Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan, Abu Risha killed

Al-Qa’ida has told everyone that they can still kill people when they want. Abu Risha who was the leader of the anti-Qa’ida force in Anbar was killed today. This is not good for people in Anbar. It is true that every place in Iraq there are innocent people who want to live with peace and work and see their families. And these people want an end to trouble and killing which is from al-Qa’ida.

I did not know a lot about Abu Risha. I like if he is fighting al-Qa’ida and I also heard that it is safer to drive through Anbar after his group got more success in fighting them. I am not ready to trust a tribal leader from Anbar and I hear he did criticize Iran, which is a good thing but many times when Sunnis say Iran they are talking about all the Shi’a, including the Iraqis. So I did not have a full opinion about Abu Risha but I know that his killing is bad because he was driving away al-Qa’ida.

So this killing shows that al-Qa’ida can still kill people when they want and that this bastards do not care with Islam because they will kill on Ramadan month. Ramadan month is supposed to be for praying and thinking and seeing your family and friends at night and also being happy with them. Al-Qa’ida will want to show people that Islam is for killing but they are trying to ruin Islam, that is the fact. I hope all Iraqis and people will have a good Ramadan month and also to my website visitors. And soon I hope Iraq will have a good Ramadan month without worrying about the violence from al-Qa’ida or other criminals.


bg said...


hello Shaqawa..

i am truly heart sick & saddened by this tragic news..
as Sattar's actions were unfiying Sunni & Shia tribes..


bg said...


Ramadi Shaykhs in No Hurry to
See Americans Leave Al-Anbar


[That's from Col. Sean B. MacFarland, commander of the 1st BCT, 1st AD which has returned to its home base in Wiesbaden, Germany after a 14 month deployment in Ramadi, where he flipped the majority of Ramadi's tribal shaykhs to our side.

Money quote:

Now, "If you talk to these sheiks, they'll tell you that they're in no hurry to see the Americans leave al-Anbar," he said.

"One thing Sheikh Sattar keeps saying is he wants al-Anbar to be like Germany and Japan and South Korea were after their respective wars, with a long-term American presence helping ... put them back together," MacFarland said. "The negative example he cites is Vietnam. He says, yeah, so, Vietnam beat the Americans, and what did it get them? You know, 30 years later, they're still living in poverty."

Freakin' priceless. Shaykh Sattar knows
a stronger tribe when he sees one.]

truly a tragic loss.. :(


bg said...


Shaykh Sattar: The 'Dawn of Democracy' in Ramadi


["We need to continue to work with the Coalition Forces here," he said. "Increase our cooperation, help out the victims of the violence, get the news more proactive in Anbar providence and begin the rebuilding of our schools, universities and hospitals."

He added, "The time for dictatorship is gone, and we are welcoming the new dawn of democracy and freedom here. I expect the future to be much better for the next generation for they will live in a better world than we do today."]

Iraqi tribal chiefs forming an anti-insurgent party


[One purpose of the party, Sattar said, is to promote a better image of American-led forces "to the Iraqis here." He added that the tribes also would participate in a U.S.-backed effort to reestablish a court system in Ramadi, the provincial capital.]

["The terrorists destroyed the network of people and how they communicate, and the new sheiks council is here to bring it back and fight the insurgents until they are out of the country," Sattar said.]

[But some sheiks in Ramadi and other parts of Al Anbar have established closer links with U.S. armed forces since last year, when they began speaking out against the insurgency and Al Qaeda in Iraq.]

As Surge Begins To Take Hold,
Tribal Leaders Turn on Qaeda


[Sheikh Hussein, as well as other sheikhs interviewed for this piece, said the turning point for the tribes was in September when Al Qaeda in Iraq declared the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq, a shadow state that in pockets of the country has established Islamic sharia courts and tried to provide some social services. The declaration was a direct challenge to the centuries-old tribal system that has prevailed in most of Iraq. As a result, the terrorists once seen as allies against the American invaders have also come to be seen as invaders.]

[Despite the rising antipathy toward Al Qaeda, the tribal sheikhs in the Sunni regions in particular are very clear that their new alliance with the Americans is merely a tactical one. Sheikh Hussein summed it up: "We would like America, a friend, to rebuild the country. This is what we want, what the tribes want. But to stay here as a military force indefinitely is unacceptable." For Sheikh Hussein, however, the prospect of a speedy exit is also unacceptable. At a luncheon at a home of one of his cousins, he asked this reporter, "Please, tell the Democrats for now to stop pressuring Bush."]

i wish to personally thank the Democratic leadership, of which could not hold a candle to Sheihk Sattar, for EMBOLDENING THE ENEMY & PROLONGING THIS WAR VIA THEIR DECLARATIONS OF FAILURE!! F**K YOU & YOUR COWARDLY ILK & MAY YOU REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SEWN 10 FOLD, SAME GOES FOR THE PINKO RINO'S, AMEN!!

pardon my French..


bg said...


just a sample of Sunni/Shia unification..

Tribal Leaders Join Forces to
Fight Terrorists in Diyala Province


[Tribal leaders in Diyala province, Iraq, have joined forces and are working together to fight terrorists in their homeland.

Eighteen paramount tribal leaders representing 14 major tribes in the province swore on the Koran and signed a peace agreement last week that unifies the tribes in the battle against terrorism.

“Let’s build this tent and live under it like one family – all the tribes and all the people of Diyala. You have to be one family,” Ra’ad Hameed Al-Mula Jowad Al-Tamimi, governor of Diyala, told the tribal leaders during an Aug. 2 meeting at the Baqubah Government Center.

