Friday, July 6, 2007

Bloody beginnings

There is a lot to write about but and some of it is new but not surprising. Over the last week there have been many things happening with Sunni terrorist politicians in the Iraqi government. One minister had an arrest issued for him, Minister of Culture As'ad Kamal al-Hashimi, for planning the kill of an anti-Ba'thist politician Mithal al-Alousi which actually killed his two sons. Other Sunni politicians protested and many Sunni politicians decided to stop working in the government (instead of working with the government in day and working with terrorists in night). One politician Abdul-Nasser al-Janabi said he will join "the resistance" which means that he will be a more active terrorist and stop pretending to also support the Iraqi government. Also a big bastard named Mish'an al-Jabouri was kicked out of the parliament but he has stolen many millions of dollars and has not been in Iraq for a long time. Also I heard that another Sunni politician who was with Talabani has left Iraq, his name is Wafiq al-Samarra'i and he was an advisor to Talabani. Before he was a top man in intelligence in Saddam time so what the hell is he doing in a new Iraqi government?

Still as I said before this is not new and everyone can guess this would happen. A terrorist is a terrorist if he is wearing a suit in a Green Zone office or a dishdasha in a dirty house in Anbar or carrying a gun in the street. This is not any surprise.

Still instead I want to write something about what I wrote yesterday, "The Untold Story" and the killing of Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei. Bloody and dangerous movements do not keep secret how they are, not for long. Maybe you do not realize at the time what it is you see but later you do realize it. When the Ba'th Party came to power the first time in 1963, it was a bloody revolt against Abdul-Karim Qassem (who replaced the kings). I can write more about Qassim a different time but now I will just say it was very bloody and showed how this Ba'th Party is a party of killers and criminals. So it was not a surprise that it got worse and worse and Saddam came to power later and killed so many people. Now we should see another bloody beginning. When Saddam regime was ended on April 9, 2003 I remember that people were hopeful, happy, scared, confused but most important some hopeful. But everyone was confused and one person who did not wait a long time to try to get his power was Moqtada, and one day later his group killed Sayyid Abdul-Majid al-Khoei. This is a bloody beginning to kill the son of the Grand Ayatollah in front of hundreds of people, brutal with many knifes, dragging his body in the holiest place in the holy city! So we should know how is this Moqtada, a young child and not a senior religious holy man, who tried so soon to get power and kill other people even if they are holy men in holy places. Soon then after April 9, 2003 you see his men in black running around Baghdad saying that they will find Saddam (who was hiding) and also talking about Islamic government. Even now Moqtada will sometime talk about unity for Shi'a and Sunnis but also we know that his men have killed many innocent Sunni people. He just wants power and many people support him because, as I said before, sometimes his men are protecting them. I will maybe write more about him another time but now I would just like to say that a bloody beginning can tell you a lot, and the anti-religion crime that happened in Najaf on April 10, 2003 is a bloody beginning that should tell us about Moqtada.


exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X said...

But what shall we do?

I mean, Sadr City was renamed on 9th of April, there had been organization before.

What shall we do as long as our Iraq breeds and feeds killers that are willing to kill for every fat pig or big moustache ?

وين الأخلاق بالعراق ؟

bg said...


apologies if this has been mentioned..
Sadr has cut & run off to Iran again..


Shaqawa said...

Hello exile - iraqi / gilgamesh X,

Naming a place after the late older Sadr martyr is not a bad thing, but Moqtada is not a scholar he is thief and killer. I do not know where is (akhlaq) but it is difficult.

Hello bg,

It is good to see you again. Yes, Moqtada is running again. It is no big surprise.

Thank you for your visits to the democracy no moderation home site.

bg said...


you're welcome Shaqawa.. :)

though i may not post often,
i do visit quite frequently..


Trajan Octavian Titus said...

The sad part is we have ample opportunities to take that prick out,

"Alls I'm saying sir is that if you was to put me and this here sniper rifle anywhere up to and includin' one mile of Al-Sadr with a clear line of sight, well pack your bags, fellas, war's over. Amen"

Not that the war would really be over just thought that one of my favorite quotes from Saving Private Ryan would be relevant. :-)