probably by the Sadr people with help from Iran. The people being killed have been from SIIC, and SIIC also is close with Iran. This shows one thing, that Iran really does not care about any Iraqi lives, Shi’ite, Sunni, anything, it does not matter. Iraq is a game to Iran and every other neighbor (the stinking Arabs and also Turks). Iran cares about Iranian regime, that is all! They do not care how many Iraqis will die.

One visitor named doubting thomas 65 said when will Shi’a and Kurds kill each other? I will write about this. So before the biggest Shi’ite religious leader was Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim. When he was the leader of the Shi’a he said that the Shi’a should not kill Kurdish people (and most Kurds are Sunnis). This was after Sunni leaders said that Kurds should be killed. After the statement of Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim, a group of Kurds from north of Iraq went to visit him in the holy city of Karbala to show support, and many Iraqis did not fight the Kurds because of the proclamation of Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim. So the wise religious leaders did not want to kill Kurds and the Kurds also were supporting of the religious leaders. Now years ago you see how the son of Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim and Kurdish leaders work together to fight Saddam and are now in government together after Saddam.

Recent past though other Shi’a fought Kurds because Moqtada put men in some mixed areas like Kirkuk to fight Kurds. It is no surprise that Moqtada is making problems because he did this since 2003 until now. He never decides if he is in government or against the government, or together with Sunnis or wants to kill Sunnis (like his men did many times).

Some Kurds live in Baghdad and some of them are Shi'ite. But everyone wants to leave Baghdad, of course. I think the Kurds want to make an independent country. Anyway, their land is like an independent country now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Iraqi time machine

Everyone likes to think about some things that are not possible, like what if I can fly or run across the entire city in one second or be invisible. Also having a time machine would be good. But now in Iraq there is an Iraqi time machine, or maybe two of them. One takes an Iraqi back in time when there is no government and just people killing each other and also no electricity. The other one is in the protected offices where the politicians just made a new alliance of four groups – Dawa, SIIC, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of Talabani, and Kurdistan Democratic Party of Barzani. So it is like back in time after the first elections when many Sunni Arabs did not vote and these groups were most powerful. It is a two year time machine.

Is it good? Maybe it is. Now you have only four groups and maybe they will fight less than ten groups or however many. And some groups like Sadr group who never can decide what they are going (killing Sunnis or being united with them, hating the government or being ministers) are gone. Some terrorist supporting groups are gone also.

Is it bad? Maybe it is. Iraq will need to somehow be united and now the Sunni Arabs, who are a big minority, are not in the alliance. But if the major Sunni Arab politicians want to support terrorists then they shouldn’t be. But if the Sunni Arab people think the government does not represent them, then maybe they will support terrorists more.

Is it not good or bad? Maybe it is. This government and other Iraqi governments after Saddam have not made Iraq secure and the US forces have not made Iraq secure. If the government cannot bring security and electricity, then maybe it doesn’t matter who has the minister posts or seats in the protected parliament building. Sometimes they say that the Sunni Arab politicians if they are in the government then terrorism will decrease, but I don’t know if they even can control the terrorist groups who are killing so many people. Maybe it does not make a difference.

I think we will see.

Monday, August 13, 2007

And now Dulaimi...

So many bad people have left the Iraqi government and that is actually not totally good news but not completely bad news. Back months before Fadhila got out and that is fine because they are thieves and criminals. The Sadrists went out and came back and I think everyone knows that these Sadrist are always changing and saying one thing then another, moving out and then into the government. These same people call for unity with the Sunnis after having their men kill innocent Sunnis so nothing can surprise you from this group which is unorganized and no good. The Accord Front left and this is because the terrorist ministers want no more measures against Ba'ath Party and other demands. Also Allawi's group left but this is because Allawi is trying to get power for himself as usual and that is no news. So you know I hate the Accord Front and also Allawi (this is not a secret). The Iraqi government needs to represent all Iraqis but also it cannot involve terrorists. People have to decide if they will be lawmakers who will make and follow and keep laws or terrorists and criminals who will be punished by the people who respect the laws.

Before I talked about Adnan al-Dulaimi being a terrorist and now he has made a letter that shows how he feels about the Shi'a who are the majority in Iraq. We know that all neighbors are trying to make Iraq worse and Dulaimi in his letter says only Iran is (Iran is and many others are) and asks for the stinking Arab neighbors to come in to help Sunnis, which can only mean to fight the Shi'a. Like Saddam did before he says that the Arabs must fight Iran, but you should know that he also means Shi'a of Iraq. He says that Iran is making war against all Arabs starting in Baghdad. So he leaves the Iraqi goverment and now asks for these foreign Arabs to come into Iraq to fight the Shi'a. Is this a government official or a dirty terrorist who is fighting against most Iraqis? Do I need to call him a bastard one more time or do you already know what he is?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Good news and no news

Hello to everyone and I have not posted for long time.

There is good news and I am happy everyone is writing the comments about the Iraq football team. I think the team is very good or they would not win so many matches. One match maybe can be lucky but not so many. So everyone in the world knows again like years before that this team is very good! The final match was not so difficult and the Saudi players are not as tough as the Iraqi players. Everyone in Iraq is happy to see this victory and loves this team.

I hear so many people say that this team is uniting Iraqis and that is true. But people say that the team can unite Iraqis but politicians fail to unite them. I think this is a stupid thing to say because these are football players and not politicians. All Iraqis will support this great team but of course politic is different so how can you compare one and the other? Just like when Shatha Hassoun was good in Star Academy people say she unite Iraqis but politicians do not, but I think if you make Shatha or some football player a politician then you will see that some people will start to hate them! Still this team is great and makes so many people happy. Also you must remember that this team has many difficult things and not rich like Saudi or even with as much help as other teams, so it is a big victory.

Everywhere Iraqis are celebrating and now the team is in Jordan (before they went to Dubai where these bastards played the Saddam song instead of Mawtini!) and there was Kadhem al-Saher concert last night and party there. I think that the players need a big party and relax and also I think all Iraqis do!

I can write about politicians and I always do but it is all the same. Some people say Iraq will have a new Prime Minister and I do not know but same talk as before. Every time we hear about new cabinet or new government or new anything it is talk for weeks and then no more talk, then later the same talk. Nothing really changes so I can curse the same people or not, no difference. That is why I am saying good news and also no news!

I will write more again but this is how I am thinking now, also it is too hot.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hello everyone

Hello I just wanted to say hello. I will post more sometime soon but electricity is not always good and it is too hot. I feel lazy and tired but not sleeping enough.

Monday, July 16, 2007

1 Rajab and 14 Tammuz

Today on the Islam calendar is 1 Rajab which is the first day of the month of Rajab and also the birthday of Imam Mohammad al-Baqir. Back in the year 2003 on this day, 1 Rajab (29 August in 2003), at the shrine of Imam Ali in the holy city of Najaf, a big car bomb explosion killed Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim and very many other people.

Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim was the son of the Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim and brother of the SIIC leader Sayyid Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim. Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim was the leader of SCIRI (now it is SIIC) before he was killed. I remember he came back to Iraq one month after Saddam regime was finished and many people came out to greet him. But it did not take long for Sunni terrorists to give a message that they always want to give – we hate the Shi’a, we hate Shi’ite holy places, we hate Shi’ite holy men. And so on the first day of Rajab at the holy site they killed so many people.

Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim was a scholar and also a very good speaker. His brother who is now SIIC leader is not a good speaker like him. The Hakim family fought Saddam and many Hakims were killed by Saddam. Still today many of the Hakims live in Iran but some have come back to Iraq. The Hakims in Iran still think of their identity as Iraqi, and actually some of them (like some who have come back to Iraq after Saddam’s end) speak Arabic and maybe not much Farsi.

