Sunday, April 15, 2007


Everyone is talking Iraq. We hear what everyone thinks about it. Great. I am very happy to hear what all of the people have to say about Iraq:

* Wahhabi bedouin terrorists ruling Saudi Arabia
* Persian dictators who have done their best to ruin Shi'ite Islam
* Turks who can't forget their empire days
* Every Arab outside of Iraq
* Every Muslim outside of Iraq
* Jews in the US and Israel
* US Democrats who want Iraq to burn so they can laugh at Bush
* US Republicans who are thinking something or other
* Plenty of others but you get the point

Maybe each and every one of these bastards should remember that Iraq is a nation of millions, it is the place where civilization began and now it is the place where civilization is being ruined by so many sons of bitches of different religions, ethnicities, political affiliations, blah blah blah. Iraq is a beautiful country with so many resources and some of us out there, like myself, love the country and it isn't just another card to play in my deck of political strategy moves or a talking point for talk shoes. Now you get to hear what I say.

Welcome to my home website.

أهلا وسهلا



cile said...

welcome inda blogiverse!

i think i like the title of your blog! in italian it probably would be 'coattone'. in dutch i haven't found a word for it yet, and in english i really wouldn't know. will you write about why you chose this name?

other question too: you're in baghdad izzit?

hope to read more of you.

Anonymous said...

"a friendly neighborhood gentleman in his dealings with his neighbors and a person who strives to punish anyone who dares to disturb his neighbors' peace"