Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Eid

Hello everyone. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Eid with their families and friends.

I remember on the first Eid after Saddam one of my friends called me. He is not religious person and he eats during Ramadan but still he called and he said to me, "This is our first big holiday without Saddam in my life. You can think about it." I still remember it. It was a big thing but now I just wait to see when will be the first holiday for a free and peaceful Iraq. I hope it comes soon.

So for all of Iraqis and everyone else in the world have a happy Eid and if you are not Muslim then you can still have fun and celebration with your Muslim friends.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tawafuq MP in al-Qa'ida, and I am taking a rest

Hello to everyone. You know I have not been writing so much. I am having too many things to worry about with my life and I cannot make some time to be writing so please know that I will not be posting anything more until almost the end of Ramadan.

I am liking that people are coming to my home site to read and write comments and I always read them. One visitor Iraqi Mojo posted that a Tawafuq MP was arrested for being with al-Qa'ida and his article did not have the name, but I will say that the name is given in other Arabic articles and is Naif Mohammed Jasim. No, I am not surprised.

I will come back to writing when Eid is almost here. I wish everyone a good rest of the Ramadan month with their families and friends.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Allawi plan collapses on him

I always knew Allawi was a schemer and snake and now everyone knows after he tried to take power with the help of the USA and Arabs outside of Iraq. Many Iraqis do not like Allawi (we see the elections results) and when Allawi tried to form new coalition to replace the government with many terroristic parties, his own party list lost numbers! Now people from his list have quit and he has not been able to take power. Instead of getting all power for himself, he lost some of the little power he had before. I knew Allawi was a plotter but now everyone knows and this is why he will lose more and more support.

Allawi also said that Maliki makes his government like Saddam and the Ba'thist. This is stupid. I think Allawi thinks that all Iraqis have forgotten what Saddam did. Allawi thinks Iraqis are stupid but no. Allawi knows how bad Ba'thist were because he was a Ba'thist agent, we also cannot forget that.

I think that Allawi made a big gamble. For over one year people said that maybe Allawi would try to take power. But when he did it very openly we all saw him do this and now he is hopefully weakened as a political person, or finished finally.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan, Abu Risha killed

Al-Qa’ida has told everyone that they can still kill people when they want. Abu Risha who was the leader of the anti-Qa’ida force in Anbar was killed today. This is not good for people in Anbar. It is true that every place in Iraq there are innocent people who want to live with peace and work and see their families. And these people want an end to trouble and killing which is from al-Qa’ida.

I did not know a lot about Abu Risha. I like if he is fighting al-Qa’ida and I also heard that it is safer to drive through Anbar after his group got more success in fighting them. I am not ready to trust a tribal leader from Anbar and I hear he did criticize Iran, which is a good thing but many times when Sunnis say Iran they are talking about all the Shi’a, including the Iraqis. So I did not have a full opinion about Abu Risha but I know that his killing is bad because he was driving away al-Qa’ida.

So this killing shows that al-Qa’ida can still kill people when they want and that this bastards do not care with Islam because they will kill on Ramadan month. Ramadan month is supposed to be for praying and thinking and seeing your family and friends at night and also being happy with them. Al-Qa’ida will want to show people that Islam is for killing but they are trying to ruin Islam, that is the fact. I hope all Iraqis and people will have a good Ramadan month and also to my website visitors. And soon I hope Iraq will have a good Ramadan month without worrying about the violence from al-Qa’ida or other criminals.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is Allawi doing

Who is Allawi? He is a snake and scheming bastard who always wants power. Nothing else can be said, because he will change everything else to get power. He does not have principles.

He first leave the government and then tells everyone in the world that the government is falling apart and he should be in control. Well, so he caused part of the problem by having his group leave the government and now says he can fix the problem. Maybe he should not have made the problem in the beginning, what do you think?

