Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moqtada’s stupid march

So Moqtada al-Sadr is back from Iran and is now saying he organizing a march to Samarra on the birthday of Fatima az-Zahra, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad and wife of Imam Ali. This is a stupid idea.

Samarra is of course where the Askariya shrine is, resting place of Imam Ali al-Hadi and Imam Hassan al-Askari. Even though it has a holy site for the Shi’a most people in Samarra and near the city are Sunnis. There was before another march and this reminds me of summer in 2004 when all of Iraq was looking at Najaf because Moqtada and his Mahdi Army went to Najaf and fought the Americans and decided make the shrine of Imam Ali as their military base. Sayyid Sistani came back and called for march to Najaf and no attack on the holy site of Imam Ali. I think Moqtada should remember that Sayyid Sistani called for a march to prevent the mistakes of Moqtada from bringing more destruction to the holy city and holy shrine. Actually I do remember that entire week and I was watching television and being confused and scared as the holy city was a battle site and I was also scared that the shrine would be attacked. Because of a strong and brave man Sayyid Sistani it did not happen, because he left his hospital room to save the shrine and help the people. Also you maybe remember that Sayyid Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim also supported the march, which was the call of Sayyid Sistani.

Now Moqtada is calling for a different march, which will have people go to Samarra. Samarra and also the places near it north from Baghdad. Even though Moqtada says all people should go, I think we know that mostly Shi’a will go. So many innocent Shi’a who do care about the holy shrine of the two Imams in Samarra will be in very dangerous places walking, and open to attacks. Also, it is said that the march will be protected by Moqtada men. Of course, no one wants the Mahdi Army men of Moqtada to come to their area and the Sunni people north from Baghdad will not want them and they will know that last time after the Samarra attack in last year (February) these men killed many innocent Sunnis. The Sunnis are going to be angry about this march. Samarra is dangerous and even visitors from Iran who come to Iraq to visit shrines in Najaf and Karbala are ordered not to make visits to Samarra. I know that before one bus with Iranians came to visit Samarra and they disappeared.

So we have differences – Sayyid Sistani’s march to save people and holy sites and try to end mistakes of Moqtada, and now Moqtada’s march which is a bad idea. I do want peace for all Iraqis and also the holy shrines need to be protected. Marching innocent people into dangerous areas is not help. Instead special protection force of honest good people, I hope they can find some, who want to protect the holy sites of the Imams should be trained and helped a lot to do this. I hope that the terrorists will be stopped and then everyone can visit all of the sites if they are Shi’ite or Sunni or visitor from Iran or anywhere, but now this is not how it is.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vote: Comment moderation?

Still I have been tired and I do not know the reason. I am not smoking much anymore, which is to make me feel better. I am very good with sleeping in heat and with noise but over the last few days I am not sleeping good and also dreaming strange, I do not know what is happening.

So my news is that it seems that some want me to stop comment moderation. At first I wanted to keep it just because it is annoying to people but maybe now I will be a democrat and remove it. So leave your comment here and give your vote and I will count the votes and tell you who is winner. I do not think there will be a Sunni boycott of this vote but I do not know.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Al-Mansour Hotel bombed

Today the Al-Mansour Hotel was bombed. It is a big hotel near Tigris River and is a “five star” hotel, at least it says on the sign on top. Many people were killed. Al-Mansour Hotel is one of the biggest and famous hotels in Baghdad, and many foreign people stay there. They have a pool and other nice things.

I am sick of bombings and terrorism and deaths. Also it seems that these bastards want to hurt everyone and everything. All of the places that people know in Baghdad that make you think of Baghdad as a nice big city are attacked. You cannot move around the city. The Sarafiyah Bridge was destroyed. The Buratha mosque is bombed and attacked all the time. Actually this mosque, which is a very important holy site, has been bombed with big bombs a few times but is attacked all the time, shot at, very often. The terrorists want to kill people and also ruin the different things in Iraq also, the things that make you happy, show you the great history or just any good thing in Baghdad or in Iraq. They will only be happy if all people are their slaves like Saddam's time or if the entire city and country is ruined, with death and destruction all over.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Keeping my award

I have been very tired but still I think I should tell everyone here that I am keeping my award of “Most Sectarian Blog Ever” and I will explain why. I think most people who visit my blog site know that I am a best and also I will never give anything back after I have won it.