Before I wrote about bloody beginning that tell us a lot of information, and how Moqtada showed himself as a bloody anti-religious criminal on April 10, 2003 just as the Ba’th Party showed itself as brutal and murderous from its first days in taking power in Iraq. Well this crime showed us something that most people probably knew. It said that the Wahhabi terrorists (who are supported by many radical Sunnis) hate all of the Shi’a and their holy men and holy places. It is like the attacks in Samarra but more bloody and wanting to kill many people as possible. Of course since the martyring of Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim there have been many giant attacks on Shi’ite holy places and thousands of Shi’a killed by Wahhabi terrorists (also working with Saddam followers).

So also another day just was here, 14 Tammuz (14 July) which is the day that Iraq became a republic. Some people say it is the national holiday for Iraq, but it has some interesting history and Iraq is not a place where a national holiday has parties and parades. I will write later about 14 Tammuz and the republic that came instead of the old monarchy.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

After USA leaves Iraq

So I am still very tired. There is news but it is all the same. People talk about a new government and maybe the plotter Allawi coming as the new ruler. But remember that the people have been saying this (rumors) for over a year. Of course Allawi is trying to work with everyone including Sunni terrorist politicians and the Kurdish Sunni extremist because he always wants power. But still the people who did fight Saddam hard (Hakim and Da'wa and Kurdish parties) are together and if they beat Saddam then I do not think Allawi can beat them! So this is not truly news, just old stories back again. Also more killings, and this is not news for many years. And heat. And still I am not smoking much and in a week I have had two cigarettes.

I think that the USA will leave Iraq sometime or many of the American soldiers will leave. Then what is going to happen? I do not like the American army in Iraq and making checkpoints and driving around and I do not think anyone would like another nation army to be in their cities and homes. So what will happen when the USA will leave?

I do not think Baghdad would be better. Right now the Sunni terrorists will attack the Americans and the Shi'a, so only the Shi'a will be attacked. Also the Americans try to stop some of the Shi'a from attacking Sunnis (sometimes innocent ones and sometimes terrorists) so without the Americans the Shi'ite fighters will be more powerful. What does that mean?

In Baghdad it means more fighting but also some areas can be safer if the Shi'ite militias can act like they want. In other areas like last year in February probably some groups like the Mahdi Army will commit crimes against innocent Sunnis and more violence will be there. In the south of Iraq I think that the Shi'ite groups should take over security and be very tough. It is necessary to make sure that the people are safe and the shrines in Najaf and Karbala are not atacked like in Samarra. The Iraqi forces or the other armed groups like Badr should make many checkpoint and check everyone coming to the south. This is how north Iraq with the peshmerga is usually without big bombings like in Baghdad and other places in Iraq. Better to have safety somewhere in Iraq than nowhere in Iraq.

Al-Qa'ida is strong so the USA will hopefully hurt them before they leave. The solution for the south of Iraq is important to keep al-Qa'ida from coming there. Hopefully less Qa'ida will be around in Baghdad or in Anbar (killed) because we know that they will come from Anbar to Baghdad to hurt all the people and the government.

When the USA leaves also I think other countries will try to be stronger in Iraq. This means especially Iran and Saudi Arabia and Arabs. Iran is supporting many people and without the USA will be less scared. Saudi Arabia already has its people coming as terrorists and other Arabs support the terrorists. Jordan hates the Shi'a and has said this and same with Egypt so without the USA these Arab countries will try to hurt the Shi'a and the government. Iraq is a site of battle for everyone unfortunately, without many Americans there I think there will just be more of others coming to fight their own fights in Baghdad. None of them care about Iraq or Iraqis, and usually they hate Iraqis or at least hate the Shi'a.

I thought after Saddam Iraq would be good and free and strong, but many people do not want this and now it is a war every day. Some day I hope Iraq is strong and has peace and can deal with the other countries in the area and teach a lesson to them if they want to hurt Iraqis. I think I will write later about all of the countries near Iraq and how they hurt Iraq. Iraq is a country with rivers and holy places and deserts and mountains and history and many kinds of different people. But it is surrounded by bastards and criminals.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Comment moderation is off

I have count every ballot and also the illegal ones from Iran and I am turning off the comment moderation. Congratulations to democracy.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Bloody beginnings

There is a lot to write about but and some of it is new but not surprising. Over the last week there have been many things happening with Sunni terrorist politicians in the Iraqi government. One minister had an arrest issued for him, Minister of Culture As'ad Kamal al-Hashimi, for planning the kill of an anti-Ba'thist politician Mithal al-Alousi which actually killed his two sons. Other Sunni politicians protested and many Sunni politicians decided to stop working in the government (instead of working with the government in day and working with terrorists in night). One politician Abdul-Nasser al-Janabi said he will join "the resistance" which means that he will be a more active terrorist and stop pretending to also support the Iraqi government. Also a big bastard named Mish'an al-Jabouri was kicked out of the parliament but he has stolen many millions of dollars and has not been in Iraq for a long time. Also I heard that another Sunni politician who was with Talabani has left Iraq, his name is Wafiq al-Samarra'i and he was an advisor to Talabani. Before he was a top man in intelligence in Saddam time so what the hell is he doing in a new Iraqi government?

Still as I said before this is not new and everyone can guess this would happen. A terrorist is a terrorist if he is wearing a suit in a Green Zone office or a dishdasha in a dirty house in Anbar or carrying a gun in the street. This is not any surprise.

Still instead I want to write something about what I wrote yesterday, "The Untold Story" and the killing of Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei. Bloody and dangerous movements do not keep secret how they are, not for long. Maybe you do not realize at the time what it is you see but later you do realize it. When the Ba'th Party came to power the first time in 1963, it was a bloody revolt against Abdul-Karim Qassem (who replaced the kings). I can write more about Qassim a different time but now I will just say it was very bloody and showed how this Ba'th Party is a party of killers and criminals. So it was not a surprise that it got worse and worse and Saddam came to power later and killed so many people. Now we should see another bloody beginning. When Saddam regime was ended on April 9, 2003 I remember that people were hopeful, happy, scared, confused but most important some hopeful. But everyone was confused and one person who did not wait a long time to try to get his power was Moqtada, and one day later his group killed Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei. This is a bloody beginning to kill the son of the Grand Ayatollah in front of hundreds of people, brutal with many knifes, dragging his body in the holiest place in the holy city! So we should know how is this Moqtada, a young child and not a senior religious holy man, who tried so soon to get power and kill other people even if they are holy men in holy places. Soon then after April 9, 2003 you see his men in black running around Baghdad saying that they will find Saddam (who was hiding) and also talking about Islamic government. Even now Moqtada will sometime talk about unity for Shi'a and Sunnis but also we know that his men have killed many innocent Sunni people. He just wants power and many people support him because, as I said before, sometimes his men are protecting them. I will maybe write more about him another time but now I would just like to say that a bloody beginning can tell you a lot, and the anti-religion crime that happened in Najaf on April 10, 2003 is a bloody beginning that should tell us about Moqtada.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

"The Untold Story" of assassination of the Sayyid Abdul Majid al-Khoei

One Iraqi blog site called Last-Of-Iraqis wrote The Complete Story of Moqtada and Al-Mahdi Army and wrote about the killing of Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei. We know how the ending of Saddam regime ended one time when the government was killing many Iraqis in a very organized way. But the end of Saddam regime became soon a time when killing without organization happens to so many people. It was not so bad right when the end of regime happened, but the first big and sad event happened on the second day of Iraq after Saddam in the holy city Najaf. Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei was killed. Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei was the leader of a charity group named for his father, who was before Sayyid Sistani the most important Shi'ite cleric in the world. Moqtada al-Sadr and his group did this horrible killing of the son of the man who was the world's most important Shi'ite leader, who also fought Saddam and worked for his people. Any person who has respect for the marja'iya and the holy places should not forget this.

Now on the blog Eye Raki (he has written comments on my homesite) there is a post with many detail about the killing of Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei and you should read it. There are also pictures. Here is the link:

Maybe sometime I will write some more about this killing and the different people who were involved. Read this story.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moqtada’s stupid march

So Moqtada al-Sadr is back from Iran and is now saying he organizing a march to Samarra on the birthday of Fatima az-Zahra, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad and wife of Imam Ali. This is a stupid idea.