Allawi is a loser and in both elections the Iraqi people said, “We don’t want you.” Does he think that now people want him? Before the elections he had so much American money and campaign posters but still no one wants this bastard to run the country.

Now he wrote an article that I see on the internet called “A Plan for Iraq”.

He will say that the fault is of the Iraqi government, and the Prime Minister Maliki. But Allawi is refusing to work with the government, so that makes it part his fault I think! Allawi was elected to the government but will not do work. He says that the fault is not the USA, but every person in Iraq and the entire world knows that the USA made many mistakes and has done so much wrong in Iraq. But Allawi will not say this because HE WANTS THE USA TO GIVE HIM POWER. Also he says that Iran and Syria make problems in Iraq, which is true. Now Allawi also is paying some groups in the USA to help him get power. But he will not talk about Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries (only Syria which works with Iran) because he wants all of the Arabs to help him against Maliki. So Allawi WANTS THE USA AND FOREIGN ARABS TO GIVE HIM POWER. It does not matter to him what Iraqis want.

Allawi should stop saying he will work against sectarianism because already I said many times that he works with the most sectarianist groups in Iraq. Allawi will work with anyone, JUST TO GET POWER.

Allawi said he will go back to Iraq to save “his country” but I have to ask everyone why did he leave Iraq? Allawi is an MP so if he wants to work for his country he should do his job. But he does not care about it, he goes to London and Amman. He only wants to come back to have the top job. He wants power, thats all. Any way he can get it he will. Now instead of doing his job in Baghdad he goes around the world to get people to help him steal Iraq.

No to Allawi!

Monday, August 27, 2007

A history of Jordan

After my last post I have decided to write a short history of Jordan and how it is with Iraq. It is my scholarship work and balance and without bias.

A family from Arabia was put in power in different places because they were lovers of the British, who occupied a lot of the Middle East. In Iraq it lasted for decades but in Jordan it lasted until today. So Jordan is ruled by the Hashemite King, who is son of a British woman. The first Hashemite king is the first time that Jordan worked with outside powers who were criminals (British imperialists), but not the last time.

Most people in Jordan are Palestinians but some are Jordanians. The king is Jordanian but actually from Arabia and half British… I think he is returning to his British origin. His family had power from British and so it is natural.

When I was a younger kid Jordan was the best friend of the bastard Saddam. Actually all of the stinking Arabs supported Saddam so he could make war with Iran. So when Saddam was being “Arab hero” and fighting the Persians and at the same time many Iraqis, all the Arabs loved him. And Iraqis died fighting Iran, and were killed by Saddam, and Iran would bomb Iraq in all different areas, neighborhoods, killing families. But later Saddam then attacked Kuwait and most Arab governments stopped supporting him, but Jordan still did. Because Saddam who stole from Iraqis still gave free oil to the Jordanians and Palestinians next to Iraq in Jordan. Jordan’s king and people all loved Saddam, even when other people did not.

But remember when I said before that the prostitution of the Jordanian Hashemites is their business and way of live. After the US and others kicked Saddam out of Kuwait, for a while the Jordanians were close to Saddam. A big war and US attacks and then sanctions made life bad for Iraqis. But still Jordan would get benefit from Saddam, even if Iraqis did not.

Later the men married to Saddam whore daughters went to Jordan to run from Saddam and Jordan protect them and their whore wives. This is when Jordan changed partners again (like a prostitute) to have these men (Hussein Kamal and Saddam Kamal) give information to the CIA.

So then Jordan was a lover of CIA, signed peace agreement with the Jews and became the site for the new group of a former Ba’thi who promoted his contact with army and Ba’thi officials to gain money from supporters, and this fat bastards name is Allawi, I think you have heard of him. In just a short time Jordan went from Saddam’s dog to then lover of CIA, USA, Jews, and Allawi (who was supported much by the CIA).

