Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Eid

Hello everyone. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Eid with their families and friends.

I remember on the first Eid after Saddam one of my friends called me. He is not religious person and he eats during Ramadan but still he called and he said to me, "This is our first big holiday without Saddam in my life. You can think about it." I still remember it. It was a big thing but now I just wait to see when will be the first holiday for a free and peaceful Iraq. I hope it comes soon.

So for all of Iraqis and everyone else in the world have a happy Eid and if you are not Muslim then you can still have fun and celebration with your Muslim friends.


Iraqi Mojo said...

Eyamek sa3eeda.

bg said...


Happy Eid Shaqawa, Iraqi Mojo, & all who celbrate!! :)


Anonymous said...

Shaqawa; there is a lot of talk here, in the media, supporting a partition of Iraq into Sunni Arab, Shia, and Kurd. (They never show any concern for Christians, Turkmen, Yazidi, Mandaeans, and so on. They don't count.) What do you think? What's the support for that plan over there?

Doubting Thomas 65

bg said...


hi Anonoymous..

what it was is another political ploy.. the resolution was NON BINDING.. and like all the other stupid non binding withdrawal resolutions.. it's going nowhere.. i have also read plenty about it's total REJECTION throughout Iraq (including Kurdistan).. btw, this is old news to me.. what country do you live in??



Liz Filardi said...


I am an American art student in New York and I have started reading your blog and borrowing some content for a piece I'm working on called "Viral Conversations". It's about the extreme distance I feel between New Yorkers and what is really happening in Iraq. It's also about my own experience as an American dealing with disillusionment over the state of mainstream media in America. I'd love to talk with you about it, and hear what you have to say! Right now, I am posting some information about it here:
There will be more to follow, including video and photos.

You have a lot of interesting things to say. I hope we can talk soon!


bg said...


hi Shaqawa.. :)

i hope all is well with you and
yours, miss hearing from you..


cile said...

Happy Eid!

bg said...


Happy New Year Shaqawa.. :)


Trajan Octavian Titus said...

As if I'd let a computer call me by my chosen name of Gabriel. Meh ya I know what that means to you guys that's not why I said it though my chosen name at confirmation really was Gabriel, but that's really not the point, the point is I don't have hate in my heart and I love you and yours and please tell me that you're still alive or I swear by God I'm coming over there for vengeance on those mother fuckers who refuse to live and let live!

I just got a house, I'm renting but it's nice, I feel guilty for my prosperity as I don't deserve it while my brethren and our allies are dying and I hope that soon that I'll be seeing your enemies real soon, once I graduate I'll be going for officer, God bless and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

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Eyamek sa3eeda

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Happy Eid