Samarra is of course where the Askariya shrine is, resting place of Imam Ali al-Hadi and Imam Hassan al-Askari. Even though it has a holy site for the Shi’a most people in Samarra and near the city are Sunnis. There was before another march and this reminds me of summer in 2004 when all of Iraq was looking at Najaf because Moqtada and his Mahdi Army went to Najaf and fought the Americans and decided make the shrine of Imam Ali as their military base. Sayyid Sistani came back and called for march to Najaf and no attack on the holy site of Imam Ali. I think Moqtada should remember that Sayyid Sistani called for a march to prevent the mistakes of Moqtada from bringing more destruction to the holy city and holy shrine. Actually I do remember that entire week and I was watching television and being confused and scared as the holy city was a battle site and I was also scared that the shrine would be attacked. Because of a strong and brave man Sayyid Sistani it did not happen, because he left his hospital room to save the shrine and help the people. Also you maybe remember that Sayyid Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim also supported the march, which was the call of Sayyid Sistani.

Now Moqtada is calling for a different march, which will have people go to Samarra. Samarra and also the places near it north from Baghdad. Even though Moqtada says all people should go, I think we know that mostly Shi’a will go. So many innocent Shi’a who do care about the holy shrine of the two Imams in Samarra will be in very dangerous places walking, and open to attacks. Also, it is said that the march will be protected by Moqtada men. Of course, no one wants the Mahdi Army men of Moqtada to come to their area and the Sunni people north from Baghdad will not want them and they will know that last time after the Samarra attack in last year (February) these men killed many innocent Sunnis. The Sunnis are going to be angry about this march. Samarra is dangerous and even visitors from Iran who come to Iraq to visit shrines in Najaf and Karbala are ordered not to make visits to Samarra. I know that before one bus with Iranians came to visit Samarra and they disappeared.

So we have differences – Sayyid Sistani’s march to save people and holy sites and try to end mistakes of Moqtada, and now Moqtada’s march which is a bad idea. I do want peace for all Iraqis and also the holy shrines need to be protected. Marching innocent people into dangerous areas is not help. Instead special protection force of honest good people, I hope they can find some, who want to protect the holy sites of the Imams should be trained and helped a lot to do this. I hope that the terrorists will be stopped and then everyone can visit all of the sites if they are Shi’ite or Sunni or visitor from Iran or anywhere, but now this is not how it is.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vote: Comment moderation?

Still I have been tired and I do not know the reason. I am not smoking much anymore, which is to make me feel better. I am very good with sleeping in heat and with noise but over the last few days I am not sleeping good and also dreaming strange, I do not know what is happening.

So my news is that it seems that some want me to stop comment moderation. At first I wanted to keep it just because it is annoying to people but maybe now I will be a democrat and remove it. So leave your comment here and give your vote and I will count the votes and tell you who is winner. I do not think there will be a Sunni boycott of this vote but I do not know.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Al-Mansour Hotel bombed

Today the Al-Mansour Hotel was bombed. It is a big hotel near Tigris River and is a “five star” hotel, at least it says on the sign on top. Many people were killed. Al-Mansour Hotel is one of the biggest and famous hotels in Baghdad, and many foreign people stay there. They have a pool and other nice things.

I am sick of bombings and terrorism and deaths. Also it seems that these bastards want to hurt everyone and everything. All of the places that people know in Baghdad that make you think of Baghdad as a nice big city are attacked. You cannot move around the city. The Sarafiyah Bridge was destroyed. The Buratha mosque is bombed and attacked all the time. Actually this mosque, which is a very important holy site, has been bombed with big bombs a few times but is attacked all the time, shot at, very often. The terrorists want to kill people and also ruin the different things in Iraq also, the things that make you happy, show you the great history or just any good thing in Baghdad or in Iraq. They will only be happy if all people are their slaves like Saddam's time or if the entire city and country is ruined, with death and destruction all over.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Keeping my award

I have been very tired but still I think I should tell everyone here that I am keeping my award of “Most Sectarian Blog Ever” and I will explain why. I think most people who visit my blog site know that I am a best and also I will never give anything back after I have won it.

Iraq Blog Count is saying that this Layla Anwar may get my award. I did look at Layla blog and it is hateful and supports Saddam and sounds exactly like any Saddam lover would. Very disgusting, racist. Like many followers and lovers of Saddam she thinks that she is better than most everyone, including the majority of Iraqis who suffered from Saddam and hated him. Saddam was a son from a poor village who did not really know his father. This bastard killed so many people and a lot of the time it was because they were not as Arab or real Iraqi like him, this is what he said. So the Shi’a were Iranians and this is why they were murdered and the Shi’a holy men were abused (just like the Imams buried in Samarra and other Imams were abused by hateful people during their lives and still cannot rest in peace) and the holy sites were attacked. Also the Kurds were not Arabs so they were killed with poison gas and other ways. It is sad because the talk from Saddam is loved by many people, some people like Layla and many other Arabs and Sunnis in the entire world.

I am called sectarian because people like to say this. I already wrote about sectarianism and what it means. It is interesting that now there are people who are saying that they are not sectarian, like the plotter Allawi. What is better, to have some loyalty to your people or to make deals with everyone and sell yourself and your mother just to get power? I am honest and say how I think about things. But there are people who are not honest and hide their feelings of hate which are very strong, or people who will do anything for power and give everything and work with everyone just to get it.

This Layla, I do not like her but she is a woman, that is what she says. You can not be sure as Saddam lovers are the most evil, and a lie is no problem for a sick lover of the bastard Saddam. But she says she is a woman so I will not say all of the things I am thinking to show how much I hate her. I write how I think, I am honest. Layla will write fancy words and try to sound smart. She writes about women. It is a joke I think. Layla loves Saddam. Of course everyone knows that Saddam’s son Uday, who maybe would be the next president after Saddam, raped so many women, hundreds. Also he had many prostitutes and abused women, had sex with very young girls. And this was the son of Saddam. How does she pretend to care about women when she says how she loves baba Saddam who had a son who was the worst Iraqi ever to the women of Iraq? The Ba’thists are always liars, they do not care about human life, women, moral, anything. Actually it is very interesting how the Iraq Blog Count thinks about sectarian right when they visit my home site, but with Layla it was not right away? Why is that?

I will have to say that I will never give my award to this Layla. Of course you know that the Saddam lovers and Ba’thists stole everything in Iraq and made Iraq into a big prison. They took everything and still were cheered by so many people and even today many Arabs and Sunnis will praise Saddam. Well after stealing so much now their hero Saddam is dead and buried in his dirty village. And the stealing days of the Ba’thists are almost done. Ba’thists in Iraq are almost done. May all of them see Saddam’s end as a warning. Iraq is for Iraqis, not Ba’thists. Even an online award, I will not give it to a dirty Ba’thist and lover of Saddam. Iraq will be cleaned of these people, either hanged like Saddam or some other way, maybe flee to Syria or Jordan with other Ba’thist heroes because Iraq is not Ba’thist and the people who did fight the Ba’thists before will still do it until they are finished. Any Arab woman or Arab man missing Saddam can cry and will continue crying. The old fighters of 1991 and their children and brothers remember your crimes and now are in control. No more things for you to take, get out, stay out, and you are lucky to escape justice and not hang like Saddam or lose your head like Barzan.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Askariya shrine bombed again!

On February 22, 2006, Sunni terrorists blew up the gold dome on the Askariya shrine in Samarra. The shrine is where buried are two Imams, Imam Ali al-Hadi and Imam Hassan al-Askari. Before the gold dome was destroyed and now yesterday the two minarets were destroyed. Just like before, the terrorists want to tell the Shi’a “We hate you, we hate your religion and your imams.” They want to kill all Shi’a. They want to tell us that nothing good will ever happen for the Shi’a. Both Imam Ali al-Hadi and Imam Hassan al-Askari were oppressed during their lives because of their beliefs. And now the Sunni terrorists want everyone to know that the Imams will still not have peace, even as they rest in the shrine! These terrorists say that there was no peace for the Imams and there will not be today, and no peace for the Shi’a from the time of these Imams until today.

