Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Keeping my award

I have been very tired but still I think I should tell everyone here that I am keeping my award of “Most Sectarian Blog Ever” and I will explain why. I think most people who visit my blog site know that I am a best and also I will never give anything back after I have won it.

Iraq Blog Count is saying that this Layla Anwar may get my award. I did look at Layla blog and it is hateful and supports Saddam and sounds exactly like any Saddam lover would. Very disgusting, racist. Like many followers and lovers of Saddam she thinks that she is better than most everyone, including the majority of Iraqis who suffered from Saddam and hated him. Saddam was a son from a poor village who did not really know his father. This bastard killed so many people and a lot of the time it was because they were not as Arab or real Iraqi like him, this is what he said. So the Shi’a were Iranians and this is why they were murdered and the Shi’a holy men were abused (just like the Imams buried in Samarra and other Imams were abused by hateful people during their lives and still cannot rest in peace) and the holy sites were attacked. Also the Kurds were not Arabs so they were killed with poison gas and other ways. It is sad because the talk from Saddam is loved by many people, some people like Layla and many other Arabs and Sunnis in the entire world.

I am called sectarian because people like to say this. I already wrote about sectarianism and what it means. It is interesting that now there are people who are saying that they are not sectarian, like the plotter Allawi. What is better, to have some loyalty to your people or to make deals with everyone and sell yourself and your mother just to get power? I am honest and say how I think about things. But there are people who are not honest and hide their feelings of hate which are very strong, or people who will do anything for power and give everything and work with everyone just to get it.

This Layla, I do not like her but she is a woman, that is what she says. You can not be sure as Saddam lovers are the most evil, and a lie is no problem for a sick lover of the bastard Saddam. But she says she is a woman so I will not say all of the things I am thinking to show how much I hate her. I write how I think, I am honest. Layla will write fancy words and try to sound smart. She writes about women. It is a joke I think. Layla loves Saddam. Of course everyone knows that Saddam’s son Uday, who maybe would be the next president after Saddam, raped so many women, hundreds. Also he had many prostitutes and abused women, had sex with very young girls. And this was the son of Saddam. How does she pretend to care about women when she says how she loves baba Saddam who had a son who was the worst Iraqi ever to the women of Iraq? The Ba’thists are always liars, they do not care about human life, women, moral, anything. Actually it is very interesting how the Iraq Blog Count thinks about sectarian right when they visit my home site, but with Layla it was not right away? Why is that?

I will have to say that I will never give my award to this Layla. Of course you know that the Saddam lovers and Ba’thists stole everything in Iraq and made Iraq into a big prison. They took everything and still were cheered by so many people and even today many Arabs and Sunnis will praise Saddam. Well after stealing so much now their hero Saddam is dead and buried in his dirty village. And the stealing days of the Ba’thists are almost done. Ba’thists in Iraq are almost done. May all of them see Saddam’s end as a warning. Iraq is for Iraqis, not Ba’thists. Even an online award, I will not give it to a dirty Ba’thist and lover of Saddam. Iraq will be cleaned of these people, either hanged like Saddam or some other way, maybe flee to Syria or Jordan with other Ba’thist heroes because Iraq is not Ba’thist and the people who did fight the Ba’thists before will still do it until they are finished. Any Arab woman or Arab man missing Saddam can cry and will continue crying. The old fighters of 1991 and their children and brothers remember your crimes and now are in control. No more things for you to take, get out, stay out, and you are lucky to escape justice and not hang like Saddam or lose your head like Barzan.


Iraqi Mojo said...

"Actually it is very interesting how the Iraq Blog Count thinks about sectarian right when they visit my home site, but with Layla it was not right away? Why is that?"

Actually I think they said that Layla's blog was off their radar somehow, but Salam Adil wrote a positive review of her blog on June 13, and 3 days later he changed his mind. I wouldn't necessarily say that Layla is 'sectarian' - I mean I have not read where she specifically attacks the Shia, but on Angry Arab she called me 'traitor' and all the nasty words many times and told me that my masters live in Qom. To Layla, we Iraqi Shia who hate Saddam are surely traitors and agents of Iran. I think she believes (based on her posts a year ago) that a significant number of Iraqi Shia actually liked Saddam.

I haven't read her blog since her first few posts, but it seemed that in her head and online, Layla Anwar is sill living a Ba3thi wet dream.

RhusLancia said...

Hi Shaqawa- I just checked out Layla's latest. Her commenters seem to have found a safe place to gather and one up each other on how much they liked Saddam and miss him. Such a nice smile he had, and so on. One even misses Saddam and Hitler! I hope these people don't speak for Iraq, and/or that the fever breaks soon!

