Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Visiting my blog

Hello everyone, this is just a letter to my readers. First, thank you to everyone who comes to read my posts and provide comments. I am happy that people are reading what I have to say. Also, especially thank you to people who have linked to my website. And if you look at the left side of the page you can see I have already won an award (“Most Sectarian Blog Ever”), which was a surprise. I hope more awards will be won by me soon.

I guess this is like my own house so if you come by and want to visit them I will invite you in to have some tea or coffee with me and talk for a while. This means that I will welcome comments from everyone even if they do not agree with me. Soon I will start to write back to comments on this site so we can have dialogue. Most of the comments until now have been very nice but you can see I also have ones that aren’t and that is fine, but I will respond to those as well soon!

So I will continue writing mostly about Iraq but sometimes probably just about whatever other things I am thinking about because there are all sorts of things going through my mind. So one more time أهلا وسهلا, welcome and thank you for your visit.


bruno said...

Shaqawa, I'd just like to know what your attitude towards the US occupation of Iraq is. Do you think these people are in Iraq to "do good" or are they there for their own agendas?

What sort of future do you see for Iraq? Do you want to "wipe out" the sunnis, or can you imagine an acceptable all-inclusive future?

Shaqawa said...

Hello Bruno,

I don't like Iraq having so many foreign soldiers but now I think they are preventing things from being worse. Of course the US did not come to "do good" but thankfully the US mission of getting rid of the criminal Saddam is a good thing. The US has their agenda in Iraq and almost everyone else do as well.

No I do not want to "wipe out" Sunnis or anyone else. That is Saddam talk and al-Qa'ida talk when you speak about trying to "wipe out" an entire group! I just think that the Sunnis who are supporting terror now should learn their lesson that they cannot take power and they should not be killing their fellow Iraqis or supporting the killers. Hopefully an Iraq for Iraqis, simple as that.

bg said...

hello Shaqawa..

have you heard about "The Awakening"?

and this was posted by Hameed (an Iraqi living in London who has lots of dear relatives living in Baghdad)..

ارسل هذا الموضوع لصديق

Forgive me for expressing this forcefully.

Some damn good news here:

The Sunni brothers must be helped by the Shias in everyway possible. Privately and officially.

They are now fighting Al Qaeda, in ( wait for this) Abu Gharaib, Al Taji, Radhwania, and Diyala, and have arrested more than 120 Terrorists form Al Qaeda criminals so far. WOW?

Mr. Abu Bakre Al Naimi, one of the Sunni fighters has asked for help from his decent Shia brothers.

A Palestinian Al Qaeda criminal Called Azzoz, and his men have been terrorising the Sunni Population and inflicting Rape, killings, and kidnapping and murder, of all the Sunni families who refuse them.

Coordinations, and conferring is now taking place with the Shias and Sunnies at Khadhra area, A'ameria, Al Jamiaa and so as to move the Sunnis families, women and children and elders, to the Shias areas, of Za'afarania, Al Amin, Al Baldiat and Na'aeria.

The Government should move there to help them rehoused protected and looked after.

It is necessary for all Shias to help their Sunnis brothers and Sisters now at their hours of need, in whatever way possible and protect them from these evil and beastly animals.

NOW is the time when the real Iraqis show themselves, as true , sincere and caring , chivelrous and brave patriots.

The enemies of Iraq must be eliminated one by one by all decent Iraqis.

Long live Iraq- A'ash Al Iraq.


Shaqawa said...

Hello bg,

Thank you for your post and the link. I have heard of this "Awakening" and I am happy to see Iraqis fighting these foreign terrorists. Of course, we have to be suspicious. These foreign terrorists would not be in Iraq if they were not before given help, shelter, food by the Sunni populations in the areas that they have strongholds. So now after 4 years of the foreign terrorists using Sunni areas to build truck bombs and blow up Shi'a the Sunnis decided that al-Qa'ida is no longer a good thing? After so much time!

Iraqi Mojo said...

It's a very good point, shaqawa - they should not have supported Al Qaeda from the beginning.

CMAR II said...


You know I can't help but suspect that Konfused Kid was inspired by by this comment of mine at Great Baghdad. Note that my comment is on May 2, while Kid's is May 4th.

Great Baghdad drums away at what many Sunni Arab bloggers imply: that Iraq's troubles did not start with Sunni Arab rejectionism or its tacit support for the "Resistance". It's troubles started Shi'a empowerment which, in their eyes, is only the gloved hand of Iran.

In short, I don't believe you are the most sectarian blogger...simply because I don't consider your assertions to irrational (as I do *most* of the assertions of sectarian Sunni bloggers). And I've been saying for a year, what you say in the next post: Sadr and his minions are S.O.B.s but (thanks to the behavior of some Iraqi Sunni Arabs and the jihadi bastards they've tolerated) they've have also served a useful purposes. Get rid of AlQaeda and the insurgency, and the Mehdi Army and Badr Brigade will lose support. (On the other hand, the Sunni militias are validated by Shi'a terrorism.)

The Sunni Arabs (broadly) *seem* to largely beginning to see the light. I just hope its not too late.

CMAR II said...


Jeffrey at Iraqi Bloggers Central posted something today that is quite applicable to my point.

Shaqawa said...

Hello CMAR II,

Thank you for the updates.