Monday, June 4, 2007

More traveling politicians

The Iraqi politicians are traveling often and I have written about it before and so today I will write more as well on this. As you know, many of them who are in Parliament just receive money without living in Iraq or going to work, but I am talking about other ones now.

So first Hakim is back in Iraq after getting some health treatment in Iran, and this is good news. I guess it means he is not very, very sick, which I don’t understand but I am happy to hear it. So welcome back to Sayyid Hakim, I hope you get healthier.

Another group of Iraqi politicians are leaving home and this is a group of Sunni politicians who are going to the USA. Adnan al-Dulaimi and two of his people from his list, Khalaf al-Ulayan and Dhafir al-Ani. It is interesting because these politicians like to make hatred against the Shi’a, and before have accused the Shi’a of many things and try to bring other people to hurt the Shi’a. I think that you will see that these Sunni politicians, who are suspected of supporting terrorists, are working with terrorists to kill Iraqis and also Americans. So they are going to leave Iraq and go to the USA? Why does the USA want to have some visitors who support killing Americans?

So what will these people talk about to the Americans? Well, it is interesting because the heroes of the Arabs and Sunnis all over the world are the “resistance”, but this really means usually Iraqis who kill other Iraqis. Many of these people use the same talk as Saddam to call the Shi’a in Iraq as Iranians, and these Sunni politicians are the same. Of course, USA is also scared of Iran in some ways, so I am sure that these Sunni politicians will go tell the USA, “You should support us to fight the Shi’a, who work for Iran.” Funny because these same bastards who will ask for USA support were the ones who support killing Americans! It is not surprising because even before some Sunnis who said they hate the Americans and are brave resistance then were asking for Americans to protect them against Shi’a. What should happen is that these three sons of bitches should be arrested in the American airport and sent to the Guantanamo Bay prison right away!


Doubting Thomas 65 said...

Hello, I enjoy your blog. The thing I like best is that you are the only Iraqi I know of to come right out and call RiverBaath a liar, and a Saddam supporter. You would be shocked to see the level of support she has among American left.

We cannot arrest al-Dulaimi and those others, without direct evidence against them, and anyway they have diplomatic immunity as long as they are here in USA, that's the law and it has to be observed, like it or not. They're members of Parliament. Iraqi law has to hold them accountable for their crimes.

I wonder about your liking for al-Hakim. From here he appears to be nothing more than a surrogate for the Ayatollah Khamenei and his organization, SCIRI, seems to be nothing more than a wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The Badr Brigade is a gang of thugs no better than the Mahdi Army. I know you get upset when Shia are accused of being Iranians, but that's how it looks from here.

Shaqawa said...

Hello Doubting Thomas 65,

I am not surprised to see you write that Riverbend is getting support from a lot of people, remember that Saddam and the Iraqi terrorists also get support from many people all over the world.

It is too bad you cannot just arrest these Sunni politicians and through them to Guantanamo now, bastards. As you may know, they also have immunity in Iraq but for last few months I have been hearing from people that they are trying to take immunity so they can be sentenced for their crimes.

Of course you know that Hakim has link with Iran. But also you cannot forget that he is the top member of the top list in Iraq, and many Hakims have been killed for fighting Saddam and against Sunni terrorists and even his brother was killed at the shrine for doing this. So when you see how his family and him fought Saddam and also how people support him, it is not fair to say just that he is Iranian. The Badr Brigade is not the same as the Mahdi Army. Maybe I will write about this soon.

The entire world it seems believes the garbage from the Arabs and Sunnis about the Shi'a. You know in 1991 the USA believed this garbage and that is why they let Saddam stay and kill so many Iraqis.

Thank you for your visit. I like when people think about what I say and it gives me ideas for things to write about.

Konfused Kid said...

Habibi...I don't think I am better than you, I AM better than you. Nyeh nyeh, seriously though, I don't hate you or anything like that, if I did so then I wouldn't even have gone and given you all this publicity you have, your point of view is more true than all those Iraqi blogs who pretend there is no sectarain differences and stuff, you are, simply put, a great way to show these people what exactly is wrong with Iraq and why, I mean, if all Iraqis who blog are loving, educated people who do not carry abotu sectarain ailments and stuff then WHO and HOW do sectarain violence justify itself? You came in and filled this point.

While I do not hate you because you tell the truth, I hate Riverbend infintely because she is just a Baathist bullshitter, the problem is that she knows how to be 'coy' and to write and attract people. As for my death list, I think it's as good as God and any common-sense neutral person would have it. al-Hakim is a represntative of Shias alone and not Iraq, and I have other people who are not Shia on that list too. You will call me names and so forth and I know people like you cannot change, I've seen them in my own family and I've given up on changing them. I hope all the best for you.

There's nothing wrong with vulgarity, I do it all the time. While you tend to be reasonable at times your hatred sometimes is too much to be disguised like Riverbend does it. You should thank me for all the bad-boy 'Shaqawa' publicity I've given you habibi, mu?


exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X said...

@ Shaqawa

riverbend pleases so much to Europeans that she even won an award (with some bucks).

Here's a link:

You see how much they don't want to understand Iraqis. To give such thing to riverbend is a joke in the face of dying Iraqis.

Shaqawa said...

Hello Konfused Kid,

Well, I like your award and publicity, and you can see I made it a display on my home site. I already explained before in a post about sectarianism. Anyway you can read that I do not want innocent people to die but many of the politicians who I attack are not innocent, neither are the people who help or before helped al-Qa'ida.