Sheikhs representing three Shia tribes, 11 Sunni tribes and 60 of Diyala’s 100 sub-tribes attended the meeting, which was led by Ra’ad, Staff Maj. Gen. Abdul Kareem, commander of Iraqi security forces in Diyala province, and U.S. Army Col. David W. Sutherland, commander of coalition forces in Diyala.

After discussing tribal differences and why it is important to unite, the sheikhs signed a reconciliation agreement and swore on the Koran as a promise to uphold the agreement.]


Iraqi Mojo said...

Shaqawa, what are the chances that he was murdered by ba3thi bitches?

bg said...


hi Iraqi Mojo..

several previous attempts had been made on Sattar's life
(he also lost quite a few relatives & friends), all of which
i believe al Qaeda was responsible for..

Sheikh Sattar


[Abu Risha and two of his bodyguards were killed by a roadside bomb planted near the tribal leader's home in Ramadi, Anbar's provincial capital, said Col. Tareq Youssef, supervisor of Anbar police...

"It is a major blow to the council, but we are determined to strike back and continue our work," said Sheik Jubeir Rashid, a senior member of Abu Risha's group. "Such an attack was expected, but it will not deter us." He said the bombing took place at 3:30 p.m. as Abu Risha was returning home.

A Ramadi police officer said Abu Risha had received a group of poor people at his home earlier in the day, as a gesture of charity marking the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The officer, speaking on condition of anonymity out of security concerns, said authorities believed the bomb was planted by one of the visitors.

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said that after the first blast that killed Abu Risha, a car bomb exploded nearby. "The car bomb had been rigged just in case the roadside bomb missed his convoy," Khalaf said. There were no casualties from the car bomb, he added.]

[Sattar was seen as more than just a military leader. Although he was appointed the chief of counterterrorism in Anbar Province by the government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, in the past a senior US military intelligence official told The Long War Journal that Sattar had political aspirations as well. Sattar was seen as a legitimate, pro-American alternative to the current crop of Sunni leaders in the Iraqi government.]

i believe Iraq lost a potentially
great "unifying" leader, so sad..


chamblee54 said...

When I opened a wordpad to write this, I copied over a post at my blog called "war pigs".
I like to do this when commenting at a blogspot site. It is very frustrating to write a long comment and have it disappear when blogger has a hissy fit.
Now, to the subject of this comment.
"BG" said :
"i wish to personally thank the Democratic leadership, of which could not hold a candle to Sheihk Sattar, for EMBOLDENING THE ENEMY & PROLONGING THIS WAR VIA THEIR DECLARATIONS OF FAILURE!! F**K YOU & YOUR COWARDLY ILK & MAY YOU REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SEWN 10 FOLD, SAME GOES FOR THE PINKO RINO'S, AMEN!!"
There is plenty of blame to go around for the American disaster in Babylon. The Democrats were all too willing to believe the nonsence that W and his buddies were spouting, and voting to approve this self destructive fiasco.
However, to say that Democrats are "prolonging the war and emboldening the enemy" is rubbish.
There are many indications that our government has no intention of leaving. The building of enormous bases is one sign that this is intended to be a permanent occupation.
And who is the enemy? I hear a lot of talk about destroying Al Queda , before they attack Amerika again. Of course, this is Al Queda Mesopotania, which is different from the branch of Al Queda in Pakistan. The Pakistani crowd is the one pulling off 911.
Also, I dare say there is no shortage of Amerika haters around the world who are willing to replace the ones we kill in Iraq. Among these may be family members of women and children killed as "collateral damage" in this ongoing tragedy.
And , isn't Al Queda largely a Saudi organization? Whenever you buy gasoline refined from Saudi Oil, you are aiding Al Queda.
Yea, the talk of the Democrats may be emboldening some members of Al Queda. But I dare say they would still be fighting if the Democrats were not asking tough questions about the war.
I may recycle this at my blog. If I do I will cut out the bad language used, as my blog is for general audiences. It is fine and dandy to talk about killing women and children, but don't use words about body functions while you are doing so.
Shaqawa, thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

jr said...

I know you're heartsick, but I have also heard that amongst some Muslims is the belief that killing an enemy during Ramadan gains merit. This may not be Islam to you, but it is Islam to too many other Muslims -- enough to be a nuisance to the civilized world. Muslims must clean their own house. The rest of the world can't clean it for them. Abu Reesha was one of those trying to do this. He is the true martyr.

bg said...


Earth to chamblee54...

who said the following??

"In the next century, the community of nations may see more and more the very kind of threat Iraq poses now -- a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction ready to use them or provide them to terrorists, drug traffickers or organized criminals who travel the world among us unnoticed.

If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow by the knowledge that they can act with impunity, even in the face of a clear message from the United Nations Security Council and clear evidence of a weapons of mass destruction program."

answer here, check the dates..

nuff said about W's nonsense..


bg said...


chamblee54 said...

let me put this nicely as possible..

you don't know your butt from your
elbow.. seriously, get educated..


Anonymous said...

Apparently Abu Risha's eldest son's name is Saddam and he was involved in founding al Awda, a post-2003 insurgent group who's goal was to resurrect the Baath party.


Little is known of Abu Risha's past before he launched his anti-Qaida campaign. Many of Anbar's clans benefited from money from ousted leader Saddam Hussein.
The oldest of Abu Risha's three children is a 12-year-old boy called Saddam — though that is not necessarily evidence of his politics. Thousands of parents named their newborns after Saddam during the former dictator's 23 years in power, either out of admiration for him or to deflect the unwanted attention of regime informants prowling for signs of dissent.


This provoked a sharp response from Sheikh Abdel Sattar Abu Risha, a leading member of the Al-Awda grouping.

bg said...


hi anonymous @ September 14, 2007 2:20 AM


[The oldest of Abu Risha's three children
is a 12-year-old boy called Saddam]

Page Not Found


[This provoked a sharp response from Sheikh Abdel Sattar
Abu Risha, a leading member of the Al-Awda grouping.]

