Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunni Arab factional war

The Sunni Arabs are killing each other... not necessarily the masses, but the various active factions. The alliance of convenience between Ba'thists and al-Qa'ida and everyone else has broken down. I guess one big development in this ongoing story was when the bodyguard of Deputy Prime Minister Salam Zuba'i blew himself up in an attempt to kill his boss around the same time Harith Khamis al-Dhari of the 1920 Brigades (another terrorist group) was killed by al-Qa'ida. Zuba'i's bodyguard, the late "martyr" and "resistance warrior", was named Wahab al-Dulaimi. Nice name, like Ani Irhab or Future Suicidebomber. Back to the point... in Anbar more and more you see people rallying against al-Qa'ida, the various terrorist movements ("resistance" if you are non-Iraqi Arab or foreign "anti-war") are splitting into different parts, some of them oppose al-Qa'ida. How much more bloodshed will it take until these factions decide to cooperate with other Iraqis, or the masses in their areas stop providing them with support, or both?

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