After the February 22 bombing of the shrine, sectarian violence was much worse in Iraq. The Mahdi Army thought it could help by killing Sunnis and kicking them out of their homes. That is not help. After that terrorist attack, Sayyid Sistani said that if the government cannot protect the shrine then someone else should. Even today the government cannot protect the shrine. How did it happen? How were the terrorists able to do this? Someone needs to protect the shrine in Samarra and the holy sites everywhere else. If the government cannot do it then someone else should.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mashhadani out, my new job?

So one of the top Sunni Arab politicians is going to lose his job, Speaker of Parliament Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, who is a member of Tawafuq. He has always been known for saying idiotic things and being a jackass. At recently he had his bodyguards beat up someone, and now he will lose his job. Actually, even months go people were saying that other politicians were trying to get him out, so it is not surprising. It is good news but he is not the only criminal or terrorist in the government.

Also I am hearing about another job that may be open. Of course Sayyid Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim became the leader of SIIC after his brother was killed by Sunni terrorists. Now, unlike his brother, Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim is not as experienced. Also, he is not as good of a speaker as his brother and it is important for a leader to be very powerful when speaking. So some people are saying that maybe Sheikh Homam Hammoudi would be a better leader for the party because he is more powerful speaker and is also very experienced. However, I do not think this will happen because SIIC was made by the Hakim family and also everyone knows that Ammar al-Hakim is being prepared for the next leader of SIIC. The SIIC had their big meeting and there are rules on how the council works and so I do not see any surprising things to be happening.

So two big jobs, I wonder if maybe I can take one or two of them? I think then I could have a big house, a lot of money, and bodyguards, and get to travel all over the world. So if anyone asks you, tell them I am good for these jobs – Speaker of Parliament or head of SIIC. Especially Speaker of Parliament, because I am very good at talking and saying my opinion.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I am popular

I think many people with a website like to Google to see who else is reading and discussing and sometimes stealing from their website. I do. That is how I found out that I won the award of “Most Sectarian Blog Ever”, and by the way I did say thank you for the award and I hope more awards will come soon.

So I found some good links when I used Google and I will share them with you. On the Iraqi Konfused Kid blog, there is a writing about “The Phenomenon of Shaqawa” and I thought it was entertaining and interesting so go see it:

Also I liked to read that “if he is killed; a funeral comes out to mourn the ‘great’ man”, so I hope that if I am killed everyone will come out to mourn me and also give me some more awards, thank you!

Also, later I found this article from Canada’s national paper about Iraqi blogs:

This writer, named Robert Everett-Green, is trying to learn more about Iraq by reading blogs, and I think it is a good idea. Also he has visited my site and talks about me and my award:

Others are more rough-and-ready, including The Shaqawa (, a pithy, partisan blog whose author proudly displays an “award” from Iraq Blog Count as the “most sectarian blog ever.”

Also he says that I show a Shi’ite bias. I hope that this author can take the time to read my post on sectarianism and other posts on militias so he will know more about what I am saying. So also thank you to Robert Everett-Green for your visit, I hope you come back again and maybe leave some comments.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Iraq football wins, and plotter Allawi wants power again

Well I think I will start with good news, the Iraqi football team beat the North Korea football team in an Olympic qualifier match yesterday, 1-0. I hope that next year we can watch Iraq in the Olympics, like in 2004 when Iraq was fourth place and played very good. It was a really exciting time and I am always happy to watch Iraq play. I said before how football is fun to play and watch, and it makes you feel like you are young without a lot of problems and worries.

And there are still problems and worries, with this bastard Allawi trying to get power. He loves power, he doesn’t care how he needs to get it, he will try in every way! He is not even in Iraq mostly, he spends most of his time in London but still thinks he can come lead all of Iraq as a Prime Minister. It is strange to me!

So Allawi formed his latest election list by taking his old list (but this time not including Iraq’s big thief Hazem Sha’lan) and combining it with other lists that did bad in the first elections (Ghazi al-Yawar’s list, Adnan al-Pachachi’s list, the Communists) to form a list that had a lot of money and probably American support and still did bad. So since then as the situation in Iraq gets worse, everyone talks about a coup with Allawi as leader. Now, again, Allawi is trying to form a coalition to take over the government and let’s see who is in this coalition.

So Allawi has been working with the Tawafuq group, a Sunni Arab group that has a racist and violent character. Allawi always wants to seem secular and non-sectarian. So he gets into an alliance with Tawafuq, who are very sectarian. Then the secular Allawi has now formed an alliance with the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU). Now this party, KIU, is not secular, as you can tell from its name. Actually it is part of the Muslim Brotherhood! So you see that Allawi really has no principles, he is just trying to get power and if it means he has to form an alliance with racists then fine. And if he has to bring in radical Sunni Islamists then fine with him as well. I think that Allawi will form an alliance with anyone just to get power back. It is just another part in the dirty history of this plotter. This bastard must not control Iraq!

Monday, June 4, 2007

More traveling politicians

The Iraqi politicians are traveling often and I have written about it before and so today I will write more as well on this. As you know, many of them who are in Parliament just receive money without living in Iraq or going to work, but I am talking about other ones now.

So first Hakim is back in Iraq after getting some health treatment in Iran, and this is good news. I guess it means he is not very, very sick, which I don’t understand but I am happy to hear it. So welcome back to Sayyid Hakim, I hope you get healthier.

Another group of Iraqi politicians are leaving home and this is a group of Sunni politicians who are going to the USA. Adnan al-Dulaimi and two of his people from his list, Khalaf al-Ulayan and Dhafir al-Ani. It is interesting because these politicians like to make hatred against the Shi’a, and before have accused the Shi’a of many things and try to bring other people to hurt the Shi’a. I think that you will see that these Sunni politicians, who are suspected of supporting terrorists, are working with terrorists to kill Iraqis and also Americans. So they are going to leave Iraq and go to the USA? Why does the USA want to have some visitors who support killing Americans?

So what will these people talk about to the Americans? Well, it is interesting because the heroes of the Arabs and Sunnis all over the world are the “resistance”, but this really means usually Iraqis who kill other Iraqis. Many of these people use the same talk as Saddam to call the Shi’a in Iraq as Iranians, and these Sunni politicians are the same. Of course, USA is also scared of Iran in some ways, so I am sure that these Sunni politicians will go tell the USA, “You should support us to fight the Shi’a, who work for Iran.” Funny because these same bastards who will ask for USA support were the ones who support killing Americans! It is not surprising because even before some Sunnis who said they hate the Americans and are brave resistance then were asking for Americans to protect them against Shi’a. What should happen is that these three sons of bitches should be arrested in the American airport and sent to the Guantanamo Bay prison right away!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Religion and identity

So before I wrote about the Shi’a around the world and there were many responses. I would like to write some more about the Shi’a as a community. Before the Shi’a were persecuted for being Shi’a. They were told that they were not Iraqi, not Arab, and did not belong in Iraq, where the majority of people are Shi’ite. Even if you did not care that much about your sect of Islam, you would be aware of it when you were told that you were an enemy because of your sect. Even if you did not pray, you would know about the shrines and probably be very angry to see the shrines attacked and see the bastard followers of Saddam sit on a tank with Saddam picture in front of the shrine in Karbala, which was attacked and damaged by them!

Many people who are Shi’ite today know that they have always been Shi’ite and their parents were also. Maybe they do not know or care about what happened in the seventh century about why Imam Ali was better than Abu Bakr, but just know that being Shi’ite is part of their identity. After so many years of death and persecution, now the Shi’a in Iraq can tell the world who they are, and that is what they do and will do. That is why you see marches on certain days and also that is why some people will vote for the United Iraqi Alliance even if they are not very religious. It is saying, “We are Shi’ite and we are not dead. We will now make our own future after Saddam.” I am not talking about religious ideas or what is best, just the way people think about their identity.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where are the Shi'a?

I think almost no one even heard of the Shi’a except maybe in Iran and Lebanon, until after the removal of Saddam. Most people probably did not know Iraq was a Shi’ite majority country until after the removal of Saddam or maybe until the elections.