Iraq Blog Count is saying that this Layla Anwar may get my award. I did look at Layla blog and it is hateful and supports Saddam and sounds exactly like any Saddam lover would. Very disgusting, racist. Like many followers and lovers of Saddam she thinks that she is better than most everyone, including the majority of Iraqis who suffered from Saddam and hated him. Saddam was a son from a poor village who did not really know his father. This bastard killed so many people and a lot of the time it was because they were not as Arab or real Iraqi like him, this is what he said. So the Shi’a were Iranians and this is why they were murdered and the Shi’a holy men were abused (just like the Imams buried in Samarra and other Imams were abused by hateful people during their lives and still cannot rest in peace) and the holy sites were attacked. Also the Kurds were not Arabs so they were killed with poison gas and other ways. It is sad because the talk from Saddam is loved by many people, some people like Layla and many other Arabs and Sunnis in the entire world.

I am called sectarian because people like to say this. I already wrote about sectarianism and what it means. It is interesting that now there are people who are saying that they are not sectarian, like the plotter Allawi. What is better, to have some loyalty to your people or to make deals with everyone and sell yourself and your mother just to get power? I am honest and say how I think about things. But there are people who are not honest and hide their feelings of hate which are very strong, or people who will do anything for power and give everything and work with everyone just to get it.

This Layla, I do not like her but she is a woman, that is what she says. You can not be sure as Saddam lovers are the most evil, and a lie is no problem for a sick lover of the bastard Saddam. But she says she is a woman so I will not say all of the things I am thinking to show how much I hate her. I write how I think, I am honest. Layla will write fancy words and try to sound smart. She writes about women. It is a joke I think. Layla loves Saddam. Of course everyone knows that Saddam’s son Uday, who maybe would be the next president after Saddam, raped so many women, hundreds. Also he had many prostitutes and abused women, had sex with very young girls. And this was the son of Saddam. How does she pretend to care about women when she says how she loves baba Saddam who had a son who was the worst Iraqi ever to the women of Iraq? The Ba’thists are always liars, they do not care about human life, women, moral, anything. Actually it is very interesting how the Iraq Blog Count thinks about sectarian right when they visit my home site, but with Layla it was not right away? Why is that?

I will have to say that I will never give my award to this Layla. Of course you know that the Saddam lovers and Ba’thists stole everything in Iraq and made Iraq into a big prison. They took everything and still were cheered by so many people and even today many Arabs and Sunnis will praise Saddam. Well after stealing so much now their hero Saddam is dead and buried in his dirty village. And the stealing days of the Ba’thists are almost done. Ba’thists in Iraq are almost done. May all of them see Saddam’s end as a warning. Iraq is for Iraqis, not Ba’thists. Even an online award, I will not give it to a dirty Ba’thist and lover of Saddam. Iraq will be cleaned of these people, either hanged like Saddam or some other way, maybe flee to Syria or Jordan with other Ba’thist heroes because Iraq is not Ba’thist and the people who did fight the Ba’thists before will still do it until they are finished. Any Arab woman or Arab man missing Saddam can cry and will continue crying. The old fighters of 1991 and their children and brothers remember your crimes and now are in control. No more things for you to take, get out, stay out, and you are lucky to escape justice and not hang like Saddam or lose your head like Barzan.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Askariya shrine bombed again!

On February 22, 2006, Sunni terrorists blew up the gold dome on the Askariya shrine in Samarra. The shrine is where buried are two Imams, Imam Ali al-Hadi and Imam Hassan al-Askari. Before the gold dome was destroyed and now yesterday the two minarets were destroyed. Just like before, the terrorists want to tell the Shi’a “We hate you, we hate your religion and your imams.” They want to kill all Shi’a. They want to tell us that nothing good will ever happen for the Shi’a. Both Imam Ali al-Hadi and Imam Hassan al-Askari were oppressed during their lives because of their beliefs. And now the Sunni terrorists want everyone to know that the Imams will still not have peace, even as they rest in the shrine! These terrorists say that there was no peace for the Imams and there will not be today, and no peace for the Shi’a from the time of these Imams until today.

