Thursday, June 7, 2007

Iraq football wins, and plotter Allawi wants power again

Well I think I will start with good news, the Iraqi football team beat the North Korea football team in an Olympic qualifier match yesterday, 1-0. I hope that next year we can watch Iraq in the Olympics, like in 2004 when Iraq was fourth place and played very good. It was a really exciting time and I am always happy to watch Iraq play. I said before how football is fun to play and watch, and it makes you feel like you are young without a lot of problems and worries.

And there are still problems and worries, with this bastard Allawi trying to get power. He loves power, he doesn’t care how he needs to get it, he will try in every way! He is not even in Iraq mostly, he spends most of his time in London but still thinks he can come lead all of Iraq as a Prime Minister. It is strange to me!

So Allawi formed his latest election list by taking his old list (but this time not including Iraq’s big thief Hazem Sha’lan) and combining it with other lists that did bad in the first elections (Ghazi al-Yawar’s list, Adnan al-Pachachi’s list, the Communists) to form a list that had a lot of money and probably American support and still did bad. So since then as the situation in Iraq gets worse, everyone talks about a coup with Allawi as leader. Now, again, Allawi is trying to form a coalition to take over the government and let’s see who is in this coalition.

So Allawi has been working with the Tawafuq group, a Sunni Arab group that has a racist and violent character. Allawi always wants to seem secular and non-sectarian. So he gets into an alliance with Tawafuq, who are very sectarian. Then the secular Allawi has now formed an alliance with the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU). Now this party, KIU, is not secular, as you can tell from its name. Actually it is part of the Muslim Brotherhood! So you see that Allawi really has no principles, he is just trying to get power and if it means he has to form an alliance with racists then fine. And if he has to bring in radical Sunni Islamists then fine with him as well. I think that Allawi will form an alliance with anyone just to get power back. It is just another part in the dirty history of this plotter. This bastard must not control Iraq!


shia power said...

The sunnis are evil and they sided with the GREAT SATAN (Americans).

The sunnis are the ones who made all the death squads against the shia. The shias did not ally themselves against the GREAT SATAN, and they are being punished for their refusal to be dictated by the GREAT SATAN (AMERICA).


Shaqawa said...

Hello Shia power,

You are strange to be quoting Khomeini and saying "shay6an bozorg". You do not need to tell me about all of the efforts to massacre the Shi'a by some Sunni groups, I already know.

Thank you for your visit.

Konfused Kid said...

Ha Ha ha. Habibi, all Hakim care about is the Shia, and he will do whatever he feels like for this, so why should I give a shit if he has cancer or not? Even he is not a terrorist (which is highly questionable), he wouldn't care two cents about me, even if I hate Saddam as much as I do and all my friends, who are all dead, are Shia, it's just because I am not Shia. You of course will never realize this. You must understand that the 'UIA' is just as sectarain as our 'Tawafuq', actually the Tawafuq is a reaction to the UIA, and to the Badr militas who started kidnapping a lot of people and killing them just because they fought Iran.
Don't just blame us, try to look outside your box, I am not saying Shias are to blame, I am saying that everyone is to blame.

Allawi is much better than those fucking turban-mullahs because he is secular, and the only way to rule a country with too much sects and beliefs is to embrace none of them so that everyone doesn't feel threatened.

Anonymous said...

"Law Enforcement or Security"--is your career..kewl you are a militia man!!?
Funny thing you all carry Iraqism as a slogan while you only do kill it.
BTW if Hakeem is having cancer and only got a medical (radio or chemotherapy) rather getting a surgery then he may die in a year interval science says so..unless he all faked it up .
Lets all gather hands and pray for him to join his brother and president Saddam in hell ,the new martyr way.

Doubting Thomas 65 said...

And you see what Shia Power is all about, this is what we think when we see a guy in a black turban, like Hakim, talking about 'democracy in Iraq'

It means twelve wolves and six sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

Shia Power said...

Ya ALi give us the power!
Ya Ali You are the granter of all dua!
Ya Ali you are the true healer in times of pain
Ya Ali help us with your might against the sunnis who killed Husayn!
Ya Ali Ya maddad you have the power over all things, and we believe in you and we trust in you


Anonymous said...

If all Iraqi's think like you and that Idiot in the First Post, then 'Alla Il Iraq Al Sallam'.

especially that Iranian from the first post, he dosen't give shit about Iraq. all he cares about is keeping the fight 'inside Iraq' so his ahmadinajad can foster his nuke bomb.

exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X said...

@ Iraqis

It's hard to swallow but Saddam, Hakim, Sadr-Qadhr, Allawi or Barazani, these are OUR politicians !

We didn't have only Saddam in goverment, but also in opposition. The big cat is dead but all her kids are alive and kicking.

That is our political class and the sooner we realize this the sooner we might change this.

BTW, I wouldn't give the right of vote and doing politics for anyone who was born prior to 75, especially those should be banned who were part of politics prior to 68 and partly responsible for Saddam's rise like Allawi. Iraq's youth is hostage to a gang of old sheikhs who failed 35 years in the face of Saddam, (their model man they were dreaming of 35 years).

That was the generation, the geel el-munharaf, that created the Iraq we know.

Shaqawa said...

Hello Konfused Kid,

Yes, you are right, everyone is to blame and there are bad people from all sides. This has always been the case from the seventh century to today in Iraq and that is why Iraq has such a bloody history from before this country of Iraq was created.