The majority of Iraqis are Shi’a, whether the Arab neighbors like it or not, and they do not. Of course, Iran is majority Shi’ite, and one thing that the Sunni Arabs like to do is say that all Shi’a are Persian or Iranian and this makes them more of foreigners than anything else. This is of course not true it is just slander from hateful people. Bahrain is majority Shi’ite, although it is ruled by the Sunni Khalifa family. They face discrimination in many ways from the ruling regime. The other country with a definite Shi’ite majority is Azerbaijan. In Lebanon, the Shi’a are the biggest of many groups but not more than 50% of the population.

In other Arab countries there are Shi’ite populations that are minorities but significant. In Saudi Arabia there are many Shi’a, and many are in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, which has a lot of oil. The Saudis are Wahhabis and so they hate all of the Shi’a and also for that matter hate all people who are not Wahhabis, although Shi’a are the worst to them usually, sometimes even worse than Jews. There is also a big Shi’ite minority in Kuwait. Kuwait is ruled by the Sunni Sabah family and Shi’ites in Kuwait and all Kuwaitis actually got some more rights after the US kicked out Saddam’s occupation of Kuwait in 1991 and then the US forced the Kuwaitis to be a little bit more democratic.

Outside of the Arab countries, there is a significant Shi’ite minority in Pakistan and also in Afghanistan. Right now there is a Grand Ayatollah who is Pakistani (Bashir al-Najafi) and another who is Afghan (Mohammad al-Fayadh), and both live in Najaf. India, which has the biggest Muslim population in the world except for Indonesia, also has a Shi’ite population in its Muslim population.

So there is some information for you. I think that more and more people will be learning about the Shi’a because the Shi’a are important and powerful now that there is a democracy in Iraq. A lot of Arabs and other Sunnis outside of Iraq and other Sunnis really don’t know much about the Shi’a and I have even learned this by talking to some of them.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Al-Qa’ida’s “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq

Like all good people of course I hate al-Qa’ida. Their ideas says that all people who aren’t Wahhabi (extremist Sunni type) should be killed. Being Sunni doesn’t matter, only a Wahhabi Sunni is good enough for them, otherwise they are allowed to kill you, so they think! Their actions all over the world are just for killing people, many of them. And of course in Iraq they have done very much damage, killing Iraqis and attacking holy sites.

In Iraq I think al-Qa’ida can already say their “Mission Accomplished” at least for a few years and I can tell you why. First we know al-Qa’ida has gone by many names and now they are part of this gang of whores called “Islamic State” of Iraq, which is a insult to Islam and also shows us that they really want to be a government and have a state in Iraq and everywhere else. So maybe they do not have a state in Iraq, although sometimes they control some areas. But to succeed in Iraq they have said they hate the Shi’a and want to kill them and they don’t only kill Shi’a themselves. They make sectarian hatred worse, causing more killings on both sides, Shi’ite and Sunni. Some Sunnis helped al-Qa’ida and that is true. Even now though some Sunnis are turning against them. Still, damage is a lot. The Shi’a have been massacred by al-Qa’ida and have a lot of hatred and frustration in them. The Sunnis who have suffered from Shi’ite striking back, which has killed innocent Sunnis and made them hate the Shi’a more. And you could see after the bombing by al-Qa’ida of the Askariya shrine in Samarra, one of the holiest Shi’ite sites, how Iraq exploded.

Here is my thought… If al-Qa’ida disappeared completely tomorrow from Iraq, the damage from them is all over the place and the effects of al-Qa’ida would unfortunately stick around for a long time. Everyone remembers the massive killings on both sides and the attacks on holy sites. Sectarian hatreds were made much worse by al-Qa’ida and that was their plan. So it will take a long time to make things better.

I have to blame al-Qa’ida first of course. Also I have to blame the people who supported them in Iraq, which means Ba’thists who thought they could work with al-Qa’ida to win back control. Also anyone who let them in their neighborhood and actively supported them, like I have talked about before (different from people who were just scared to work against them). And of course many of the Sunnis and Arabs all over the world who thought that it is “resistance” and of course they don’t give a damn how many Iraqis are killed by the “resistance” of this evil called al-Qa’ida. The Iraqis and foreign people who supported them before or now, bastards, who are more moved by hatred than anything. They are the garbage of Iraq and the world, like Saddam and his supporters.

Iraqis all need to unite against al-Qa’ida and maybe it is happening, more and more I think it is. But they also need to somehow get rid of the higher level of hatreds that al-Qa’ida brought into Iraq. It is one big problem and we know Iraq has so many more of them as well. Iraqis also need to deal with Saddam and Ba’thism, so much to deal with, maybe I will write about that soon. But how can it be done when it is just a struggle to stay alive for your average Iraqi in so many parts of the country?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Smoking and football

I should stop smoking. I have said that many times and now hearing about Sayyid Hakim I think about it again. Smoking is of course bad for your health (lung, heard, everything) but also I really like doing it. I like the feeling you get from smoking, I like smoking action by itself, and it is a social action with friends and people always offer cigarettes as part of being polite and nice.

Just a thought I had a little while ago. I guess the people visit my blog to read about Iraq and usually that is what my thoughts are anyway, but maybe sometime I will just post other things as well. I hope that I can write about good news from the Iraqi football team soon also. I love watching them play because it makes me happy to see Iraq in normal activities like other countries do. Also it is a good way to get away from all the concerns of life and enjoy something that all people enjoy, especially kids. Would be nice if there really was not big problems in Iraq. I wish Iraqi kids could grow up like normal ones, without having to see or worry about family disappearing, hear explosions, and see horrible things like dead bodies. What kind of adults will they grow up to be?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hakim in US, has lung cancer

Before I wrote about some Iraqi politicians who went to the US for political reasons. A few days ago Sayyid Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC, which was before SCIRI), went to the US for medical check and now people report he has lung cancer. This is not good news and also I wish Hakim good health.

Hakim is of course the leader of SIIC, the largest group of the largest list in parliament. So he is very powerful. He is the son of the Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim, who was the most important leader of the Shi’a before Sayyid Abul-Qasim al-Khoei and Sayyid Ali al-Sistani. He is also the brother of Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim, who was the starter of SCIRI and was assassinated by Sunni terrorists along with many other people in 2003 at the shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf.

Hakim is one of the only politicians who can be treated well and respected and listened to by the USA and Iran. Of course the USA is the most important other country in Iraq, but now Iran is influential as well and is causing problems in Iraq like most of the other neighboring criminal states. The USA will probably need someone who can communicate with both sides, and Hakim is definitely the best person. Hakim has spoken against terrorism in Iraq. He and his family fought Saddam and there were many people from the Hakim family killed or forced out from their homes by Saddam.

So I wish Hakim good health and am sad to hear this news. Also reports are that the Iraqi President Talabani will be in the US for some time for medical checks although this was planned. It is not good for Iraq for such leaders to be having health problems and so I hope that their health will improve.

Of course there are so many sad stories in Iraq. Hakim getting sick is just one thing out of very many, but I still like I said before I think there are some very good things about Hakim and also if Hakim is not acting as a leader for Iraq because of his health, it is bad for the Iraqi people and a sad story not only for Hakim and his family (who has plenty of sad stories already) but also for millions of Iraqis.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The USA in Iraq

So like I said before the USA is a part of life in Iraq and really the USA has been it for a long time. Of course the first Western country to come to Iraq was Britain. When the Ottoman Empire fell apart (a good thing), the Europeans took parts of the old empire. France got Lebanon and Syria and that is why some Lebanese people think they are European French and even they speak Arabic with some French words and when some of these Lebanese men talk they sound like fancy French women. Also they wear fancy clothes and spend a lot of time doing their hair. That is a different story I think.

So Iraq was basically three Ottoman provinces put together, they were Basra, Baghdad, and Mosul. These were very big provinces, not like the ones today. Kuwait was part of the Basra province… but that is also a different story. So Britain ruled Iraq and gave Iraq a kingdom with a Sunni king from Saudi Arabia. Then Iraq became independent and then it became a republic. So anyway Britain was the Western country most involved in Iraq.

