Monday, August 13, 2007

And now Dulaimi...

So many bad people have left the Iraqi government and that is actually not totally good news but not completely bad news. Back months before Fadhila got out and that is fine because they are thieves and criminals. The Sadrists went out and came back and I think everyone knows that these Sadrist are always changing and saying one thing then another, moving out and then into the government. These same people call for unity with the Sunnis after having their men kill innocent Sunnis so nothing can surprise you from this group which is unorganized and no good. The Accord Front left and this is because the terrorist ministers want no more measures against Ba'ath Party and other demands. Also Allawi's group left but this is because Allawi is trying to get power for himself as usual and that is no news. So you know I hate the Accord Front and also Allawi (this is not a secret). The Iraqi government needs to represent all Iraqis but also it cannot involve terrorists. People have to decide if they will be lawmakers who will make and follow and keep laws or terrorists and criminals who will be punished by the people who respect the laws.

Before I talked about Adnan al-Dulaimi being a terrorist and now he has made a letter that shows how he feels about the Shi'a who are the majority in Iraq. We know that all neighbors are trying to make Iraq worse and Dulaimi in his letter says only Iran is (Iran is and many others are) and asks for the stinking Arab neighbors to come in to help Sunnis, which can only mean to fight the Shi'a. Like Saddam did before he says that the Arabs must fight Iran, but you should know that he also means Shi'a of Iraq. He says that Iran is making war against all Arabs starting in Baghdad. So he leaves the Iraqi goverment and now asks for these foreign Arabs to come into Iraq to fight the Shi'a. Is this a government official or a dirty terrorist who is fighting against most Iraqis? Do I need to call him a bastard one more time or do you already know what he is?


Anonymous said...

So basically all are bad because they are terrorists, Baathists, thieves, criminals, hypocrites and power seekers? Who is left? Hakim and goons? Are they supposed to be the only good ones who represent Iraqis? And how can an Iraqi government represent all Iraqis without the above groups?

Shaqawa said...

Hello anonymous,

I think the people who are "terrorists, Baathists, thieves, criminals, hypocrites and power seekers" voted for the Accord Front and Allawi list. The good Iraqis are the ones who never supported Saddam and his gang of murderers and bastards, not the ones who want Ba'thist back or do everything they can with no principal or moral to get power (like Allawi who is the slave of Saudi and Jordanians and CIA and who else).

Thank you for your visit.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think should represent

Legitimate decent patriotic
Sunnis who were merely
in the Baath party for jobs
but also hated Saddam.
I mean a lot of engineers
and doctors and teachers that
Iraq needs have fled Iraq ...
They can not be all bad ...
They need representation too !!

Are there legitimate leaders
perhaps a military leader or
a well know doctor who
can represent these people ...
Or are at this point all the known figures just ex Baathists ???

Same question for

the more secular Shia who also
Iranian influence in Iraq.

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