After the February 22 bombing of the shrine, sectarian violence was much worse in Iraq. The Mahdi Army thought it could help by killing Sunnis and kicking them out of their homes. That is not help. After that terrorist attack, Sayyid Sistani said that if the government cannot protect the shrine then someone else should. Even today the government cannot protect the shrine. How did it happen? How were the terrorists able to do this? Someone needs to protect the shrine in Samarra and the holy sites everywhere else. If the government cannot do it then someone else should.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mashhadani out, my new job?

So one of the top Sunni Arab politicians is going to lose his job, Speaker of Parliament Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, who is a member of Tawafuq. He has always been known for saying idiotic things and being a jackass. At recently he had his bodyguards beat up someone, and now he will lose his job. Actually, even months go people were saying that other politicians were trying to get him out, so it is not surprising. It is good news but he is not the only criminal or terrorist in the government.

Also I am hearing about another job that may be open. Of course Sayyid Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim became the leader of SIIC after his brother was killed by Sunni terrorists. Now, unlike his brother, Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim is not as experienced. Also, he is not as good of a speaker as his brother and it is important for a leader to be very powerful when speaking. So some people are saying that maybe Sheikh Homam Hammoudi would be a better leader for the party because he is more powerful speaker and is also very experienced. However, I do not think this will happen because SIIC was made by the Hakim family and also everyone knows that Ammar al-Hakim is being prepared for the next leader of SIIC. The SIIC had their big meeting and there are rules on how the council works and so I do not see any surprising things to be happening.

So two big jobs, I wonder if maybe I can take one or two of them? I think then I could have a big house, a lot of money, and bodyguards, and get to travel all over the world. So if anyone asks you, tell them I am good for these jobs – Speaker of Parliament or head of SIIC. Especially Speaker of Parliament, because I am very good at talking and saying my opinion.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I am popular

I think many people with a website like to Google to see who else is reading and discussing and sometimes stealing from their website. I do. That is how I found out that I won the award of “Most Sectarian Blog Ever”, and by the way I did say thank you for the award and I hope more awards will come soon.

So I found some good links when I used Google and I will share them with you. On the Iraqi Konfused Kid blog, there is a writing about “The Phenomenon of Shaqawa” and I thought it was entertaining and interesting so go see it:

Also I liked to read that “if he is killed; a funeral comes out to mourn the ‘great’ man”, so I hope that if I am killed everyone will come out to mourn me and also give me some more awards, thank you!

Also, later I found this article from Canada’s national paper about Iraqi blogs:

This writer, named Robert Everett-Green, is trying to learn more about Iraq by reading blogs, and I think it is a good idea. Also he has visited my site and talks about me and my award:

Others are more rough-and-ready, including The Shaqawa (, a pithy, partisan blog whose author proudly displays an “award” from Iraq Blog Count as the “most sectarian blog ever.”

Also he says that I show a Shi’ite bias. I hope that this author can take the time to read my post on sectarianism and other posts on militias so he will know more about what I am saying. So also thank you to Robert Everett-Green for your visit, I hope you come back again and maybe leave some comments.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Iraq football wins, and plotter Allawi wants power again

Well I think I will start with good news, the Iraqi football team beat the North Korea football team in an Olympic qualifier match yesterday, 1-0. I hope that next year we can watch Iraq in the Olympics, like in 2004 when Iraq was fourth place and played very good. It was a really exciting time and I am always happy to watch Iraq play. I said before how football is fun to play and watch, and it makes you feel like you are young without a lot of problems and worries.

And there are still problems and worries, with this bastard Allawi trying to get power. He loves power, he doesn’t care how he needs to get it, he will try in every way! He is not even in Iraq mostly, he spends most of his time in London but still thinks he can come lead all of Iraq as a Prime Minister. It is strange to me!