Now everyone had relations with Iraq for many years and the USA supported Saddam against Iran but of course later things changed and Saddam invaded Kuwait and threatened the Wahhabi Saudi terror state, which is some sort of friend to the USA. The USA and Saddam were big enemies. Since threatened and fought Saddam the USA has been the most involved Western country in Iraq and always every Iraqi new that the fate of Iraq was in USA hands. And the USA then came and got rid of Saddam and occupied Iraq so now more than ever the USA is very involved in Iraq.

I remember in 2003 as Saddam was kicked out of power I was thinking how the future would be. I thought about how now the USA and Iraq were very closely linked and I also wondered how kids growing up in Iraq would learn about the USA and think about it. Under Saddam the USA was said to be evil and you started a school day praising Saddam and his 17 July revolution. I remember after on 17 July in 2005 some friends and I were relaxing and one guy said, “Happy 17 July.” And another said, “Remember when at school you said long live Saddam and long live 17 July?” So this guy raised up his glass and said, “Death to Saddam and death to the 17 July.” And actually we said other very profane things about the bastard Saddam and his gang of whores, but I wont repeat it here! Anyway I thought that the USA got rid of the murderer and bastard Saddam so maybe the future would be very much better.

Unfortunately things have gotten very bad in Baghdad and some people want the Americans to leave and some don’t but still I don’t think that the next generation of Iraqis will think of the USA as a hero. Still, no matter what, the USA and Iraq are linked and it was not a choice of Iraqis but that is how it is. I can only think about how the next generation will live and think about this. Hopefully at least they can live in peace without a dictator like Saddam or battles in the streets.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iraqi politicians in DC

If we like it or not, the USA and Iraq are very closely related in so many ways and now more than before. Right now Iraqi politicians are in Washington, DC trying to talk to members of the government that has the most power in Iraq, the American government.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Barham Saleh, went over there. He is a Kurd from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and he has lived and worked in DC before. The other person with him is the National Security Advisor, Mowaffak al-Ruba’i, who is a Shi’ite who praises the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr. Both of them are asking for support for the Americans to stay in Iraq until it can be more stable and Iraqi forces are stronger and do not need help. They know that the effort in Iraq is not popular with Americans so they are going to ask for the Americans to support the Iraqi government and American soldiers in Iraq.

Another Iraqi politician is also going but not with these two top officials and this is Mohammad al-Dayni, MP from Saleh al-Mutlag’s list. He is meeting with people who opposed the war on Saddam. Dayni is a real bastard and a Sunni sectarian who speaks in the same way as typical racists when talking about the Shi’ite majority. He was the major source for a documentary on “Shi’ite death squads” in the West. Also he displayed a picture of the Iranian politician Mohammad Khatami in a wax museum with wax displays of tortures and said that it was actually a Sunni man (not a wax statue) from Haifa Street in Baghdad being tortured at the Buratha mosque, which is the most important Shi’ite place in Baghdad outside of Kadhimiya. Dayni also calls Iraqi Shi’a Iranians, just like other Sunni racists like Saddam love to. Now he is going to the US and meeting with the people who oppose war on Saddam. It is interesting that this son of a bitch supports killing American soldiers but still American politicians will meet with him. I do not understand why Dayni is allowed to even go to the USA and to see politicians.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sectarianism is how it is

Sectarianism is the big thing in Iraq now. It is also a bad word. You are sectarian! I even saw on a website a while ago one guy, a Sunni from Mosul (you should know Mosul is of course filled with Ba'thist supporter people of many kinds), made a graphic that changed the logo of the al-Iraqiyah (Iraqi state satellite channel) so it said “sectarianism” (al-Ta’ifiyah in Arabic). It was actually nice work with the graphics. The guy thought that al-Iraqiyah is now apparently a Shi’ite sectarian channel. I guess sectarian means being for your sect before anything else. In the ideal world Iraqis would be pro-Iraqi and pan-Iraqi before everything else, or really is that the case? Does that even make sense or is it not even human nature?

Think about this. What makes you more upset, if a random person in a far away place gets killed, or someone in your city gets killed, or if your cousin gets killed? I think it is normal for people to be more effected when something happens to their family than when it happens to someone who isn’t in their close family. And what about your community, people of your same religious beliefs or ethnicity? Isn’t it natural that they are closer to you then others in the same area who aren’t from your community? So do you blame someone for looking out for their community before the others? But that is sectarian!

But talking again about your family, sometimes being sectarian is what it takes to survive. I wrote about militias before, saying how sometimes the militias are what keep people alive. If only one choice will keep you alive, you will probably choose it. If you are a Shi’ite, are you going to vote for the big Shi’ite list (United Iraqi Alliance) that includes powerful parties that bravely fought Saddam (like Da’wa) and those who have militias who have been protecting your neighborhood? In the unstable Iraq it sounds like it makes a lot more sense to vote for them than to take a chance with a small list that probably can never protect you or a list that doesn’t really care about Shi’ite demands. And it is definitely a better choice than voting for the list of an ex-Ba’thist like Allawi or a Sunni sectarian list with politicians who cannot even admit that the Shi’a are the majority. So you see choices are limited.

Sometimes you chose sectarianism to stay alive, but I guess you should be criticized for it. Maybe this explains why so many Sunnis did vote for the bastards Dulaimi and Mutlag. They feel threatened by the Shi’a so they think that these terrorists or Ba’thist-thinking types can protect them against Shi’ite oppression. Of course, the Sunnis must feel more threatened by the Shi’a after the Shi’ite militias committed more crimes against Sunni innocent civilians. But this happened mostly in response to continued Sunni attacks against Shi’a. The worst Sh’ite attacks against Sunnis happened after the terror attack on the Askariya shrine in Samarra in February last year when the outrage just made people explode. Sectarian crimes lead to more sectarianism on both sides. If you live in a Shi’ite neighborhood and you see the Sunnis murdering your neighbors every week, then you will start to hate the Sunnis more. Same thing the other way around if you live in a Sunni neighborhood. It goes in circles and things get worse and worse, and today’s Baghdad is the proof of this.

Sectarianism is natural and makes sense. Being for your family and your community is the way things work everywhere in the world. When you are facing a huge threat (mass murderers in the case of Iraq) then you are of course going to protect yourself, your family, your community. I think only in Iraq it is automatically a bad word because people hate to see the Shi’a having power after the Shi’ite majority was oppressed for so long. Still, I think that sectarianism, if it means that you support your group against all others, and support your group in a way to harm others, then it is a crime and such people should be shown as criminals and condemned. It is a fine line, isn’t it? Never black and white and never good and bad!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Militias are bad and good

The word militia is interesting because usually it only means Shi’ite groups. It is a used as a bad term when labeling groups. The people usually talk about the militias as the Badr Brigades of SCIRI or the Mahdi Army of Moqtada al-Sadr, two Shi’ite groups. Sometimes people say that the Kurdish Peshmerga also as a militia. What about the Sunni Arab militias? Well, I guess they don’t exist, because we never hear about them. This is interesting because the majority of the victims of sectarian violence have been Shi’a according to Talabani, who said that Shi’a are much more than 50% of the dead. Maybe militia means people from groups who were oppressed by Saddam and now have some guns and power.

Shi’a get killed in massive bombings and are killed on the streets or at fake checkpoints. I guess the people doing this aren’t labeled as militias, they are called insurgents or rebels or something like that. They are the pride of the Arabs and Sunnis worldwide, this is the resistance, noble unlike those filthy militias!

It is true that the Badr Brigades and Mahdi Army have been involved in killing civilians, Sunnis, targeting them for being Sunni and that is it. Do I need to say that this is criminal? Murdering innocents is criminal and that is certain. But also these groups in some places of Iraq have acted as security forces, protecting people who otherwise would be targeted by the Sunni terrorists. So there are people who would hate to see these militias shut down simply because the militias are the only thing that is between them and death. I can say it in one other way, if the only thing stopping you from being slaughtered is a bunch of bastards, then you will probably support those bastards. Unless there is an impartial security force that is there to protect Iraqis regardless of whether they are Shi’ite or Sunni or Arab or Kurd or pretty or ugly or anything else then people will have to depend on those who are providing them with security.

