Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Plotter Allawi and other sectarians at work

I always read the news reports on Iraq from all sources possible. Sometime I even learn something but usually I don't, I just get all angry how ignorant the writers are about Iraq and its people and then I need a cigarette.

Today I read an article called "Iraqi politicians say government is failing" on CNN. This is an example of a bunch of crafty Iraqi politicians presenting an alternative reality for a dumb group of reporters who think they have a "scoop". Here is the link:

So who are the politicians who say the Iraqi government is failing?

Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish legislator, was quoted in the USA Today newspaper as describing al-Maliki as weak, but in an interview with CNN, he said, "It's not Maliki, it's the whole government."

Well, it just would not be an article on Iraq if it did not have a statement by Mahmoud Othman, who is always quoted in every article everywhere. Big shock that he is yelling about something here. He should get paid by the word from the media and his MP salary should go to better use.

That isn't the real story. Who else was complaining about the government (while still being part of it)?

Hasan al-Shimmari, a Shiite member of the United Iraqi Alliance's Fadhila party, said the government is weak because the political process and the government's structure are "based on partisan allocation of ministries."

The gangster crooks of Fadhila, who aim to be oil kings of the south Iraq, are hilarious. Maliki appointed an independent, respected Shi'ite figure, Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani, to the post of Oil Minister, and the Fadhila gangsters had an issue with not getting this ministry themselves. Now they talk about "partisan allocation"? Ironic.

Fadhila, before part of the United Iraqi Alliance, moved to join Allawi and form an alliance against the existing government so I am not terribly shocked that they are criticizing the current government. I am sure it isn't out of self-interest. Whores.

"The Maliki government should be strengthened by correcting the political process and allocating ministries democratically," he said.

Another legislator pointed to Baghdad's two-month-old security plan as evidence of the government's inefficiency.

The plan is "not working," according to Maysoon al-Damalouji, a secular Sunni lawmaker.

The third "lawmaker" quoted here would be from another MP whose faction has an interest in seeing the government fail… Damalouji is from Allawi's list of plotters who are also trying to bring down the Maliki government. Allawi doing what he does best... being a prostitute. And this secular Sunni guy should know that the security operation has decreased the amount of attacks against his Sunni brethren, even though the Sunnis are still blowing up Shi'a at will.

Make no mistake, this is not an attack on Maliki or the United Iraqi Alliance. It is an attack on Iraq. This is the democratically-elected government of Iraq, which represents Iraq.

Fadhila and Allawi and their gang of bandits want to replace the current government with what? A government whose leaders sell their souls and mothers for power?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Top Sunni representative a terrorist

Over the last week, more reports have been coming from Baghdad stating that parliamentary immunity for Tawafuq MP Adnan al-Dulaimi may be lifted so he can be prosecuted for a number of crimes. No surprise that this son of a bitch is suspected of crimes far beyond his most visible criminal act of wearing a stupid hat. The elected Sunni Arab leaders, and unelected ones like Harith al-Dhari, support terrorism against the majority of Iraqis, the Shi’a. These people have no principles at all, they have embraced Ba’thism as part of who they are and they now even embrace Saddam and cannot cope with the fact that Iraqi is now for Iraqis and not just their minority tribes of savages.

Dulaimi went to Turkey months ago to try to gain support from Sunnis there against the Shi’a majority. The bloodthirsty Sunni savages eagerly pledged their support and chanted against the Shi’a, calling them “Jews”! The bloodthirsty sons of Mu’awiya worldwide are trying to unite against the Shi’a.

This is not just Dulaimi we are talking about, right. He is the head of a list of 44 MPs, and he represents well over 1.5 million Iraqi voters. What does this say about the people who rallied behind this criminal? When will they realize that their glory days are over and decide to live in peace with the majority? One way or another, they will realize that their days are over.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sadriyah resistance

Yesterday over 100 people were killed in a terror suicide bombing in Sadriyah, Baghdad. This is the "resistance". Killing vegetable vendors is now a big part of resistance. And I thought it was only security forces who were big targets along with Shi'ite mosques. Now vegetable sellers should be added to the list, as this follows a very deadly attack on the same exact market in February.

What did the people in Sadriyah do? Well, for one, they were Shi'a. We have seen over the last four years that the same dark forces that persecuted the Shi'a under Saddam and prior to his rise to power are still interested in showing the Shi'a majority that they must live under a Sunni boot. And don't forget that Sadriyah has a high Faily Kurdish population, so even more reason to kill these people. The Shi'a refused to have their spirit extinguished by centuries of oppression and intense persecution by Saddam. The Kurds survived the Anfal. And their enemies keep trying to remind both groups that they are not done trying to do what they want.

This is the resistance, the pride of the Arabs and the Sunni ummah. Cairo, Damascus, say it with me. Amman, Gaza, let's hear you. Islamabad, let's go... Long live the resistance!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunni Arab factional war

The Sunni Arabs are killing each other... not necessarily the masses, but the various active factions. The alliance of convenience between Ba'thists and al-Qa'ida and everyone else has broken down. I guess one big development in this ongoing story was when the bodyguard of Deputy Prime Minister Salam Zuba'i blew himself up in an attempt to kill his boss around the same time Harith Khamis al-Dhari of the 1920 Brigades (another terrorist group) was killed by al-Qa'ida. Zuba'i's bodyguard, the late "martyr" and "resistance warrior", was named Wahab al-Dulaimi. Nice name, like Ani Irhab or Future Suicidebomber. Back to the point... in Anbar more and more you see people rallying against al-Qa'ida, the various terrorist movements ("resistance" if you are non-Iraqi Arab or foreign "anti-war") are splitting into different parts, some of them oppose al-Qa'ida. How much more bloodshed will it take until these factions decide to cooperate with other Iraqis, or the masses in their areas stop providing them with support, or both?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Everyone is talking Iraq. We hear what everyone thinks about it. Great. I am very happy to hear what all of the people have to say about Iraq:

* Wahhabi bedouin terrorists ruling Saudi Arabia
* Persian dictators who have done their best to ruin Shi'ite Islam
* Turks who can't forget their empire days
* Every Arab outside of Iraq
* Every Muslim outside of Iraq
* Jews in the US and Israel
* US Democrats who want Iraq to burn so they can laugh at Bush
* US Republicans who are thinking something or other
* Plenty of others but you get the point

Maybe each and every one of these bastards should remember that Iraq is a nation of millions, it is the place where civilization began and now it is the place where civilization is being ruined by so many sons of bitches of different religions, ethnicities, political affiliations, blah blah blah. Iraq is a beautiful country with so many resources and some of us out there, like myself, love the country and it isn't just another card to play in my deck of political strategy moves or a talking point for talk shoes. Now you get to hear what I say.

Welcome to my home website.

أهلا وسهلا