Friday, September 28, 2007

Allawi plan collapses on him

I always knew Allawi was a schemer and snake and now everyone knows after he tried to take power with the help of the USA and Arabs outside of Iraq. Many Iraqis do not like Allawi (we see the elections results) and when Allawi tried to form new coalition to replace the government with many terroristic parties, his own party list lost numbers! Now people from his list have quit and he has not been able to take power. Instead of getting all power for himself, he lost some of the little power he had before. I knew Allawi was a plotter but now everyone knows and this is why he will lose more and more support.

Allawi also said that Maliki makes his government like Saddam and the Ba'thist. This is stupid. I think Allawi thinks that all Iraqis have forgotten what Saddam did. Allawi thinks Iraqis are stupid but no. Allawi knows how bad Ba'thist were because he was a Ba'thist agent, we also cannot forget that.

I think that Allawi made a big gamble. For over one year people said that maybe Allawi would try to take power. But when he did it very openly we all saw him do this and now he is hopefully weakened as a political person, or finished finally.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan, Abu Risha killed

Al-Qa’ida has told everyone that they can still kill people when they want. Abu Risha who was the leader of the anti-Qa’ida force in Anbar was killed today. This is not good for people in Anbar. It is true that every place in Iraq there are innocent people who want to live with peace and work and see their families. And these people want an end to trouble and killing which is from al-Qa’ida.

I did not know a lot about Abu Risha. I like if he is fighting al-Qa’ida and I also heard that it is safer to drive through Anbar after his group got more success in fighting them. I am not ready to trust a tribal leader from Anbar and I hear he did criticize Iran, which is a good thing but many times when Sunnis say Iran they are talking about all the Shi’a, including the Iraqis. So I did not have a full opinion about Abu Risha but I know that his killing is bad because he was driving away al-Qa’ida.

So this killing shows that al-Qa’ida can still kill people when they want and that this bastards do not care with Islam because they will kill on Ramadan month. Ramadan month is supposed to be for praying and thinking and seeing your family and friends at night and also being happy with them. Al-Qa’ida will want to show people that Islam is for killing but they are trying to ruin Islam, that is the fact. I hope all Iraqis and people will have a good Ramadan month and also to my website visitors. And soon I hope Iraq will have a good Ramadan month without worrying about the violence from al-Qa’ida or other criminals.