There are stories from people Baghdad about militias, especially the Mahdi Army. I have heard people say they are so grateful for the Mahdi Army because they provide protection to them and take brave steps against the Sunni terrorists. I know people who have had their family kidnapped by the Mahdi Army. I know people who have had the life of a friend saved by the Mahdi Army. One person was rescued by the Mahdi Army men who took a guy out of a car when the Sunni terrorists were taking him to be executed. Another guy I know tells about how the Iraqi police refused to help when some Mahdi Army men decided to kill a bunch of innocent Sunni civilians. All I am saying is that there are two sides to the militia story. It would be nice if there was a different situation and one side was good and one side was bad and that would be so easy and the good people could take the good side and sleep without worry. But in many cases in Iraq that isn’t how it is. Nothing is so easy especially in Iraq. Both sides are bad and this is the reality of life and death in Iraq.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Visiting my blog

Hello everyone, this is just a letter to my readers. First, thank you to everyone who comes to read my posts and provide comments. I am happy that people are reading what I have to say. Also, especially thank you to people who have linked to my website. And if you look at the left side of the page you can see I have already won an award (“Most Sectarian Blog Ever”), which was a surprise. I hope more awards will be won by me soon.

I guess this is like my own house so if you come by and want to visit them I will invite you in to have some tea or coffee with me and talk for a while. This means that I will welcome comments from everyone even if they do not agree with me. Soon I will start to write back to comments on this site so we can have dialogue. Most of the comments until now have been very nice but you can see I also have ones that aren’t and that is fine, but I will respond to those as well soon!

So I will continue writing mostly about Iraq but sometimes probably just about whatever other things I am thinking about because there are all sorts of things going through my mind. So one more time أهلا وسهلا, welcome and thank you for your visit.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Missing Sunni domination

All of headlines say that the international conference on Iraq called for “Sunni inclusion”. What the hell to make of this? The Arab neighbors are mad because Saddam is no longer in power and the Sunni minority of Iraqis is no longer in power. Iraq had an election with high voter participation and certain parties that claim to represent the Sunni Arabs won many seats. I said before how over 1.5 million people voted for Tawafuq, the list headed by the terrorist son of a bitch Dulaimi. Many also voted for another bastard Saleh al-Mutlag who heads a list of 11 MPs. Either you can chose democracy and count the votes or you can do something else. We already know how much democracy means to the leaders of Iraq’s Arab neighbor countries, the wonderful unelected Arab presidents and kings. I guess I should not be surprised to see King “Shi’ite crescent” Abdullah and the other King Abdullah (the fat Wahhabi bastard), and Hosni “Iraqi Shi’a are loyal to Iran” Mubarak rejecting democracy and calling for more Sunni power in Iraq. You sons of whores, your universe is falling apart and you should be scared. Damn, what happened to the Eastern Gate?!

These Arab neighbors hate the Shi’a and democracy but they should realize this is the way it is. The Shi’a are not only victims now although the Sunni terrorists who are supported by so many Arabs and other Sunnis still make sure there are plenty of Shi’ite victims even after Saddam. Iraq had elections and Iraq has a government formed by the results of the elections. This is the reality of the new Iraqi politics. Let Iraqis count the ballots and fill the seats that way, not fill them in a way to please the former lovers of Saddam and those who think that the only place for a Shi’ite is under a Sunni boot. Still they will try their best to keep the Shi’a oppressed, and the fact that they make such statements about “Sunni inclusion” is serious but nothing compared to the support they give for terrorists in Iraq, not caring as their young men go to Iraq to blow themselves up and try to kill a bunch of Shi’a.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Stability after Saddam

I wrote before about “stability” under Saddam and how I want to write about “stability” after Saddam, which means right now. Yes, there are places where there is stability, some places in the south and some places in the north of Iraq, where there is more prosperity and more freedom than under Saddam.

Like I said before, though, Baghdad is worse than it looks. In many areas, people who can leave the city, or the country, can. Baghdad is the meeting point for all of the worst people who want to fight their battles including Iraqis and foreigners backed by every imaginable force including the wonderful neighbors of Iraq who are all looking to take something from Iraq. Shi’a are blown up for committing the crime of being Shi’ite, whether they commit this “crime” in a mosque or a market. Sunnis may be shot in the streets or kidnapped from fake checkpoints by people like Moqtada’s “Mahdi Army”. Their “crime” is being Sunni. Anyone can be caught in the cross fire between the different groups fighting each other and the US soldiers fighting any of them.

Kidnapping has been a threat to Baghdad residents since the fall of Saddam. Kidnappers are frequently just part of criminal gangs, but they may sell their person to terrorist groups if they can make enough money doing it. I know plenty of people (Iraqis) who have had their family members kidnapped. Some paid for the release of their loved ones, and others still have their family missing and have not heard from them in months. Kidnapping Iraqis makes money, but kidnapping Westerners is where they can make a lot of money. If you kidnap an American you can sell him or her to al-Qa’ida for very much money.

Can you look in the face of a widow from Karbala who lost her many of her family members in the 1991 uprising and tell her that removing Saddam was a bad thing, now that her son, for the first time ever, can publicly perform Shi’ite rituals and now does not see a future of oppression as his only option in his homeland? And what can you say opposing the removal of Saddam to a Kurdish man who still cannot locate the graves of all of his family members killed during Anfal?

On the other hand, can you look in the face of an innocent man from Baghdad, maybe he is a Sunni man with 3 children, who has lost a relative or two to Shi’ite militias for having the wrong name in a false checkpoint and maybe had another killed in crossfire between US soldiers and terrorists and tell him that he should be happy about Iraq after Saddam? Maybe this poor man just did his job and shut up during Saddam, fed his family and played no role in supporting Saddam or opposing him, and now he finds himself in the midst of hell? Or maybe he finds himself Syria or Jordan working illegally and fearing being sent back to the sectarian hell of Baghdad?

How about a young woman, maybe 18 years old? She grew up in Baghdad, survived two wars she didn’t ask for, and now finds herself threatened unless she covers her head by either Wahhabi terrorists or the Mahdi Army. What is she supposed to say as she sits at home and wonder what the future has in store for her?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Stability during Saddam

So much we hear that today’s Iraq is a terrible unstable place and that under Saddam there was not freedom but there was stability. Now, some people say, you never know if you will live or die any given day. Under Saddam, the same people say, if you did not go against the government you could be fine and live your life.

This is not exactly true. Many Iraqis were killed arbitrarily. Plenty of Iraqis lost multiple members of their families for real or imagined opposition to the government. Suspicion was enough for a death sentence, and even having a meeting with friends was enough to be suspicious. One friend of mine was arrested and beaten and, by the way, still doesn’t know why he was spared death, because he got drunk with friends and was suspected of making anti-government statements during the Iran/Iraq war. And he is a Sunni Arab who was from an area in Baghdad with Sunni majority, so do not think that even Sunni Arabs were free of arbitrary arrest and torture and murder. Meanwhile, of course, any attempt to have an identity that was considered opposed to Saddam was reason enough for murder. Any Shi’ite could be executed after being accused of membership in the Islamic Da’wa Party. Plenty of Kurds were executed just because of their ethnicity during Anfal, no other reason.

It is true right now that Baghdad is a hell on earth and if you only know Baghdad from reading news reports then unfortunately you probably don’t know how bad it is. However there are plenty of areas outside of Baghdad which are better than they have ever been, with more prosperity and freedom than they could have under Saddam. So whether you long for the stability under Saddam I guess it depends where you are (and were) living in Iraq or how much you or your family did demand freedom under Saddam.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Sunni infighting?