Riverbend is a Ba'thist bitch and that is all. I think you should explain your DEATH LIST and even if Hakim is not a representative of all Iraqis, why should he die? Since he has cancer are you happy since I guess he is closer to dying? You should explain that. How many Iraqis are representatives of all Iraqis? You have Shi'ite list and Sunni Arab lists and a Kurdish list, what else? Allawi list only represents some ex-Ba'thists and losers and lying bastards, not all Iraqis!

I do not want to disguise like Saddam-loving Riverbend, I am honest and maybe Riverbend should be honest also.

Thank you for your award and visit.

Shaqawa said...

Hello exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X,

It is sad that so many people hate the majority Iraqi people and love Saddam and his supporters. Saddam was Iraqi and many of his supporters were Iraqi, but they were against most Iraqis. To hell with them and their supporters.

Thank you for your visit.

Doubting Thomas 65 said...

I'm not sure I was clear about RiverBaath before...she's managed to make herself into a hero of American left-wing politics, they published two books of her 'essays' and there was even a stage play were a sweet-faced actress played poor little Riverbaath; they think she's some sort of representative of poor oppressed Iraqis preyed upon by Evil Genghis Khan Bush and his Mongol Hordes.

About Hakim: you perhaps do not realize the dislike Americans feel for anyone in a black turban. Up until 9/11, all the major terrorist attacks against the US were carried out by Shia. The Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983, the Athens plane hijacking, the kidnappings and murders and assassinations in Lebanon, the Khobar Towers bombings, that's just a short list. When I see Hakim, I think Khomenei, Nasrallah, Khamenei, and it is hard to see any difference between those thugs and Hakim. He's just another Islamist who wants to shove shariah law down your throat with a sword. Sorry to be so blunt.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Why does the USA want to have some visitors who support killing Americans?"

A very good question. But the US has allowed entry to many Arabs who support the murder of Americans, including Raed Jarrar. It boggles my mind.

Shaqawa said...

Riverbend is a Ba'thist bitch, sorry to see people support her.

Before 9/11, the first World Trade Center attack was not done by Shi'a. If you cannot tell a difference between Hakim and Khamanei and Nasrallah, then maybe you will understand why some Iraqis cannot tell the difference between the Bush who helped Saddam and the Bush who fought Saddam, or the Rumsfeld who shook hand with Saddam and the Rumself who fought Saddam. Or even the USA who helped Saddam against Iran and then helped Saddam after kicking him out of Kuwait in 1991, and the USA who now made Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Thank you again for your visit.

Konfused Kid said...

As you can see from my death-list, yes I am extremely overjoyed that Hakoomi is closer to meeting his brother, who I preferred, in heaven above. This guy gives me the creeps whenever he's on TV, I bet there are snakes up his abaya.

Cheers for Uday al-Hakim, at least he is fu6eer and not as evil-looking as his babeh.

exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X said...

If you cannot tell a difference between Hakim and Khamanei and Nasrallah, then maybe you will understand why some Iraqis cannot tell the difference between the Bush who helped Saddam and the Bush who fought Saddam, or the Rumsfeld who shook hand with Saddam and the Rumself who fought Saddam. Or even the USA who helped Saddam against Iran and then helped Saddam after kicking him out of Kuwait in 1991, and the USA who now made Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Haye khosh gilit-he! Good said!

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that Al Hakim is not a terrorist? and his militias have not killed innocent Iraqis in Southern Iraq? give me a break, they are all terrorrist wether they are Sunnis or shiites. Al Hakim is backed by Iran and everybody knows that and he always will. To confirm the issue of his Iran connections and how strong are these connections, he decleared a couple of weeks ago that he now follows Al Sistani and not Khmenei in Iran, surprise surprise! I was surprised to see that. I thought it was really stupid to admit it or perhaps its arrogance. Al Dulaimi on the other hand is supported by a bunch of Arab countries who now realize the danger of leaving Iraq in the hands of organized Shiite gangs headed by the current government (and Iran by default) but they are not as organized as Iran is. Iraq and the Iraqis are caught in the middle of this vicious war for money and power unfortunately.

Shaqawa said...

Hello Konfused Kid,

Well I think you are sick for cheering that Sayyid Hakim has cancer. Also his brother was a good man, and also his father. I do not think anyone is putting snakes or other animals in their clothing.

I have heard this name "Uday al-Hakim" although it is nonsense. How can you compare someone to the guy who raped hundreds of Iraqi women and killed so many Iraqis? People forget so soon how Saddam and his gang of bastards was. Also, the other nickname I have heard, also nonsense, is "Uday al-Hawza".

Also I will say that I do not care about the looks of these men, even if some "men" in Amman where you are are more interested in this.

Thank you again for your visit.

Shaqawa said...

Hello anonymous,

Yes, I am saying Sayyid Hakim is not a terrorist. I have already written about militias and what I think so go read it.

Hakim has a history with Iran that is right. Many Iraqis who worked against Saddam also do, not only Hakim and not only the Shi'a.

Yes, everyone is fighting their wars in Iraq, and everyone is scared of Iraqis getting a democracy.

Thank you for your visit.

Doubting Thomas 65 said...

I will try to explain:

Bush who helped Saddam: Cold War Bush

Rumsfeld who shook hands with Saddam: Cold War Rumsfeld

USA who fought Iran for Saddam: Cold War USA

You see? Whenever you wonder, why USA do this or that? Always remember the Cold War--it was always about the Communists.

I always thought it was disgraceful and dishonorable to not overthrow Saddam in 91...I was in favor of OIF only because of this, to try to make up for that cruel mistake. I think it was done out of fear, of the very situation Iraq is in now, but that's no excuse, it should not have been done.

We made a lot of mistakes during the Cold War, out of fear, like we helped the Shah into power out of fear of Communists, and now the Persians hate us for it.

Perhaps Iraqi Shia could learn from this? When you do cruel things out of fear of the other, you can make big mistakes.