So Allawi formed his latest election list by taking his old list (but this time not including Iraq’s big thief Hazem Sha’lan) and combining it with other lists that did bad in the first elections (Ghazi al-Yawar’s list, Adnan al-Pachachi’s list, the Communists) to form a list that had a lot of money and probably American support and still did bad. So since then as the situation in Iraq gets worse, everyone talks about a coup with Allawi as leader. Now, again, Allawi is trying to form a coalition to take over the government and let’s see who is in this coalition.

So Allawi has been working with the Tawafuq group, a Sunni Arab group that has a racist and violent character. Allawi always wants to seem secular and non-sectarian. So he gets into an alliance with Tawafuq, who are very sectarian. Then the secular Allawi has now formed an alliance with the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU). Now this party, KIU, is not secular, as you can tell from its name. Actually it is part of the Muslim Brotherhood! So you see that Allawi really has no principles, he is just trying to get power and if it means he has to form an alliance with racists then fine. And if he has to bring in radical Sunni Islamists then fine with him as well. I think that Allawi will form an alliance with anyone just to get power back. It is just another part in the dirty history of this plotter. This bastard must not control Iraq!

Monday, June 4, 2007

More traveling politicians

The Iraqi politicians are traveling often and I have written about it before and so today I will write more as well on this. As you know, many of them who are in Parliament just receive money without living in Iraq or going to work, but I am talking about other ones now.

So first Hakim is back in Iraq after getting some health treatment in Iran, and this is good news. I guess it means he is not very, very sick, which I don’t understand but I am happy to hear it. So welcome back to Sayyid Hakim, I hope you get healthier.

Another group of Iraqi politicians are leaving home and this is a group of Sunni politicians who are going to the USA. Adnan al-Dulaimi and two of his people from his list, Khalaf al-Ulayan and Dhafir al-Ani. It is interesting because these politicians like to make hatred against the Shi’a, and before have accused the Shi’a of many things and try to bring other people to hurt the Shi’a. I think that you will see that these Sunni politicians, who are suspected of supporting terrorists, are working with terrorists to kill Iraqis and also Americans. So they are going to leave Iraq and go to the USA? Why does the USA want to have some visitors who support killing Americans?

So what will these people talk about to the Americans? Well, it is interesting because the heroes of the Arabs and Sunnis all over the world are the “resistance”, but this really means usually Iraqis who kill other Iraqis. Many of these people use the same talk as Saddam to call the Shi’a in Iraq as Iranians, and these Sunni politicians are the same. Of course, USA is also scared of Iran in some ways, so I am sure that these Sunni politicians will go tell the USA, “You should support us to fight the Shi’a, who work for Iran.” Funny because these same bastards who will ask for USA support were the ones who support killing Americans! It is not surprising because even before some Sunnis who said they hate the Americans and are brave resistance then were asking for Americans to protect them against Shi’a. What should happen is that these three sons of bitches should be arrested in the American airport and sent to the Guantanamo Bay prison right away!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Religion and identity

So before I wrote about the Shi’a around the world and there were many responses. I would like to write some more about the Shi’a as a community. Before the Shi’a were persecuted for being Shi’a. They were told that they were not Iraqi, not Arab, and did not belong in Iraq, where the majority of people are Shi’ite. Even if you did not care that much about your sect of Islam, you would be aware of it when you were told that you were an enemy because of your sect. Even if you did not pray, you would know about the shrines and probably be very angry to see the shrines attacked and see the bastard followers of Saddam sit on a tank with Saddam picture in front of the shrine in Karbala, which was attacked and damaged by them!

Many people who are Shi’ite today know that they have always been Shi’ite and their parents were also. Maybe they do not know or care about what happened in the seventh century about why Imam Ali was better than Abu Bakr, but just know that being Shi’ite is part of their identity. After so many years of death and persecution, now the Shi’a in Iraq can tell the world who they are, and that is what they do and will do. That is why you see marches on certain days and also that is why some people will vote for the United Iraqi Alliance even if they are not very religious. It is saying, “We are Shi’ite and we are not dead. We will now make our own future after Saddam.” I am not talking about religious ideas or what is best, just the way people think about their identity.