Sorry, file was not found


bg said...


hard to believe such horrific tragedies are still occurring.. i pray that Iraqis start a "unified movement" & wipe out the malignant AQ cancer which plagues all good people's in Iraq & elsewhere..

The man who might save Iraq

May 5, 2007

pertinent excerpts:

[He is a former Sunni Arab mujahid from Ramadi who until recently was fighting the US occupation. He has only a secondary education and is married with two wives. Now he is praised even by urban, secular, highly educated Shi'ites as a "conscious man", or "the kind of man we need now in Iraq". Sheikh Abdul Satter Abu Risha is the leader of the Anbar Sovereignty Council, a powerful coalition of Anbar tribes, including at least 200 sheikhs, that is fighting the Salafi jihadis of al-Qaeda in Iraq/the Islamic.]

[Abu Risha set up the council after his father and two brothers were killed by al-Qaeda's extreme methods last autumn. In an exclusive telephone interview with Asia Times Online, he stated, unambiguously, that al-Qaeda "has abused our traditions and generosity" and, he alleged, they even "take drugs" - a mortal
sin in conservative Islam.

Sheikh Ali Hattan al-Suleiman, also from the council, was even more direct: "I'd like to see an al-Qaeda bomber e-mail me or telephone me and talk about his education. They just came here with money. They gave money to the unemployed. They are not Iraqis - only Arabs. They are bastards. And the people who follow them are also bastards."]

he will be sorely missed.. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Hi bg,

I'm afraid you may have made an error in putting the web address in. I just copied and pasted the links into my web browser and they came up.



Hope you figure it out. Cheers.

Iraqi Mojo said...

That Al Jazeera link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iraqi Mojo,

I'm going to assume the IHT link worked for you. In any case, I'll go ahead and post the al-Jazeera article as the link is coming up for me. Here it is:

Iraq's Sunnis face new conflict
By Maher al-Jasem in Hiyt, Iraq

With Baghdad shaken daily by outbreaks of sectarian violence, in Iraq's western al-Anbar province Sunnis have begun fighting Sunnis for control of this largely-desert region near the Syrian border.

Local people say that this new and increasingly bloody conflict, pitting former Iraqi Baathists against well-armed Islamic groups, may signal the start of a new phase in the country's three-year-old war.

They believe the conflict is creating divisions within Iraq's Sunni minority that has the potential to destabilise the region long after the US military has gone home.

The latest fighting began when former members of Saddam's disbanded Baath party started attacking other Sunnis who were working with Al-Qaeda and foreign Islamists to carry out attacks against the American army, Iraqi police and the country's majority Shias.

The ex-Baathists' offensive has been so successful, local people say, that Iraqi groups working with al-Qaeda have been forced to divert their attacks away from the Americans to focus on fighting the al-Awda party, as the new secular Sunni movement is called.

'Islamic state of Iraq'

In early November, this growing conflict took a new turn when masked gunmen linked to al-Qaeda distributed flyers and posters throughout al-Anbar province threatening to execute anyone from Al-Awda.

"The Baath secular party will find no quarter in the new principality of the Islamic State of Iraq," read one flyer.

Since then, several high-ranking officials from the former Iraqi army have been found murdered throughout Anbar province.

These include former Major General Saab Al-Rawi, Major General Saud Al-Naimi and Wagih Dherar Al-Mawla, a former senior officer in the Iraqi Air Force stationed in Habbaniyah.

On November 11 another senior member of the Baath party, Loay Yassin, was found shot in the head in Al-Jamia, the western district of the town of Hiyt.

Hiyt residents told Al Jazeera that Yassin was known to have recruited fighters for the Jaysh Mohammed (Mohammed's Army).

The Jaysh Mohammed is one of the largest Sunni insurgent groups and in the past it has claimed numerous attacks against US forces in Baghdad and Anbar.

The assassination of Yassin may suggest that al-Qaeda and its allies fear that the Jaysh Mohammed and its thousands of experienced fighters may be close to joining the al-Awda neo-Baathist alliance.

Changing alliances

In the past year, the Jaysh Mohammed has already clashed several times with another group, Al-Tawheed wa Al-Jihad, a mainly Iraqi group which is affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The increasingly heavy fighting between the rival armed groups in Hiyt and other urban centres in Anbar has led many Sunnis to believe that a new war between secularist and Islamist factions could be beginning.

Although both groups are in principle opposed to the US presence in Iraq and the Shia-led government in Baghdad, Anbar residents say a rapprochment between the two is unlikely.

The growing divisions between Anbar's Sunnis is also being felt in Baghdad.

Harith al-Dhari, head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, which supports Iraqis' rights to fight the Americans, referred to the tribes fighting Al-Qaeda in the province of Al-Anbar in western Iraq as "bandits".

"They are groups of bandits and thieves used by the government to fight against Al-Qaeda which is struggling against the American occupation," he said on 9 November.

This provoked a sharp response from Sheikh Abdel Sattar Abu Risha, a leading member of the Al-Awda grouping.

"If there is a bandit then it is you. If there is a killer it is also you," he said of al-Dhari.

"You go around the country raising funds for takfiris and death squads. You are a beggar for the takfiris," he said refering to Islamist fighters.

The former Baathist fighters of Al-Awda are believed to be relatively secular.

Many of their opponent's share Al-Qaeda's dream of founding a Sunni caliphate in Iraq which will then be the launchpad for attacks on Americans, Shias and Arab governments around the region.

A history of conflict

Local people point out that the root of the two groups' mutual antagonism is based not only on ideological differences but also in events that occured long before the March 2003 US-led invasion.