Still the Jordanian people loved Saddam so much that when everyone knew war was coming in 2003 (actually some people in Baghdad had family in the USA and other places and they said to the ones in Baghdad get out now just go!) and Jordan government had to tell its people “You are Jordanian” and that is when they started with signs that are still in Jordan which are saying “Jordan First”. I think because most of the people in Jordan are Palestinian and when war came against Saddam who especially is worshipped by Palestinians the Jordanian king wanted the trash, I mean people of Jordan, to think “Jordan First” instead of Saddam First. But they still love Saddam, even today when the bastard is buried in his village of whores.

One famous man from Jordan went to Iraq named Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi. Everyone in the world knew about him and mostly he was killing Shi’a, which was his big job. After he attacked some hotels in Jordan then the Jordan intelligence made a special group to find him and they did help the USA find and kill him. But remember before he made the attacks in Jordan the Jordanians did not care, he was only killing Iraqis (or maybe since he killed Shi’a these Jordanian bastards say “Iranians”)! When Zarqawi was killed and send to hell many Arabs were sad and some Jordan government people went to visit his family.

The other famous person from Jordan was a named Raed Banna who blew himself up and killed many Iraqis, of course Shi’a, in 2005. These are two famous Jordanians who came to Iraq. Banna family said their bastard son was a martyr and had events to celebrate his mass murder attack. After Banna mass murder attack is when Iraqis protested the Jordan embassy (whorehouse) in Baghdad and burned the ugly Jordan flag.

So now Jordan gets money from the USA and remember was built from money and free things from Iraq. But now when Iraqis need help Jordan will treat Iraqis like criminals. Shi’a usually were not let into Jordan even before many Iraqis were there, and Jordanians will curse the Shi’a. Saddam daughter is in Jordan as a special guest even though she is helping terrorists in Iraq, but then Jordan will help to train some small number of police so the USA will think Jordan helps Iraq, what a damn joke! Also, all businesses and other groups (aid groups or “thief groups” calling themselves aid groups) doing Iraq work now are in Jordan and Jordan makes lots of money from them. So you see always Jordan will make money from Iraq, especially in bad times. But they cannot treat Iraqis well. This Jordan is always taking from Iraq, its dirty king and its ignorant Saddam lover people.

That is a short history of Jordan and how it is with Iraq.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

About Jordan

Everyone is writing about Jordan. I think I have said before how I feel so you will not be surprised. These Jordanian bastards have had their country built by Iraqi money and oil. The Jordanian kings are changing lovers like prostitutes and were Saddam lovers and now American lovers and Jewish lovers but one thing has not changed, they hate the Iraqi people. So it is no surprise to see such bastards treating Iraqi people badly. I was very happy when the Iraqi people in Baghdad took over the Jordanian embassy years before and destroyed the Jordan flag and pictures of their whore king. Some day I hope Jordan will have trouble from always using Iraq and abusing Iraqis. Prostitution is not a good job, they have no honor and will find trouble sometime.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iran, Shi’a and Kurds

I am not sure what I will write. Maybe that it is hot or that I am not smoking much anymore. Politics is the same except now in the south of Iraq you see politicians are being killed, probably by the Sadr people with help from Iran. The people being killed have been from SIIC, and SIIC also is close with Iran. This shows one thing, that Iran really does not care about any Iraqi lives, Shi’ite, Sunni, anything, it does not matter. Iraq is a game to Iran and every other neighbor (the stinking Arabs and also Turks). Iran cares about Iranian regime, that is all! They do not care how many Iraqis will die.

One visitor named doubting thomas 65 said when will Shi’a and Kurds kill each other? I will write about this. So before the biggest Shi’ite religious leader was Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim. When he was the leader of the Shi’a he said that the Shi’a should not kill Kurdish people (and most Kurds are Sunnis). This was after Sunni leaders said that Kurds should be killed. After the statement of Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim, a group of Kurds from north of Iraq went to visit him in the holy city of Karbala to show support, and many Iraqis did not fight the Kurds because of the proclamation of Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim. So the wise religious leaders did not want to kill Kurds and the Kurds also were supporting of the religious leaders. Now years ago you see how the son of Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim and Kurdish leaders work together to fight Saddam and are now in government together after Saddam.

