Monday, April 23, 2007

Top Sunni representative a terrorist

Over the last week, more reports have been coming from Baghdad stating that parliamentary immunity for Tawafuq MP Adnan al-Dulaimi may be lifted so he can be prosecuted for a number of crimes. No surprise that this son of a bitch is suspected of crimes far beyond his most visible criminal act of wearing a stupid hat. The elected Sunni Arab leaders, and unelected ones like Harith al-Dhari, support terrorism against the majority of Iraqis, the Shi’a. These people have no principles at all, they have embraced Ba’thism as part of who they are and they now even embrace Saddam and cannot cope with the fact that Iraqi is now for Iraqis and not just their minority tribes of savages.

Dulaimi went to Turkey months ago to try to gain support from Sunnis there against the Shi’a majority. The bloodthirsty Sunni savages eagerly pledged their support and chanted against the Shi’a, calling them “Jews”! The bloodthirsty sons of Mu’awiya worldwide are trying to unite against the Shi’a.

This is not just Dulaimi we are talking about, right. He is the head of a list of 44 MPs, and he represents well over 1.5 million Iraqi voters. What does this say about the people who rallied behind this criminal? When will they realize that their glory days are over and decide to live in peace with the majority? One way or another, they will realize that their days are over.

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mewmewmew said...

If your son or daughter is going to Iraq, I hope he or she is safe and also works to treat the good Iraqi people with respect, and fights the bad people in Iraq (Iraqi and foreign terrorists and Saddam supporters) with all the power possible to help make a better Iraq for everyone.

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