In 1996, Saddam Hussein's Baathist security forces scoured Anbar province looking for men who might be plotting against the government.

Dozens of young men were rounded up by the Iraqi army and police. Many belonged to the highly-conservative Wahhabi branch of Islam.

Several of those arrested were sent to prisons in Baghdad such as the Al-Hakmiyah in Al-Rusafa district and the Al-Rathwaniyah jail near Baghdad International Airport.

For more than six years they imprisoned men and their families and their tribes nursed bitter grudges against members of the Baath party in Anbar.

Then, in 2003, just a few months before the March 2003 invasion, Saddam ordered political and criminal prisoners released from prison.

Among those released were the imprisoned Wahhabists.

With Saddam gone and the country in chaos, the men and their families saw their chance to get even.

Furious at their years of imprisonment, ill-treatment and torture at the hands of the Baathists, the men and their families swore to take revenge.

With Iraq in chaos, they began assassinating the former Baathists who they believed had spied on the nascent Islamist movements and then given their names and addresses to Saddam Hussein's security forces.

The series of killings helped sow the seeds for the present conflict in Anbar province, and has convinced both sides that the latest round of fighting is no mere ideological conflict but rather a fight to the death that is likely to continue even after the US leaves Iraq.


bg said...


Iraqis vow to avenge America's murdered ally


[“We blame al-Qaeda and we are going to continue our fight and avenge his death,” said Sheikh Ahmed al-Rishawi, another of the sheikh's brothers who was elected to lead the tribal coalition.

Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, was represented at the funeral by his national security adviser, Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, who condemned the assassination. “It is a national Iraqi disaster. What Ab Risha did for Iraq, no single man has done in the country's history,” Mr Rubaie told the mourners gathered at the sheikh’s house. “We will support Anbar much more than before. Abu Risha is a national hero."]

[“Abu Risha was a man who proved that terrorism can be fought and security can be restored even in the most volatile area in Iraq,” said Sheikh Saleh al-Obeidi, al-Sadr’s spokesman in the holy city of Najaf.]

[“There is reconstruction work going on between the sheikh’s home on one side and a series of orchards on the other so the road which is usually sealed off had to be opened for traffic,” Mr al-Dulaimi said. “The terrorists exploited this situation to drive through a Mercedes car and blow it up near the sheikh’s vehicle."]

Sheikh Sattar, God rest his soul, is a true Iraqi Hero..
may he & all of Iraq's Hero's not only be honored & remembered, but an inspiration for others to emulate..


bg said...


ps re: bg @ 8:31 PM

AQ et als final miscalculation..

if they thought assassinating Sheikh Sattar would put an end to his successful attempts at unifying Iraq, they were so wrong.. what they have done is not only "solidify" the unification, but accelerated the pace..

Sattar was a threat to AQ et al in
life, now even moreso in death..

God Bless Sheikh Sattar (may he rest
in peace).. he will be sorely missed..


Anonymous said...

In times of war Islam forbids fighting in certain months, but Ramadan is not one of them. Of course any form of violence is not accepted in Islam UNLESS it is in self-defense and as a last resort. Clearly since Iraq is under foreign American and Persian occupation, the Iraqi people have a right to resist the occupation in Ramadan or anytime else they choose.

The US occupation army finally has sat down with the Iraqi National Resistance, and the Bath Party, under the leadership of Izaat Ibrahim Al-Douri, the leader of the Bath, and the legal President of the Iraqi republic under Iraqi and International law. The US occupiers have bent their knees and accepted the SAME TERMS THE BATH OFFERED 3 YEARS AGO. We knew this would happen. It is an admission of defeat on behalf of the US criminal regime, and its a great victory for the Iraqi people.

The child that runs this blog with poor grammar and writing skills does not represent the Iraqi people. He is probably the child of one of the puppets in the green-zone who came riding into Iraq on the back of US tank. These Persian dogs were sent by Khamanei (dama thuluhu al-sharif) (lol) to occupy Iraq and hand it over to Iran. Iran now occupies Southern Iraq, and the US occupies Baghdad, the west, and north of Iraq. All with the help of the traitors.

The anti-Arab racism we see on this blog is typical of the ignorant racist Iraqis who always hated the Arabs because they are mostly Sunnis. As someone who spend half his life in Iraq, I can tell you beyond a shaddow of a doubt that they DO NOT represent the Iraqi people.

Your comments are nothing more but a declaration of your moral and intellectual bankruptcy, and deserve no response. Saddam Hussein ashraf minak w min abuk..w ashraf min kul al hawzi al 7akeera ya ibn al gahbie! Mein int ya jaban!? ya khasees ya nathil !

ikhs ya chalb!

arabi min al urdun said...

Above post was MINE.

bg said...


arabi min al urdun @ 2:57 AM


thanks for the comic relief.. :D


Yil3an Abu il-Ordon said...

Yil3an abu dawlat al-mazbala (Ordon). Tiff 3alaikum wa 3alaa Saddam al-nathil al-Tikriti al-jarabi al-bedawi al-bakri. Yil3an sa3itkum ou inshAllah Israel it'thal7a taj raskum la7ad youm il qiyam.

P.S. Yil3an abu il-Ordon.

Anonymous said...

and thus spoke the shia of iraq....

no wonder saddam had to keep you under his shoes.

he's gone and now your smell is out.

Anonymous said...

kus umak 3ala um al imam ya nathil. in person i would wipe the floor with you and your entire hawza ya 7akeer ya kalb ya nathil.

come out ! stop hiding behind the americans! why are you begging for them to stay? to protect you? if you are iraqi and the iraqis are with you, you dont need protection. no?

stop hiding. iraq will be free, and you will crawl back under the rocks you came out from under ya klab.

tfu ala al imam !! tfu !

