Monday, June 25, 2007

Al-Mansour Hotel bombed

Today the Al-Mansour Hotel was bombed. It is a big hotel near Tigris River and is a “five star” hotel, at least it says on the sign on top. Many people were killed. Al-Mansour Hotel is one of the biggest and famous hotels in Baghdad, and many foreign people stay there. They have a pool and other nice things.

I am sick of bombings and terrorism and deaths. Also it seems that these bastards want to hurt everyone and everything. All of the places that people know in Baghdad that make you think of Baghdad as a nice big city are attacked. You cannot move around the city. The Sarafiyah Bridge was destroyed. The Buratha mosque is bombed and attacked all the time. Actually this mosque, which is a very important holy site, has been bombed with big bombs a few times but is attacked all the time, shot at, very often. The terrorists want to kill people and also ruin the different things in Iraq also, the things that make you happy, show you the great history or just any good thing in Baghdad or in Iraq. They will only be happy if all people are their slaves like Saddam's time or if the entire city and country is ruined, with death and destruction all over.


Glory Rose! said...

This is the point of bombing, it's not to kill some people, Iraqi or non-Iraqi, it's simply to kill the spirit, make you look around and see nothing but helplessness, no hope!

Iraqi Mojo said...

Shaqawa, have you read Nabil's (Zeyad's brother) blog entry on the bombing of the Askari mosque? Nabil thinks the Iraqi govt is behind the bombing. Maybe he thinks the Iraqi govt bombed Al-Mansour hotel too. I've heard (and read) many Sunni Arabs say these things. Do they know somehting we don't know?

Anonymous said...

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Jeffrey said...


The ex-regime Sunni Baathists made a deal with the devil back in 2003. In order to try to kill their way back into power, they helped Al Qaeda in Iraq set up in their communities (I've been talking about this for over three years now). They helped the terrorists with logistics and showed them whom to suicide-bomb. But, over time, Al Qaeda in Iraq, especially under Zarqawi, began to kill ALL Iraqis. In fact, the goal of AQI was to create civil war in Iraq.

Only recently have the Sunna started to realize their mistake. The sheikhs at the that hotel were suicide-bombed by Al Qaeda, the very people that those very sheikhs may have once helped set up their cells inside Iraq.


Shaqawa said...

Hello Glory Rose,

You are correct. You see a nice big hotel and maybe you are proud of your city. Same with another nice building or beautiful street. They want to destroy everything in Baghdad and kill Iraqis and make Iraqis not be proud.

Also, I visited your home site and I like it. You have some funny postings.

Hello Iraqi Mojo,

I did read it after you said this. I don’t believe nonsense that the Iraqi government did this unless maybe he means the Tawafuq or other Sunni terrorist politicians. Also he writes (actually didn't care about it at first, because Abu Hanifa shrine in Adhamyia gets bombed almost every month and no one mention anything about it in the news). Well that is interesting because he admits that he does not care about the shrine of the Imams in Samarra. Also he says no one mention the attacking on the Abu Hanifa shrine, well like I said before in my post (The Buratha mosque is bombed and attacked all the time). Buratha mosque is a very important holy site and it is attacked all the time with mortars and gun fires and of course you know there were two big suicide bombings there last year.

Hello anonymous,

I do not understand what you are saying. You are writing strange things and you are sick and I think you are a drunk bastard. I will email you if I am bored and already have hit my head into the wall ten times very hard.

Hello Jeffrey,

Yes, I now about them. It is not simple to trust them now after four years. I hate to see this happening.

Thank you for your visits.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I find it interesting that Nabil started his post with "Here comes the reinforcement for the first sectarian wave started back
in Fab. 2006."

Apparently Nabil, like his brother Zeytoon, believe that the sectarian wave of violence started in February 2006. I guess to them it is sectarian violence only when innocent Sunni Arabs are mass murdered. Do those guys just have their heads up their butts or what?

Shaqawa said...

Hello Iraqi Mojo,

Maybe it is only sectarian violence when it comes to your street and neighborhood. It is stupid because one of the worst sectarian terror attacks, the bombing in the old city of Najaf that killed Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim, was in August 2003.