Friday, June 8, 2007

I am popular

I think many people with a website like to Google to see who else is reading and discussing and sometimes stealing from their website. I do. That is how I found out that I won the award of “Most Sectarian Blog Ever”, and by the way I did say thank you for the award and I hope more awards will come soon.

So I found some good links when I used Google and I will share them with you. On the Iraqi Konfused Kid blog, there is a writing about “The Phenomenon of Shaqawa” and I thought it was entertaining and interesting so go see it:

Also I liked to read that “if he is killed; a funeral comes out to mourn the ‘great’ man”, so I hope that if I am killed everyone will come out to mourn me and also give me some more awards, thank you!

Also, later I found this article from Canada’s national paper about Iraqi blogs:

This writer, named Robert Everett-Green, is trying to learn more about Iraq by reading blogs, and I think it is a good idea. Also he has visited my site and talks about me and my award:

Others are more rough-and-ready, including The Shaqawa (, a pithy, partisan blog whose author proudly displays an “award” from Iraq Blog Count as the “most sectarian blog ever.”

Also he says that I show a Shi’ite bias. I hope that this author can take the time to read my post on sectarianism and other posts on militias so he will know more about what I am saying. So also thank you to Robert Everett-Green for your visit, I hope you come back again and maybe leave some comments.


Iraqi Mojo said...

That's great! Tehaneenen:)

Jeffrey said...


I'm glad Everett-Green mentioned you, but his article was very poorly researched, which is a shame.

First of all, besides you and one or two others, he singles out the (Baathist-sympathizing) Jarrars -- none of whom currently live in Iraq, by the way. And, of course, Riverbend, another Baathist sympathizer.

He fails to mention Salam Pax and G. in Baghdad, the grandfathers of the Iraqi bloggers. In that first wave, they were quickly followed up by Zeyad and the ITM brothers (again not mentioned). The ITM brothers, like you, and still working and blogging from Baghdad.

And since 2003, there have been two more distinct waves of Iraqi bloggers, with journalists like BT and Omar (24) being in the second wave and then Konfused Kid and Caesar and Iraqi Mojo and others being in the third wave. Shaqawa, you're either a late addition to the third wave or represent a fourth wave.

Everett-Green captures NONE of the vitality and lively debates that are going on between the Iraqi bloggers and those who follow them.

Lastly, I would like to suggest to Mr. Everett-Green that Iraqi Bloggers Central is far superior to Iraq Blog Count (sorry fellas, truth is truth) as a place to come for a swing through the Iraqi blogosphere along with an attractive mixture or commentary and humor to help you on your way.


chamblee54 said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog.
I suspected Iraq is more complicated than our press is telling us. Your blog is evidence of this. You discuss many issues and people that I have never heard of.
There used to be a TV show about New York called the Naked City. The announcer at the start of the show said " There are eight million stories in the Naked City"
While you may have more clothes on, There are at least 20 million stories in Iraq now. Please continue to tell yours.
Also, if you have a few minutes to spare and would like to see one of three hundred million American stories, go to chamblee54.

Shaqawa said...

Hello Iraqi Mojo,

Yes, it is good to see this article – shukran.

Hi Jeffrey,

It seems to me that you study the Iraqi blogs. It is interesting and I do read many websites although I am sure that mine is the best in the world. I hope that Mr. Everett-Green does come to visit my home site again and read more and maybe leave some comments for me. I am happy to see people visiting and writing about my blog. Maybe some people in Canada will start to visit now, but I will say I like the three green stars better than a red leaf. Also I will tell you that I did not know that this word "pithy" was but I did a Google search for it and it said "Precisely meaningful; forceful and brief: a pithy comment." Good word!

Thank you for your visit.

Hello chamblee54,

Iraq is very complicated. Of course, Iraq is where civilization started and has been home for many different groups and empires and the place of many wars and battles and savage death is as old as the Battle of Karbala and Martyrdom of Imam Hussein but definitely older. Still I will tell you that if Iraq had peace then it would be the best place in the world with so many good things and all different people and history. I hope to see it but I am not expecting it.

Thank you for your visit, I hope you keep coming back to visit.

Konfused Kid said...

Damn it Jeffrey, your arse-hole of a blog (which I read often) isn't better than the IBC. Also, I am a third-wave blogger, but so also is Omar and BT (they created their blogs exactly near me - it's just that you discovered me later, and you are surely not the authoritative source on Iraqi Bloggers, IBC is.)
Second-wave bloggers are people like , errrr, none of them are famous now, except maybe Anarki13. So if you intend to classify people i suggest you attach the wave moniker based on years. i.e. (2003 first, 2004 second) Semiramis, who did so and then died maybe.

and Shaqi, why the hell do you have comment moderation enabled. it's annoying and u don't seem to have a problem with publishing anything.

you welcome 4 the reward, and thank you for the link.