Anonymous said...

but one thing is good. Its good that you now admit you are a zionist and supporter of israel. now everyone who criticized al-rais al-shaheed before will apologize and understand that saddam's enemies were zionist and traitors. many people have now said "sorry" for attacking saddam. they did not know who YOU were. now they understand. thanks for admitting you are with israel. in the future, isreal will go, persia will go, and nothing will be left il al umma al arabiya.

Yil3an abu il-Ordon said...

Looks like the savage, uncouthed bedouins are still squeeling!

Iskut ya kalb ibn meet kalb! Tfu 3alaik wa 3alaa Falasteez ma3aak ya ibnl ga7ba! It's no wonder Israel has to keep you rats living like scum 24/7 given your filthy mentalities.

I7term 7alak ya ibnil ga7ba ordoni falasteezi bakri ibn meet sharmoot. Kuss umaak labo um Omar (la)al kalb labo Abu Bakr (la) labo Othman (la) labo Muawiya (la) il manyak labo Yazeed (la) il kalb! Tfu 3alaik wa 3alaa il "ummah il jarabiya" ma3aak ya ibnil ga7ba.

InshAllah all the jarab will be reunited with their dog bi jahanam on the Day of Judgement.

Jayeen il Safawiyeen yineekuk wa yineeku amthalaak.

InshAllah it 3eesh Israel 3alaa ras'aak wa 3alaa ras amthalaak.

Ya anjass kalb, il Safawiyeen wa Israel wa Amreka wa'l Hind wa'l Afrik wa kul il 3alaam taj raskum ya manaweech.

La3anatullahi 3alaik wa 3alaa amthalaak.

P.S. Yil3an abu il-Ordon (dawlit al-mazbala).

Yil3an abu il-Ordon said...

Speaking of the filthy "Ummah al jarabiya," laysh ma takhood hai il "ummah" il wiskheeyi ou tid7asha ib'teezak ya ibnil kalb!

Anonymous said...

Ya anjass kalb, il Safawiyeen wa Israel wa Amreka wa'l Hind wa'l Afrik wa kul il 3alaam taj raskum ya manaweech.

lol. This trick will not work ya kalb. Its too late. You have been exposed. You first said "israel". Then when I said you are Zionist and an Israeli supporter you said the same thing and added "al hind w amerika, w afrika.....". You are trying (a childish and silly attempt) to hide what you said and get it lost, but it will not work. You are a Zionst and you support Israel and you made that clear.

I want to thank-you. Thank you very much. You make it so easy to defend al-rais al-shaheed. All I have to say is LOOK AT HIS ENEMIES. Look what his enemies say, and it all becomes clear. Thank you very much. I really do not need to say much more.

Your attacks on Islam, and the prophets companions and caliphs proves you are not a REAL MUSLIM, just you are not a REAL IRAQI. You should be ashamed of yourself for your hate and support of Zionism. Also real Iraqis do not attack "BEDOUINS". Real Iraqis are proud Bedouins themselves, and all the tribes of Jordan have relatives in Iraq. If you were Iraqi you would know this, but you are not.

You are just a small, little dog who barks and then goes to hide behind the Americans. Just like the dirty Khomeini who worked with Israel (Iran-Contra) because they supported Iran in the 80s, now you support the US occupation. We know you. We have always know you. But now its much better because EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU, and thats why they apologize for criticizing alBatal Saddam before.

If I ever see you in person, I will wipe the floor with you and wipe my ass with your smelly Sayids Black turbans. inta walad tafeh w atfah min tafeh. 7akeer ib 7akeer w jaban w nathil. Meen int ya chalb? walak kundarat al rais al shaheed ashraf min ashrafkum ya khawan ya klab. kus umak ala um al imam.

Shaqawa said...

The dog of Jordan is still barking loud. A prostitute like him is not able to say to someone who is a REAL IRAQI and REAL MUSLIM because he is not an Iraqi and does not know Islam. A trash Jordanian who thinks he is a al-Qa'ida murderer is talking about Zionist. Listen you son of a whore, no one wants a bastard like you in Iraq. Your ugly king and government is lovers of Zionist so if you want a fight then stay in your trash kingdom and fight there. If you want to come to Iraq then the real Iraqis can teach you a lesson!

Yil3an Abu il-Ordon, nice to see you and have a good Ramadan month.

Anonymous said...

Your game will not work ya ghebby! Its too late. You were very upset and became very angry and thats why you showed YOUR REAL FACE. You are a supporter of Israel and Zionism. You made that clear. You can't run from it. You have been exposed. I want to thank you again. You have made my life very easy. Its so easy to defend Al-Rais Al-Shaheed Saddam Hussein now. Thanks. All I have to say is "look who Saddam was oppressing". He was oppressing the Zionist supporters in Iraq and the traitors who side with Israel against the Arabs.

Saddam was good for you. Do you know why? Saddam keps his shoes on your heads and you were not allowed to speak. That way nobody can know who you really are. After Saddam's regime developed into a resistance force, and you were allowed to crawl out from under your rocks and show yourself, it became clear to everyone who YOU ARE. Now they understand why Saddam had to control you animals. You are not only dogs, but also traitors to Iraq and the Arabs.

Yes, the King of Jordan is a Zionist and a traitor. We do not defend him. Fuck Abdallah the little midget, and fuck Hussein before him, and fuck all the hashemites. They do not speak for the people of Jordan. For us, Saddam Hussein was our leader and he speaks for us. Today the Iraqi resistance speaks for us.

Your racism proves you are not a real Iraqi. I am. I am an Arab and an Iraqi citizen, and have been for the last 30 years of my life. I lived in MY IRAQ because my real Iraqi brothers told me to come and live in MY IRAQ.

Inta Kalb ibn Kalb and I, with my Iraqi brohters will send you back to Tehran ya ibn al gahbie.