Shaqawa said...

Hello iraqi mojo,

Sectarian... Saddam lover people are evil, bloody, the worst. That is what she is. She writes like Saddam talked before. Better for you to go to Qom, the city of the shrine of Sayyida Fatima al-Ma'suma, than a village of criminals and bastards such as al-'Awja.

Hello rhuslancia,

YOu should realize that these people are trash and bloody bastards.

Thank you to both of you for your visits.

Salam Adil said...

I reviewed Layla's blog both times for Iraq Blog Count. Good thing Iraqi Mojo spoke up for me - he is exactly right. There is a saying in Iraq that the one in a hurry pisses twice. And that is what happened - I only read two of Layla's posts in a hurry then wrote a review - so I had to correct myself the second time.

Shaqawa, you are most welcome to keep your award!

Shaqawa said...

Hello Salam Adil,

I will keep the award, thank you. Layla cannot support women and also same time support Abu (Biggest Rapist in Iraq Ever). It is not making sense and typical Ba'thist liar and criminal way of acting. It is nice to see you, thank you for your visit.

Zeyad said...

I will have to say that I will never give my award to this Layla.

LOL, Shaqawa, you are funny, dude. I never thought I would see Iraqis competing over who is the more sectarian. But at least you are honest. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaqawa,

I just happened to stumble on your blog, and I must say that I like what I see! In addition, I must say that I fully agree with your characterizations of the democratically elected (unfortunately) Sunni Arab entities. As you have insinuated, giving these anti-Shia fear mongering terrorists at a place at the table is in itself self-defeating for the prospects of nation building (after all, it's hard to build a free, democratic nation with figures who want to return to minority rule being given a role in such a process).

Nonetheless, I will be following your postings inshAllah. Also, congratulations on your award!

Bruno said...

Ummm ... the 'award' is supposed to be a BAD thing, you do know that?


I like the honesty with which you approach your subject, though.

Shaqawa said...

Hello Zeyad,

I was reading your blog before and it is interesting.

Hello Anonymous,

You agree with me, it is true. I think that Iraq needs to be unified but I am not sure how. Thank you for your congratulations and inshallah I will talk to you soon.

Hello Bruno,

I am happy you like my honesty and I hope you keep visiting. I have been very tired but I will keep writing.

Thank you for your visits.

programmer craig said...

I think Layla is Palestinian, and should be disqualified from any Iraqi awards. Iraqis are much funnier than she is. Almost every Iraqi blogger I have read is funny, whether I like what they say or not. Look at the ones who aren't funny... they always turn out to be Palestinians pretending to be Iraqis, like those fucker Jarrars.

Tina Louise said...

The war being waged in Iraq must end not only to allow you to live your lives in relative peace, but to unite as humanity and stand up against those who use war and politics for financial gain and power.

We need to SHOW the strength of opposition to the war, to show that regardless of race, religion, politics or location – that we want this war to be brought to an end now. In the media, Iraqis are shown divided and violent – but we know that media is not accurate and that it is often used by those in power to manipulate public sentiment.

If you as an individual, as an Iraqi, as a member of any race, want an end to this war, please join visibly with others from all religions, politics, races and places, by wearing a home-made, white fabric armband to show your agreement with just one statement “I want an end to the war in Iraq”.

I realise that in this harsh and complex world, that simple symbolisms of unity seem small – but with this easily available and free symbol, we can show our numbers, our opposition to the situation and our desire to stand against the violence and abuse.

After I started the ARMS AGAINST WAR campaign (www.armsagainstwar.info), I came across a quote that perfectly reflects it:

[Two thousand years ago, a Roman Senator suggested that all slaves
wear white armbands to better identify them.
"No," said a wiser Senator.
"If they see how many of them there are, they may revolt."]

Please give this campaign your consideration, no money, no other agenda, just an easily agreed single statement that unites a divided world in one act of unity, one step to choosing our more peaceful future and one step to self empowerment.

Thanks for reading and I sincerely wish you well.

Tina Louise

Shaqawa said...

Hello programmer craig,

As you know, these Palestinians love Saddam so maybe you are correct. There is worse than an Iraqi Ba’thist and it is a Palestinian piece of garbage that comes to Iraq and supports the bastard Saddam.

Hello Tina Louise,

You will stop the war in Iraq when you get rid of the garbage such as Saddam supporters, al-Qa’ida, terrorists, criminals. You will start with hanging all Ba’thist criminals like Saddam, Ali Chemical. You can watch the video Saddam hanging for unity and victory.

Thank you both for your visits.