Today there were reports that a leader of al-Qa'ida in Iraq, Abu Ayub al-Masri (who is also known as Abu Hamza al-Mohajer), was killed. Reports state that this killing was done by Sunni Arabs, either a tribal group or perhaps a faction of the 1920 Revolution Brigades. I don't know if it is true. Of course, it is good news if a terrorist leader is killed, but I just have so much trouble being too happy to hear such news because I just do not feel optimistic about Iraq, unfortunately.

It is nice to see Sunni Arab groups dealing with the terrorists, although their real motivations are always questionable. Let's not forget where these foreign Sunni Arab terrorists found refuge in Iraq: Sunni Arab areas. This so-called Abu Ayub and Zarqawi before him could not have set up in Najaf or Kadhimiyah or Kurdistan. They set up where the locals supported them. Now, after a few years, the locals finally decided that al-Qa'ida and other foreign terrorists are bad people. But they were fine a few ago when they were just butchering the Shi'a. It is so difficult to be optimistic. What is worse, a foreigner who comes to Iraq to make it hell and mass murder Iraqis, or a native Iraqi who helps such a bastard?

The good news is that the Sunni fighters who otherwise might be attacking the Shi'a civilians of Baghdad and elsewhere are busy trying to kill these foreign terrorists or each other. That is a positive development. Best of all would be if the Sunni fighters and the masses decide to work together with the Shi'a and live in peace.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Plotter Allawi and other sectarians at work

I always read the news reports on Iraq from all sources possible. Sometime I even learn something but usually I don't, I just get all angry how ignorant the writers are about Iraq and its people and then I need a cigarette.

Today I read an article called "Iraqi politicians say government is failing" on CNN. This is an example of a bunch of crafty Iraqi politicians presenting an alternative reality for a dumb group of reporters who think they have a "scoop". Here is the link:

So who are the politicians who say the Iraqi government is failing?

Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish legislator, was quoted in the USA Today newspaper as describing al-Maliki as weak, but in an interview with CNN, he said, "It's not Maliki, it's the whole government."

Well, it just would not be an article on Iraq if it did not have a statement by Mahmoud Othman, who is always quoted in every article everywhere. Big shock that he is yelling about something here. He should get paid by the word from the media and his MP salary should go to better use.

That isn't the real story. Who else was complaining about the government (while still being part of it)?

Hasan al-Shimmari, a Shiite member of the United Iraqi Alliance's Fadhila party, said the government is weak because the political process and the government's structure are "based on partisan allocation of ministries."

The gangster crooks of Fadhila, who aim to be oil kings of the south Iraq, are hilarious. Maliki appointed an independent, respected Shi'ite figure, Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani, to the post of Oil Minister, and the Fadhila gangsters had an issue with not getting this ministry themselves. Now they talk about "partisan allocation"? Ironic.

Fadhila, before part of the United Iraqi Alliance, moved to join Allawi and form an alliance against the existing government so I am not terribly shocked that they are criticizing the current government. I am sure it isn't out of self-interest. Whores.

"The Maliki government should be strengthened by correcting the political process and allocating ministries democratically," he said.

Another legislator pointed to Baghdad's two-month-old security plan as evidence of the government's inefficiency.

The plan is "not working," according to Maysoon al-Damalouji, a secular Sunni lawmaker.

The third "lawmaker" quoted here would be from another MP whose faction has an interest in seeing the government fail… Damalouji is from Allawi's list of plotters who are also trying to bring down the Maliki government. Allawi doing what he does best... being a prostitute. And this secular Sunni guy should know that the security operation has decreased the amount of attacks against his Sunni brethren, even though the Sunnis are still blowing up Shi'a at will.

Make no mistake, this is not an attack on Maliki or the United Iraqi Alliance. It is an attack on Iraq. This is the democratically-elected government of Iraq, which represents Iraq.

Fadhila and Allawi and their gang of bandits want to replace the current government with what? A government whose leaders sell their souls and mothers for power?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Top Sunni representative a terrorist

Over the last week, more reports have been coming from Baghdad stating that parliamentary immunity for Tawafuq MP Adnan al-Dulaimi may be lifted so he can be prosecuted for a number of crimes. No surprise that this son of a bitch is suspected of crimes far beyond his most visible criminal act of wearing a stupid hat. The elected Sunni Arab leaders, and unelected ones like Harith al-Dhari, support terrorism against the majority of Iraqis, the Shi’a. These people have no principles at all, they have embraced Ba’thism as part of who they are and they now even embrace Saddam and cannot cope with the fact that Iraqi is now for Iraqis and not just their minority tribes of savages.

Dulaimi went to Turkey months ago to try to gain support from Sunnis there against the Shi’a majority. The bloodthirsty Sunni savages eagerly pledged their support and chanted against the Shi’a, calling them “Jews”! The bloodthirsty sons of Mu’awiya worldwide are trying to unite against the Shi’a.

This is not just Dulaimi we are talking about, right. He is the head of a list of 44 MPs, and he represents well over 1.5 million Iraqi voters. What does this say about the people who rallied behind this criminal? When will they realize that their glory days are over and decide to live in peace with the majority? One way or another, they will realize that their days are over.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sadriyah resistance

Yesterday over 100 people were killed in a terror suicide bombing in Sadriyah, Baghdad. This is the "resistance". Killing vegetable vendors is now a big part of resistance. And I thought it was only security forces who were big targets along with Shi'ite mosques. Now vegetable sellers should be added to the list, as this follows a very deadly attack on the same exact market in February.

What did the people in Sadriyah do? Well, for one, they were Shi'a. We have seen over the last four years that the same dark forces that persecuted the Shi'a under Saddam and prior to his rise to power are still interested in showing the Shi'a majority that they must live under a Sunni boot. And don't forget that Sadriyah has a high Faily Kurdish population, so even more reason to kill these people. The Shi'a refused to have their spirit extinguished by centuries of oppression and intense persecution by Saddam. The Kurds survived the Anfal. And their enemies keep trying to remind both groups that they are not done trying to do what they want.

This is the resistance, the pride of the Arabs and the Sunni ummah. Cairo, Damascus, say it with me. Amman, Gaza, let's hear you. Islamabad, let's go... Long live the resistance!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunni Arab factional war

The Sunni Arabs are killing each other... not necessarily the masses, but the various active factions. The alliance of convenience between Ba'thists and al-Qa'ida and everyone else has broken down. I guess one big development in this ongoing story was when the bodyguard of Deputy Prime Minister Salam Zuba'i blew himself up in an attempt to kill his boss around the same time Harith Khamis al-Dhari of the 1920 Brigades (another terrorist group) was killed by al-Qa'ida. Zuba'i's bodyguard, the late "martyr" and "resistance warrior", was named Wahab al-Dulaimi. Nice name, like Ani Irhab or Future Suicidebomber. Back to the point... in Anbar more and more you see people rallying against al-Qa'ida, the various terrorist movements ("resistance" if you are non-Iraqi Arab or foreign "anti-war") are splitting into different parts, some of them oppose al-Qa'ida. How much more bloodshed will it take until these factions decide to cooperate with other Iraqis, or the masses in their areas stop providing them with support, or both?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Everyone is talking Iraq. We hear what everyone thinks about it. Great. I am very happy to hear what all of the people have to say about Iraq:

* Wahhabi bedouin terrorists ruling Saudi Arabia
* Persian dictators who have done their best to ruin Shi'ite Islam
* Turks who can't forget their empire days
* Every Arab outside of Iraq
* Every Muslim outside of Iraq
* Jews in the US and Israel
* US Democrats who want Iraq to burn so they can laugh at Bush
* US Republicans who are thinking something or other
* Plenty of others but you get the point

Maybe each and every one of these bastards should remember that Iraq is a nation of millions, it is the place where civilization began and now it is the place where civilization is being ruined by so many sons of bitches of different religions, ethnicities, political affiliations, blah blah blah. Iraq is a beautiful country with so many resources and some of us out there, like myself, love the country and it isn't just another card to play in my deck of political strategy moves or a talking point for talk shoes. Now you get to hear what I say.

Welcome to my home website.

أهلا وسهلا