Anonymous said...

Again, thank you for admitting you are a Zionist. You are the best defender of Saddam Hussein. Keep talking, and let the people know who you are ya kalb.

galooolna amerika imhashda
w 3al iraq inkhaf yatiboon
gulnalhum yikshoon
wala yikhsoon !

galoolna IRAN imhasdha
w 3al basra inkhaf yatiboon
gulnalhum yikshoon
wala yikhsoon !

Anonymous said...

ya 3athb al furaat
w teeb jariya

ya dijla al-wefa
w teebit ahaliya

ya hawsat hali
il shadat al 7arbiya

ya ain al sha3b ya saddam
ya im7aqiq amaniya

Yil3an abu il-Ordon said...

Thanks ya 7abibi ya Shaqawa, inshAllah you'll have a great Ramadan and please pray for all the filthy Saddam supporters to receive the wrath of God.

As for you ya Ordoni ibn chalb, yil3an sharafak. Bakri bedawi jarabi imgedi bin ga7ba, kulkum awlad nathil mitil 7abibkum Omar (la) ou Abu Bakr (la).

Shouldn't you be doing something semi-productive, like attempting to beautify your country (hah!) from all its filth, but then again once the filth is gone there's always the people. In any case, we true Iraqis (Shia and Kurds) will be sure not to let you starve as we will be more than willing to send you our garbage with which you filth can live off of (which, in itself, is a big upgrade from your current conditions).

In any case, Saddam al nathil al Tikriti al Sinni al bakri al manyak is roasting like a pig in hell (masghouf style ya kalb ibn kalb), and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Again, you might as well just countdown until the time you'll be living off the scraps of the Safawis. Jayeen la ilaak ya ibnil ga7ba ibn sit'teen sharmoot! Which reminds me, I need go donate some money to the IDF.

P.S. Yil3an abu il-Ordon lab il "ummah il jarabiya"

Anonymous said...

Yes you need to go donate money to the IDF. Thanks for defending Saddam Hussein and his policy of protecting Iraq from Zionism and the Safavids.

Saddam shaheed, and everyone remembers how he died like a Lion...everyone remembers al waqfa al khalida, and there is nothing YOU can do to erase that memory.

No one attacked the Shi'a. They are Iraqis and brothers. We only attack the traitors. The shame is yours. Please keep talking. I want everyone to know who Saddam's enemies were. It makes it so easy to defend him and clearifies the glorious history of this legendary man and leader. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

irkhab kheilak ya chalb ! tartoor izgheer.

bg said...


HT : Gateway Pundit

Iraqi Sunni and Shia Surge Against Al Qaeda

New York Sun excerpt:

[That is the kind of terror he was facing. His actions taught Al Qaeda that its barbarity would only earn greater enmity from their new Sunni foes. With his newly found popularity, Sheikh Rishawi did not make the mistake of so many other Iraqi leaders who placed the interest of their sects over the good of the nation. He took steps in March to integrate his militia into the Shi'ia dominated government. On the day of his murder it was the Shi'ia led Interior Ministry that announced the Iraqi government would build a shrine to Sheikh Abu Risha on the road that leads to the Anbar Province.

The sheikh also made an impression on General Petraeus, who presented him with an Arabic version of Machiavelli's "The Prince" and yesterday called his murder a "terrible loss for Anbar and all of Iraq." We hear that Abu Risha privately told General Petraeus of his dream to lead an Arab army to the caves of Pakistan and the Mosques of Saudi Arabia to chase the enemy that Americans and so many Iraqis now share. That promise is the kind of thing that draws the laughter of the Democrats, but not of those who take this war seriously.

The sheikh from Anbar had his detractors. Sunni leaders who tolerated Al Qaeda and were once courted by the Central Intelligence Agency, such as Harith al Dhari, who called the sheikh a fraud. Among the sheikhs in Anbar he had his rivals, some of whom spread rumors about him to the foreign press. Abu Risha certainly meted out his own rough justice to terrorists who had enslaved so many Anbaris before the revolt. But the scenes of purple fingers and dancing voters will be but a memory if others do not continue the prince of Anbar's struggle for democratic polity.

There are, even in this tragedy, grounds for hope. Part of Abu Risha's genius was that he built an organization. Already the sheikh's advisers are planning to finish the work of fighting the death cults — both Sunni and increasingly Shi'ia — that seek to enslave Iraq. The legacy of these cults are hamlets and provinces where smokers get their fingers cut off, wives are forced to become comfort girls, and children are murdered in front of their parents. Abu Risha's rebellion was evidence that it is possible for the human spirit to triumph over evil. May his martyrdom strengthen our will here and in Iraq never to relent until our enemy is vanquished and liberty secured.]

Shia sheiks seek to expand Anbar model to southern Iraq

[Shia sheiks in southern Iraq on Saturday discussed creating a brigade of young men trained by the Americans to bolster local security as well as help patrol the border with Iran. The brigades would mirror the very successful al-Anbar model.

On Sunday, Shiite villagers in Jichan and Ghislayat fought back against the Al Qaeda killers until Iraqi security forces arrived on the scene to help them.]

with much of the credit going to Sheikh Sattar (may he rest in peace)..Iraqis are slowly but surely "uniting" in the fight against the mufsidun!! :+:


Yil3an abu il-Ordon said...

Yil3an abook labo Saddam kalb ibn kalb. It's people like you that make me want to cheer Israel on while they continue putting you pieces of filth in your place. Ijir Israel ou Iran ib raskum ya klab. Sha2fit badawi imgedi. Tfu!

bg said...


Open Season


Anonymous said...

