Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iraqi politicians in DC

If we like it or not, the USA and Iraq are very closely related in so many ways and now more than before. Right now Iraqi politicians are in Washington, DC trying to talk to members of the government that has the most power in Iraq, the American government.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Barham Saleh, went over there. He is a Kurd from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and he has lived and worked in DC before. The other person with him is the National Security Advisor, Mowaffak al-Ruba’i, who is a Shi’ite who praises the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr. Both of them are asking for support for the Americans to stay in Iraq until it can be more stable and Iraqi forces are stronger and do not need help. They know that the effort in Iraq is not popular with Americans so they are going to ask for the Americans to support the Iraqi government and American soldiers in Iraq.

Another Iraqi politician is also going but not with these two top officials and this is Mohammad al-Dayni, MP from Saleh al-Mutlag’s list. He is meeting with people who opposed the war on Saddam. Dayni is a real bastard and a Sunni sectarian who speaks in the same way as typical racists when talking about the Shi’ite majority. He was the major source for a documentary on “Shi’ite death squads” in the West. Also he displayed a picture of the Iranian politician Mohammad Khatami in a wax museum with wax displays of tortures and said that it was actually a Sunni man (not a wax statue) from Haifa Street in Baghdad being tortured at the Buratha mosque, which is the most important Shi’ite place in Baghdad outside of Kadhimiya. Dayni also calls Iraqi Shi’a Iranians, just like other Sunni racists like Saddam love to. Now he is going to the US and meeting with the people who oppose war on Saddam. It is interesting that this son of a bitch supports killing American soldiers but still American politicians will meet with him. I do not understand why Dayni is allowed to even go to the USA and to see politicians.


Brian said...

The reason is that the US Democrats have staked their political lives on discrediting the Bush effort in Iraq, and therefore require that it fail and disintegrate. Dayni is helpful to them since he will provide quotes and imaginative stories to back up their claims and wishes.

bg said...


wow, that's some exposé on Dayni..

thanks, never heard of him before..


Shaqawa said...

Hello bg,

Thank you for visiting. If you keep following, you will see this bastard Dayni a lot of times making crazy accusations and speaking hate.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Amazing. Thank you for the info on Dayni. I'm going to add your blog to my list of 'Good Peeps':)

Shaqawa said...

Hello Iraqi Mojo,

Thank you for your visit and I hope you keep reading my website. I think being on your list is a good thing.