I think Allawi is a bastard and has no principles. He says he is secular but then explain how he can make alliance with the Kurdish Muslim Brotherhood (KIU) and also the Islamic Party? And before he was trying to make alliance with Fadhila? Allawi is definitely not religious but he will alliance with anybody to get power, it does not matter who they are and what is the cost. That makes me suspicious of him and his intention is very easy to see.

Hello Anonymous,

It seems to me that you are a sick man who forgets what Saddam was like. You hate good people but you know what, Hakim and before him his brother are experience with fighting hate.

Hello Doubting Thomas 65,

I think that Shia Power is just pretending and trying to make the Shi’a look bad. Shia Power is a Sunni who is doing this for his sick reasons, it is obvious. It looks like this jackass was able to trick you and also another Anonymous.

Hello exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X,

I think too many people forget what Saddam did because you cannot compare every bad man to Saddam. You mention some people who fought Saddam and paid very much for it, and their families. By the way if you think the old generation is bad, how can we expect better from this one who may grow up after being a little child and seeing dead bodies in street and heads chopped off and so much death, explosions, bullets, violence everywhere? That is not how a child should grow up. The future is scary for Iraq.

Thank you to everyone for your visit.

exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X said...

I think too many people forget what Saddam did because you cannot compare every bad man to Saddam.

No, but Saddam was THE MAN IN IRAQ. He was the prototype of every Iraqi man. This man was offspring of Iraq's poltics and attitudes towards their self-image.

Otherwise, how could this louzy man in the hole rule Iraq for 35 years ? There was no magic, just psychology he understood very well.

And second, if you give to Iraq's politicians the power Saddam had, most would behave like Saddam. Look on Allawi, he's still proud for kidnapping his teacher in university in the sixties or Al-Sadr. He could be Saddam third son. Or Talabni who was responsible for the killings of Communists in Northern Kurdistan etc.

And, okay, al-Hakim paid much, very much, but that doesn't liberate him from obligations to Human rights or Democracy if he enters the political scene. And I talked to some Iraqis about the two brothers: The elder one was respected even if we didn't approve on all of his views but he was much more rational than his brother. His brother has only the place he has by his name. That's all!

I think the old generation is bad because their actions and thoughts led to the "scary Iraq" you call it. Once Iraq was quite peacefully, if two had a quarrelt they took their knives, but it was only them. If Iran wants to strike on Saudi-Arabia, it sends Sadr to kill Iraq's Sunnis and if an Islamic country wants to take revenge on Danmark for caricutures, it sends its Islamists to Iraq to kill Iraqi Christians. That is not only due to the countries who pays them but also due to the 'old generation' who left the opportunity of arriving in a modern state.

Go on and look at old Arabic movies with beautiful women and cars and a world we want know ! And for the sake of turath, of Arab Nationalism or Islam / Islamism, old men in order to maintain their position lectured about how wrong it was and how good they were. And look now on Iraq, a country of misery & mass graves. That's what they brought. Old perveits who lured the youth. (like Aflaq, Qutb, Husri, Qaradhawi etc.)

I have much more hope in young people like most bloggers than in Iraq's current politicians for the only reason that we are tired of this life but our politicians seems never to be tired to kill Iraqis.

Shia Power said...

I call on ALI to give me wealth and a prosperous house!


Shaqawa said...

Hello Shia Power,

I call on YOU to stop acting like a son of a bitch!


Shaqawa said...

Hello exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X,

First I will tell you that I am sorry to see a jackass such as Shia Power making trouble here. He is a Sunni who wants trouble and to curse the Shia and also more importantly he is a son of a bitch. I still will post his comments because then everyone can see what a jackass this jackass is. I will keep posting all comments and I have never rejected one single comment because I am a shaqawa and not scared, and also I am democratic.

You are correct about psychology and the bastard of Tikrit Saddam. Allawi is a plotter and liar and power hungry bastard. Some people say he is secular so that is fine, I do not agree. Moqtada cannot be compared to other Iraqi politicians because he is a young kid and idiot and I think it is a different story. I do not know about Talabani and communists, can you please tell me this history?

Also I agree and everyone knows that the elder Hakim brother was more accomplished, also a better speaker. But even if Sayyid Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim is not as good as his martyred older brother, you need to say why he is bad.

You are right that Iran and Saudi Arabia fight a war against each other in Iraq, bastards. Also in Lebanon.

I do not have as much hope I think as you do. How does a little kid who should be playing with toys and laughing and instead sees dead bodies in the streets and hears his family getting blown up and shot grow up?

Thank you again for your visit.

Shia Power said...

I call on ALI to grant me lots of money,
I call on ALI to give me stronger body and muscles,
I call on ALI to make me 20 pounds lighter


P.S I am a Shia excersizing my right to call on Ali to give me things I really need. What is wrong with my Dua'? It is my right to freedom of speech!

Shaqawa said...

Hello Shia Power,

I call on you to admit you are a Sunni and also a prostitute and bastard, ameen.

It is your right to freedom of jackassness.

Anna said...

Without muslims Iraq would have smart people in it, that are not ignorant and totaly stupid (uhum hello mohammed fucked a child hello!!), and Iraq would be rich, beautifull and maybe even european. Stupid muslims, you even fight with you're own stupid people what the fuck all muslims are the same shia or not. Iraqi's over the world will never forgive you this, because without you all I could be living in my own country with love and peace. You're punishment is in hell. And how low can you sink when you start to hurt christians fucking bastards! I love Iraq, just hate the muslims that are in it.