Recent past though other Shi’a fought Kurds because Moqtada put men in some mixed areas like Kirkuk to fight Kurds. It is no surprise that Moqtada is making problems because he did this since 2003 until now. He never decides if he is in government or against the government, or together with Sunnis or wants to kill Sunnis (like his men did many times).

Some Kurds live in Baghdad and some of them are Shi'ite. But everyone wants to leave Baghdad, of course. I think the Kurds want to make an independent country. Anyway, their land is like an independent country now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Iraqi time machine

Everyone likes to think about some things that are not possible, like what if I can fly or run across the entire city in one second or be invisible. Also having a time machine would be good. But now in Iraq there is an Iraqi time machine, or maybe two of them. One takes an Iraqi back in time when there is no government and just people killing each other and also no electricity. The other one is in the protected offices where the politicians just made a new alliance of four groups – Dawa, SIIC, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of Talabani, and Kurdistan Democratic Party of Barzani. So it is like back in time after the first elections when many Sunni Arabs did not vote and these groups were most powerful. It is a two year time machine.

Is it good? Maybe it is. Now you have only four groups and maybe they will fight less than ten groups or however many. And some groups like Sadr group who never can decide what they are going (killing Sunnis or being united with them, hating the government or being ministers) are gone. Some terrorist supporting groups are gone also.

Is it bad? Maybe it is. Iraq will need to somehow be united and now the Sunni Arabs, who are a big minority, are not in the alliance. But if the major Sunni Arab politicians want to support terrorists then they shouldn’t be. But if the Sunni Arab people think the government does not represent them, then maybe they will support terrorists more.

Is it not good or bad? Maybe it is. This government and other Iraqi governments after Saddam have not made Iraq secure and the US forces have not made Iraq secure. If the government cannot bring security and electricity, then maybe it doesn’t matter who has the minister posts or seats in the protected parliament building. Sometimes they say that the Sunni Arab politicians if they are in the government then terrorism will decrease, but I don’t know if they even can control the terrorist groups who are killing so many people. Maybe it does not make a difference.

I think we will see.

Monday, August 13, 2007

And now Dulaimi...

So many bad people have left the Iraqi government and that is actually not totally good news but not completely bad news. Back months before Fadhila got out and that is fine because they are thieves and criminals. The Sadrists went out and came back and I think everyone knows that these Sadrist are always changing and saying one thing then another, moving out and then into the government. These same people call for unity with the Sunnis after having their men kill innocent Sunnis so nothing can surprise you from this group which is unorganized and no good. The Accord Front left and this is because the terrorist ministers want no more measures against Ba'ath Party and other demands. Also Allawi's group left but this is because Allawi is trying to get power for himself as usual and that is no news. So you know I hate the Accord Front and also Allawi (this is not a secret). The Iraqi government needs to represent all Iraqis but also it cannot involve terrorists. People have to decide if they will be lawmakers who will make and follow and keep laws or terrorists and criminals who will be punished by the people who respect the laws.

Before I talked about Adnan al-Dulaimi being a terrorist and now he has made a letter that shows how he feels about the Shi'a who are the majority in Iraq. We know that all neighbors are trying to make Iraq worse and Dulaimi in his letter says only Iran is (Iran is and many others are) and asks for the stinking Arab neighbors to come in to help Sunnis, which can only mean to fight the Shi'a. Like Saddam did before he says that the Arabs must fight Iran, but you should know that he also means Shi'a of Iraq. He says that Iran is making war against all Arabs starting in Baghdad. So he leaves the Iraqi goverment and now asks for these foreign Arabs to come into Iraq to fight the Shi'a. Is this a government official or a dirty terrorist who is fighting against most Iraqis? Do I need to call him a bastard one more time or do you already know what he is?