Yil3an abu il-Ordon said...
Yil3an abook labo Saddam kalb ibn kalb. It's people like you that make me want to cheer Israel on while they continue putting you pieces of filth in your place. Ijir Israel ou Iran ib raskum ya klab. Sha2fit badawi imgedi. Tfu!

September 17, 2007 2:36 AM

Thank-you for continuing to defend al-raees al-shaheed Saddam Hussein from baseless accusations of dictatorship and repression. He was the legitimate leader of Iraq (now its Izzat Al- Douri)and had an obligaton to protect Iraq from traitors working with the Mossad and Iran. He prosecuted them to the full extent of Iraq law. Every country has treason laws. Again, thanks for defending Saddam Hussein.

Yil3an abu il-Ordon said...

Shufu ya jam3aa il badawi imgedi kalb ibn sit'teen kalb min dawlit al mazbala (il ordon, tfu!) ba3du 3am yinba7! Welaak iskut kalb ibn kalb, meenak inta 7ata tishra7ilna f'il siyasa ya jarabi ibn meet jarabi! 3am yidafi3 3an wa7ad qatal, mujrim mitil Saddam al nathil al Tikriti ou kamaan bidu yishra7ilna. Hah! What a joke!

Filthy bedouin beggar.

P.S. Yil3an abu abu abu dawlit al-mazbala (ordon).

Yil3an abu il-Ordon said...

And by the way, get over you filthy bedouin! No one gives a damn about your justifications of Saddam's crimes nor your inherent backwards hatred towards Persians, Shia, and Jews.

Tayyeb ifhimna, the "Safavids," "3ajam," and "Zionists" overthrew your filth and are taking over Iraq, yallah get over it ou iskut ba2aa!

Shu mizi3jeen il bedu! 3ashit il Ummah al Safawiya wa Sahyuniya! InshAllah tif3a2ou ya jarab bas mish ra7 tirja3ou la'l 7ukm!

P.S. Yil3an abook labo abu dawlit al mazbala!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for defending Saddam Hussein. I will translate for those you are trying to hide your real intentions from:.

3ashit il Ummah al Safawiya wa Sahyuniya!
He is saying "long live the safavid nation....long live zionism.."

These are the people that Saddam had to deal with and protect iraq from. Now everyone understands.

mein ana? ana kasar rasak w ras abuk. I will not lecture you on politics and law because you are ignorant person who can't understand it. When you grow up, and learn the basics then maybe you can graduate and come to my class and listen to my lectures.

remember inta, w abuk, w sistani, wal Imam 3ala kundarti. I will put my shoes on your head and stomp you into the ground. stop hideing behind the US army.

I dont give a shit about Jordan "al dawla". We will destroy al dawli al urduniya and the dirty hashemites and unite with syria and iraq and defeat you and the dirty persians.

Anonymous said...

stop hiding. 3ayb! 3ayb ya jaban! aren't you ashamed hiding behind American women in the green zone? Come out! why are you hiding? why are you hidng in the green zone? If you are a real iraqi why are you afraid the US army is leaving? leish khaef? :)

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Of course any form of violence is not accepted in Islam UNLESS it is in self-defense and as a last resort."

then why has Al Qaedaa and other "Muslims" murdered so many Iraqis during Ramadhan?

bg said...


Sheikh Sattar assassin captured by US forces


[ Less than one week after the assassination of Sheik Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, the leader of the movement fighting al Qaeda in Anbar province and beyond, US Special Forces captured one of his killers. Fallah Khalifa Hiyas Fayyas al-Jumayli, also known as Abu Khamis, was captured in a raid in al Qaeda safe houses west of Balad in Salahadin province along with three associates.

Al Qaeda in Iraq took credit for the assassination of Sheikh Sattar. But Sheikh Sattar was just one of al Qaeda's targets in Anbar province. "Intelligence reports indicate al-Jumayli is involved in a plot to kill key leaders in the tribal awakening," Multinational Forces West stated. "He is also reportedly responsible for car bomb and suicide vest attacks in Anbar Province, and is closely allied with senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders in the region."]



Anonymous said...

Nobody here is worth any response. You have declared that you are Zionists and Safavids working for Iran and Israel. Thanks for defending Saddam Hussein. I couldn't have done it any better.

You have also declared moral and intellectual bankruptcy, but thats your problem.

Yil3an abu il-Ordon labo Saddam said...

Only sick, ignorant, backward dogs (no offense to dogs, as usual) like you would go to any extreme to defend Saddam al nathil!

Welaak you are your likes are the most coward of all creatures on earth! You wouldn't dare ever say such things if we were face to face or if you were face to face with any Shia/Kurd/Jew/Westerner! All you filth are good at is imposing your will on the defenseless!

Tfu 3alaik wa 3alaa umak il sharmoota illi khalafit haik ashkal ya kalb ibn meet kalb! You talk about the Shia hiding, hah! What a joke! Welaak ibnil ga7ba where are you then ya sharmoot! The Israelis have been shitting on your likes for 60 years (good for them!) and you and your likes are still hiding like rats from them! The only people you can flex your "muscles" on are the innocent, defenseless Shia under Saddam who were subjected to all sorts of crimes against humanity! And you have the nerve to talk about cowardice! Welaak the jarab bedu are the most jubana2 of all creatures!

The bedouin are nothing but a bunch of filth beggars whose history shows that the only thing they have to offer is cowardice. Bedaak te7chi 3ani wa 3an il Shi3a ya ibnil ga7ba, tfu 3alaik, welaak ne7na ijirna ib rasaak ou ras abook ou ras umaak il sharmoota ou ras kul amthalaak!

InshAllah it 3eesh Israel 3alaa 2alibkum wa 3alaa 2alib awladkum la7ad youm il qiyam!

Ijir il sahayna wa ijir il Safawiyeen taj rasak wa ras abook il mijwi il az3ar il manyook!