Shaqawa said...

Hello konfused kid,

It seems that you like to visit here so hello again. I think that you and Jeffrey are having a sectarian war. I guess we cannot say what Mr. Shalash al-Iraqi said (ماكو حرب اهلية). Your talk of waves makes me think of a beach. Maybe someone can get me a visit to a nice beach for a summer vacation? Let me know.

I wrote before that I have published every comment. Still I like to be able to see them first. But if you can get me a summer vacation visit to the beach so I can enjoy all of these waves then maybe I will change it.

I think I will see you soon. If you can spit on a Jordanian sectarian Saddam lover tonight outside of your window, then thank you.

Anonymous said...

Being Iraqi means being slightly paranoid, but I am getting some really odd vibes about you Mr Shaqawa I do not think you are what you pretend to be.

Jeffrey said...


It's a passion, to be sure.

Konfused Kid,

Okay, okay. Iraqi Bloggers Central and Iraq Blog Count are EQUALLY valuable to the Iraqi blogosphere. Heh heh.

Hey, it's great that you've been a regular reader of our blog. I remember well your burst onto the scene and we've guided as many readers as possible over to your blog.

After a quick search, I found this early mention of and link to your blog from March 2, 2006.

Arhival Nugget: Zeyad on the Capture of Saddam Hussein

Scroll down and you'll find this:

For a view of the events of the last week in Baghdad through the eyes of a twenty-year-old college student, check out "Men in black ... with torn slippers" from the Konfused Kollege Kid.

You may also want to examine the Konfused Kid's reading of the other Iraqi bloggers. "[A]ll I'm saying is stop the doom machine cuz that's NOT really what's going on," writes the Kid. The exchange on the comments page is vigorous and well worth your time.

In that comments string, Soldier's Dad quips, "Zeyad has eaten the fruits of 'NY Times Select', which is similar to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The term the 'Big Apple' comes to mind, as well as the 'Snake.'

The links are still good on the blog entry if anyone is interested in reading Konfused Kid's "Men in black ... with torn slippers."


Jeffrey said...


I think that you [Konfused Kid] and Jeffrey are having a sectarian war.

Nah, I recognized KK's humor right away. We're just busting on each other in a rough, friendly way. Iraqi Bloggers Central and Iraq Blog Count march under the same flag.


programmer craig said...

I sent an e-mail of complaint to the Globe & Mail once recommending a lot of things they should do to improve their attempted journalism, and somebody actually replied as if they give a shit. They can't be all bad :)

RhusLancia said...

Shaqawa (to the Kid): "If you can spit on a Jordanian sectarian Saddam lover tonight outside of your window, then thank you."

That was awesome, Shaqawa!

Shaqawa said...

Hello rhuslancia,

You should know that the Jordanians and Palestinians have many lovers of Saddam, sons of bitches.

Thank you for your visit.

RhusLancia said...

Hey Shaqawa- yeah, I knew that. I think I picked that up from Kid, or like that.

Which made your jab even better... I imagined that if Kid spat at random out his window into a crowd of people, he'd surely hit a lover of Saddam (& a son of a bitch).

Bruno said...

Entertaining thread.

Shaqawa said...

Hello Jeffrey,

It is good you are not having a war with Konfused Kid. I think he likes to fight, a real military man. I do not know about his humor but I do worry about him, and I will talk about it soon.

Hello Programmer Craig,

It is good to see you here again.

Hello RhusLancia,

I hope that Konfused Kid did spit on some Jordanian and Palestinian trash. Do you know Iraqis helped build that kingdom of bastards? And still they think they are better than Iraqis.

Hello Bruno,

You should keep visiting my home site for entertainment. I will never disappoint you on this.

Thank you to everyone for your visit.

Glory Rose! said...

OOPS Shaqawa, you've been ripped off your prize :-S !! Some girl just beat you up to it, you are no longer the most sectarian :(

Eye Raki said...

First time I comment on this blog because I have 2 important things to say:

First of all Shaqawa why did you steal my profile picture? Ya3ny couldnt you find another Iraqi flag? You HAD to use the SAME one I have been using?

Secondly, what is it exactly you said which made you get an award for "6a2ifiya". I have been going on and on and militias for over a year now but nobody seems to care. I even got an e-mail once accusing me of being a sunni extremist because I only attack the Shia militias, the weird thing is im not Sunni. So where have I gone wrong?


Shaqawa said...

Hello Hayder,

It is good to see you for your first comment. I do not think I stole your profile flag - I have the Iraqi flag and it is the flag of all Iraqis.

I think I got my award for telling everyone about the Sunni terrorists from the Saddam time, al-Qa'ida, and also in the political parties now like Dulaimi and other bastards.

It is good you are not a Sunni extremist and I like your name (Hayder). I hope you will come back and write more comments.

Thank you for your visit.