Get over it ya manyak bin kalb, Saddam is in hell and the "Safavids" and "Zionists" (i.e. Shia and Kurds) are reigning over your Saddam's dogs in Iraq!

Kalb ibn sit'teen kalb. Yil3an abook labol Ordon labo Saddam al nathil al Tikriti al bakri al jarabi!

Ou kamaan yil3an abo kul il bedu il jarab il imgediyeen!

P.S. Yil3an abu il-Ordon labo Saddam.

Yil3an abu il-Ordon labo Saddam il nathil said...

Look folks! A dirty Jordanian, Saddam loving, bakri, bedouin beggar is attempting to teach us about intellect! Hah!

Ballah ib sharafak, wa7ad badawi bidu yi'3alimna 3an il intellect! LMAO!

Welaak khaleek b'il mazbala (as they are plentiful in Sunni Arab shitholes) ta3eetak ou ikul khara a7san ma'thalaak it'tha7ik il 3alaam!

Sha2fit badawi imgedi mutakhalif. Typical uneducated bedouin who knows nothing but living off of the garbage of others and praising backward tyrants who can only impose their will on the innocent.

P.S. Yil3an abook labo il-Ordon (dawlit al mazbala) labo Saddam (malik al mazbala).

Iraqi Mojo said...

6a7 7adhek Abu 3uday!

Anonymous said...

lol. Its really not necessary to declare moral and intellectual bankruptcy more than once. We heard you the first time. Thanks for defending the memory of Saddam Hussein. Now run back and hide behind the US army while you still have some time left in Iraq before you have to move back to London or Tehran.

Yil3an abu il-Ordon labo Saddam said...

Hah! Looks like the bedouin dog is still barking. It seems as if he learned a few words ("moral and intellectual bankruptcy") which he continuosly barks over and over (much like dogs do) as a defense to avoid embarassing himself.

Wallah with such good arguments and logical reasoning, it's no wonder the bedouin jarab are among the most advanced and enlightened in the world.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Shaqawa, do you ever read 24 Steps to Liberty? He says that Abdul Aziz al Hakim does not have wide support among the Iraqi people. What do you think?

Do you really believe Hakim has significant support in Iraq?

bg said...


HT : The Mudville Gazette

The Anatomy of a Betrayal


[Lt. Col. Jubeir Rashid said Friday that Abu Risha's security chief, Capt. Karim al-Barghothi, confessed al-Qaida in Iraq had offered him $1.5 million for the slaying but that he was arrested before he could collect the money. Two other bodyguards as well as some of Abu Risha's neighbors were also detained, Iraqi police said. The arrests took place two days after the bombing. Al-Qaida front group the Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for the assassination. Abu Risha, who organized 25 Sunni Arab clans into an alliance against al-Qaida, died along with two bodyguards and a driver when a bomb exploded near his walled compound just west of Ramadi, 70 miles west of Baghdad.]



bg said...


Ayatollah Ali Sistani Blasts Foreign
Media For Bogus Reporting!!


["Be as a great mountain – he added – immoveable before the attempts of some media to attack our unity, exaggerating the number of the victims and speaking of confessional war".]

["Your country is rich and I want you to set aside differences between yourselves and your Sunni brothers and stand like a formidable mountain against attempts by certain satellite networks which try to disrupt this unity because these networks exaggerate about the reports of deaths and explosions and depict them in a way as if tribal war is underway in Iraq," the statement read which was released by the information office of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council.

It is the first reaction by the grand ayatollah against foreign media which try to inflame hatred among Iraqi civilians.]

dang, we sure could use a Sistani
to tell our seditious media off!! :p


bg said...


Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric meets Sunni leader


[Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani met the country's Sunni vice president on Thursday for the first time to discuss a new initiative aimed at uniting feuding politicians.]

[Hashemi stressed he had not asked Sistani to put pressure on any Shi'ite group to return to cabinet, saying the purpose of the meeting had been to discuss the new initiative, known as the Iraqi National Compact.

"The meeting was profound and many issues related to the political process were discussed," Hashemi told reporters after his meeting with the highly influential Shi'ite cleric.

"I briefed his eminence on the Iraqi National Compact and he informed me he had already seen a copy and read, analysed and expressed his remarks on the initiative," he said.

Sistani's office declined to comment on the meeting.

The Iraqi National Compact is a set of 25 political principles unveiled by Hashemi's party on Wednesday aimed at removing deep mistrust among politicians.

The compact is being distributed to political parties, senior clerics and neighbouring countries. Hashemi said he had asked Sistani for detailed comments on the principles.]


Trajan Octavian Titus said...

God bless the soul of Sheik Abu Risha a martyr and the rightful heir to the armies of Babylon, he was a true martyr who shall be remembered as a great man who sent the heretics and apostates to the pits of hell where they belong, and what's more he will be remembered as a man who was amongst the first who helped bring the Ummah back towards the enlightenment that they had before Da'vinci was even born! He along with the lion of Panjshir Ahmed Shah Massoud will be men remembered as they stood strong representing the light of the revelations from the archangel Gabriel to the Prophet against an overwhelming tide of deep black ignorance spoke in God's name.

Trajan Octavian Titus said...

Be not that far from me, for trouble is near; haste Thee to help me.

Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my enemies under me.

O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.

Trajan Octavian Titus said...

Allahu Ahkbar!!!

Trajan Octavian Titus said...

These heretics these barbarians these apostates!!! What do they call for? They call for the murder of fellow Muslims and our fellow followers of the book! That is Blasphamy! What did Mohammed call for? He called on all of the Ummah to protect their fellow Muslims when in danger and to protect the fellow followers of the book. How then can those who say to do the opposite of these good things which the Prophet has told us are good, be anything but heretics and apostates?